October 19, 2018


Happy Weekend, my friends! And for those of you who share my love of  obsession with the Halloween movies...Happy Halloween Movie Day! I have loved the original Halloween forever and have waited for this movie just as long. Marian is coming up for the weekend, and yes, I have a party planned and t-shirts purchased. What can I say? I'm weird like that.

It is all fall ~ all the time ~ around here.
I broke out the boots for Mass last weekend.
My sweet bloggy friend Danielle posted almost the exact same picture on her blog right here!

Mocha picture. Because. Cute.

Peyton and Flynn baked a fun fall cake.

And Madison made some yummy pumpkin waffles.

More Mocha pictures.
Because. A puppy in a Halloween sweater.

I bought myself a present.
It makes me happy.

Wasn't I just teaching my girl her numbers?

And finally, this is good.
And I don't even like Greek yogurt.

Have a cozy, festive fall weekend, my friends.
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  1. I just adore you and your love for all things fall, pumpkin and movies. Enjoy your Halloween movie weekend! I hope it's awesome.

  2. Love all the fall/halloween things around your home; especially love the sweater Mocha has on. Enjoy the movie weekend party!

  3. Love everything Halloween/Fall. Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  4. I'm beginning to love everything about Halloween and Autumn. This year, Lily has decided she will dress as a ghost to hand out the sweets for the trick or treaters. Mocha looks adorable. X

  5. AWWW..what a memory... I started out with the same china you are using in this post.... If memory serves me the pattern was Savannah... or not,, but I loved the darling flowers on the border... When I retired I decied I wanted ometing more bold in color and so I switched things out.. but it thrilled my heart to see it here once again!!!

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned, hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. Mocha's sweater is just the cutest thing ever!! Have a cozy weekend!

  8. All things Fall!! We are still a few weeks away from cooler temps (in the 70s) but I am sure looking forward to it!! Cute cake - bet it was good!! Happy weekend and happy Fall!!

  9. Happy Halloween movie weekend!! The theme song is playing in my head right now. I want to come to your party!!!! ; ) mocha is adorable! I love everything happening in this post!

  10. Enjoy your movie weekend! Great present for yourself. Such a cute puppy in a Halloween sweater.

  11. Have fun watching Halloween. I am like that with Practical Magic. Halloween is a fun show and I think Jamie Lee Curtis kind of got her start there. I am smiling about Mocha's fall sweater!
    I hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend. xo diana

  12. Mocha looks very cute in the sweater and the pumpkin waffles look delicious, I just want to dive in. Enjoy your weekend. xx Susan

  13. Lots of Fall pretties. No boots here yet but SOON I will have to drag them out. Mocha is looking too cute. Yumminess all around where you are. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. What a fun fall post! I love everything Halloweeny too!

  15. I hope you had a great weekend!!! Mocha is so cute! And I was just looking at that blanket in a catalog last night! We are thinking alike these days! ♥ You are living fall to the fullest....and I love it! : )

  16. Oh my! Is that a Snoopy blanket? How precious!!
    Everything sounds so lovely. <3


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