November 30, 2018

Weekend Plans

I decided to bring back my "Weekend Plans" posts on Fridays, despite the fact that we usually have little to no plans on the weekends. Go figure. Anyway, this weekend ushers in the magical month of December, and I am happy about that. Sure a little voice in the back of my head reminds me of the gifts that need purchased and wrapped and all that, but now I am able to shush that voice with a cup of coffee and a warm Christmas throw. Thanks middle age. You are awesome!

This weekend Steve and Rhett will continue their hunt for the elusive big buck while the rest of us relax at home with Christmas music playing in the background. Saturday we have mass, and then Madison and Nicolas are attending a Holiday Ball and I plan on a perfectly cozy night of ironing in my Christmas jammies. 

Sunday is supposed to be warm here, so I have plans for the guys to decorate the outside of the house with some reindeer and ribbon. We never used to decorate outside, as our old house sat so far off the road that no one could see it. This house lends itself to some tasteful outside decor. Says the woman who has no intention of actually doing any of the decorating. Sunday night we will watch our Steelers and hope the right team shows up to play. You never know with those guys. I am thinking of making a pot of soup for dinner on Sunday too.

So that is that. And now a quick look at what we have been up to here in our cozy little home.

Thanksgiving was cozy and yummy.
Especially the pumpkin pie.

We also celebrated our November babies!
Madison turned 22 and Flynn turned 9.
Happy Birthday sweet girls!

Random picture of Kirby looking cute as can be.

Flynn and I are enjoying learning all about the Saints of Christmas.
I found these books on Amazon, and decided to use them for religion class the next few weeks.

And when school is done, Flynn spends time near the tree playing with our old Fisher Price toys.
Few things make me happier than sitting by a Christmas tree watching one of my children play.

We put up our trees this week.
I think this little ornment looks sweet all tucked inside the branches.

If you have not seen this movie yet, please do!
I am always hesitant about favorite movies being remade, but this one is wonderful!
We are planning on seeing it again!

Happy December, my friends!
Have a cozy weekend with your people.
Thank you for visiting!

(Thanks Pinterest for the last two pics.)


  1. Oh honey, I am sitting here with my coffee too. The Christmas lights are twinkling and I am ignoring my list of things that need to be done:) Enjoy your day dear friend, I hope you saved me a piece of pie:) HUGS!

  2. I am also sitting here with a hot cup of coffee, and the Christmas tree twinkling in the background. Your weekend sounds so perfect to me! I also need to do a bit of ironing this weekend. Yes, middle age is pretty awesome!

  3. Sounds like the perfect cozy weekend. Enjoy!! We are planning to get our tree on Saturday!

  4. Fun post! I was wondering about the new Grinch movie. We put the tree up today and I'm hoping to get some help decorating it tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Yay! A great weekend planned. Happy belated birthday to your girls. Funny enough I am also ironing tomorrow!

  6. I love your Christmas decorations and your plans for the weekend sound just perfect for the start of this most blessed month!!

  7. Everything looks so pretty and your weekend sounds cozy. Enjoy!! Happy belated Birthday to your girls.

  8. What a perfect new ornament for your new home! We've been wanting to see The Grinch but last weekend the girls didn't want to get out of pj's to go ;) and this weekend is full of commitments :( Enjoy your cozy night in on Saturday!

  9. That sounds like a nice weekend..
    Our weekend is supposed to be rainy :(

  10. A joy to visit and take in all your plans. We don't decorate outside due to the winds we have here, it wouldn't be safe. This year I have put trees in the two main front windows to brighten up a very dark month.

  11. Sound like a great weekend, the men out hunting and the girls hanging out. Your table and pie looks festive and yummy!!! I love the Grinch movies. its fun to see all the different ones. Have a wonderful restful weekend!

  12. Your home is lovely! I hope you have a great week!
    God bless you and your family!


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