December 10, 2018

Things I'm Loving Now

What's not to love about December and Christmas? Here are a few special things I am loving around here lately. : )

 This is so fun!
It is Scrabble but with extra Christmas fun.
We got our game from Santa, but I did see it on Amazon.

 Bath and Body Works favorites always smell so good.

 Please try this!
It is soo good.

Mornings by the tree with my Rudolph mug are cozy and warm.

 An Etsy shop called MadeByCleo makes the cutest holiday dog collars with sweet little bows and charms.

I found these at our local grocery store and had to get them.
My mom used to buy them for me and my sisters every year!

I know I should be beyond Charlie Brown sheets, but these just make me smile!
They are very soft and cozy too.
I found them on the Vermont Country Store website.
And they have them in King size too!

And finally, I am loving the early evenings when darkness comes early.
I know the days will gradually grow longer, so I am savoring these afternoons and evenings with the Christmas tree lighting our living room, as we gather together in our little cozy home.

What are you loving these days, my friends?
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I bet those gingerbread cereal are good. Snow and puppy and all, you never get to old for Charlie Brown.

  2. Good morning, we are back from spending last week in Branson and I’m slow going. My grandma was a huge scrabble fan. I’m glad the game is still popular
    Love all your pretty photos, as usual. 🎄❤️

  3. Oooh those ice cream trees look like a perfect treat. Also that cereal, regular Life is good so I bet those are awesome!

  4. I am enjoying the excitement when I speak to our family about our impending visit, it is such a joy. Those tasty treats look good.

  5. Those ice cream trees look yummy! I'll have to look for some! This time of year is just so special in so many ways. Hugs!

  6. This summer we stopped by the actual Vermont Country Store and it was awesome! Love all of your home coziness!

  7. We have the same Bath & Body Works favorite! I was a little sad the spray didn't have the glittery stuff in it this year. Still smells good though. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. I love those Peanuts sheets!! Those are so fun! (We love Snoopy around here.)

  9. I need to find those ice cream trees! Love the Peanuts sheets. The snow is beautiful...wish we had some here.

  10. I love the evenings with the lights twinkling:) GIMME those sheets:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. Oh my goodness, Mocha looks adorable!!! <3

    And those sheets! Where did you find them?

  12. I just posted my December favorites too! We are thinking on the same lines this week ; )
    Bath & Body soaps are everything!! I love your Charlie Brown sheets too! So cute! It's the little things that make life fun! I just love all your "loves". Happy Tuesday! xo

  13. Never knew they made gingerbread cereal.. and those cute little tree ice cream look good too.

  14. You have lots of great Christmas goodies!

  15. Your December is off to a great start! I love BBW anti-bacterial soap and I must buy the Life cereal and frosty trees soon. Yum!


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