November 5, 2018

Monday Morning

It is Monday morning. The fireplace is on, adding warmth to our cozy livingroom. The washing machine is humming away, and a new week begins. Today we will do our schooling, change the bedsheets, make a good dinner of turkey loin with steamed veggies, and watch the first episode of The Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network. Yay! 

Are you tired of my leaf pictures yet???

How about some of Peyton's Candy Bar Brownies??

If you want to use up some of that Halloween candy, simply chop up some of the candy bars and add them to your favorite brownie mix. Peyton only uses Ghirardelli Chocolate Supreme, and she adds an extra egg.

Guess what else we have been up to?
Wedding planning!
This past weekend we visited the reception venue for food tasting and planning.
So much fun!

Have a cozy week, my friends!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I am loving your fall leaves. We haven't seen much color here this year. And those brownies, YUM. What a gorgeous venue. Exciting times ahead.

  2. I could never tire of fall pictures!! Those trees are amazing!

  3. Beautiful photos ❤️ And beautiful bride to be.

    We watched the Thanksgiving Challenge on food network last night and it was pretty good.

  4. I love the Ghirardelli brownie mix.. I substitute the oil with butter and the water with cream.. so rich.

  5. Definitely need to make brownies here soon!! Hope wedding planning was fun. It's coming up quick. (In a good way hopefully.)

  6. Such lovely photos and my favorite is of you and Madison. smiles

  7. Such pretty fall pics. I can't believe you have the fireplace on, as I sit typing away in the a/c! hahaha!

  8. I never get tired of seeing the beautiful Fall colors, so post those photos as long as you can! I saw a couple of episodes of The Holiday Baking Championship today. Always fun! Wedding planning... so exciting!!

  9. The leaves don't change colour in my neck of the world so I will never get tired of your leaf pictures. xx Susan

  10. Keep the beautiful tree pictures coming! I can't wait to hapear all about Madison's wedding. Such an exciting time for your family! ❤️

  11. Your leaves are SO pretty. Ours are just dull and falling like crazy. Wedding planning, lots of FUN making those memories. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. I never tire of your leaf pictures! And I am so excited for this wedding!! I bet you are having the best time planning it!!!!

  13. Hi Billie Jo~

    Oh my goodness...just gorgeous!! I will be so sad when the fall colors turn to grey.

    Wedding planning! Can I just say that you both look gorgeous?! Nothing like a wedding to give a beautiful glow... ♥

    Hugs and Love,

  14. The wedding venue looks like its full of amazing history! Beautiful and beautiful ladies :)


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