September 14, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! Another week behind us. Another weekend ahead! First though, please join me in sending prayers and thoughts to all those affected or in the path of the hurricane, as well as the first responders. 

Here are a few photos of the past week here in our cozy home...

We completed our first week of Third Grade!
We are really enjoying it!
I was sad to leave the preschool~kindergarten~lower elementary grades behind.
I have a special spot in my soul for young learners, ABC's colors, stories, and songs.
But I am finding I also really enjoy our third grade curriculum which includes geography, sentence structure, scientific method, art appreciation, and cursive handwriting to name just a few of the things Flynn is studying.
We still love our story time too. : )

Our class pet seems to like it.

I know we are barely touching the surface of fall, but you know my love of Halloween!
Madison and I enjoyed a coffee date while we both worked on our bank statements.
I told you adult children are awesome!

We broke out the Halloween sheets this past week too.
Because. Halloween.

And finally, a few weeks ago my sweet mother and I had a pumpkin donut date.

And then she made the move from her apartment to a beautiful assisted living arrangement in the town where I grew up, the place in which she lived, married, and raised her family.
She is so unbelievably happy!
She has less stress, less responsibility, and more care, all while maintaining her independence.
My sisters Margie, Scarlett, and I, along with our husbands, put her room together and made sure she is happy and healthy. 
She is indeed.
Thankful to God for presenting us with this perfect arrangement right when we needed it.

That's all I have!
Have a cozy weekend, my friends.
Thank you for visiting!


  1. My heart goes out to all those affected by the hurricane and prayers are been said. A cosy room for you sweet Mum, a hard decision to make.

  2. My heart goes out to you....we are faced with similar issues with my mil. I hope you have a lovely day, thank you for the smiles.😊

  3. Such a cozy post. I love that you and Madison get to adult together, and the pumpkin donut date sounds like such a lovely time. I have to add that I love the cozy feel of your mother's new home. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Hugs. ~Juli

  4. Of all the grades I taught my two favorites were Kindergarten...nothing like being able to teach a child to read. I loved the whole process! And the other grade was fourth grade. At that age the students are still wanting to please the teacher and the curriculum that we used at the Christian school where I taught was really good. I loved the way it taught the student how to study and not just read material.

    So happy that your sweet mother is delighted with her new living arrangements! That is awesome and gives you and your sisters peace of mind and heart. Her room looks so inviting.

    Have a great weekend, dear Billie Jo. xo

  5. I am so incredibly happy for your Mom! Her new place looks lovely! You all did a great job! : ) Good luck and enjoy 3rd grade! John would tell you it was his favorite grade so far. I think mine too! I love your Halloween sheets! Never too early in my book! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!! xx

  6. Oh my -- your Mom's place looks so fabulous! So happy for her and all of you too. Have a great weekend sweetie! Hoping for some fall temps to arrive soon!

  7. It is so nice that your mom is happy in her living arrangements. Be so grateful for this. I am in awe that she can do this as my mom was well so pleasant.

  8. Your mom's room is so cozy!! Y'all did great. I love it. I really like the cup that says Nourish. Where did you get it?

  9. So happy to hear you will be teaching cursive is such a by-gone thing down here. Everything looks so fallish and halloweenish and I love it. Your Mother's room looks beautiful and I am so happy she likes it and will be comfortable there.

  10. Happy times in your school with Flynn. Third grade is a special time and I can just imagine she loves her teacher! So happy your mother is enjoying her new place. It looks warm and inviting. Darling photo of you two. ♥

  11. Your mom's apartment looks perfect! Such a blessing for you all. Love the fall and Halloween decorations! Fun. I actually put a few things out this week too. Our temps are still in the 90s but better weather is coming! Happy weekend!

  12. Hugs to your mama. This is a HUGE step. She is brave and mighty!

  13. I bet you are a wonderful teacher--I KNOW you are. I love the pre-school age, too, and how everything is an adventure in learning. Billie Jo, your mama just looks like the sweetest lady ever. I am so glad she is happy in her new home. Sometimes it is very hard for people to downsize and adapt to a different lifestyle. It sounds like she came through with flying colors.
    Have a wonderful, blessed weekend- xo Diana

  14. Um... HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend! Also, I love your schooling. And your mom, assisted living is such a good solution for so many. I hope she is happy and that she makes some great friends fast! Those donuts are calling my name. Have an amazing weekend.

  15. Your Mother is gorgeous and so is her new place! I know you are enjoying getting ready for the Fall Season, and so am I! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  16. Hi Billie Jo~

    Such a beautiful post! It's hard to believe that your sweet little Flynn is in 3rd grade! I have loved watching her grow up.

    Autumn is upon us, and all the goodness that it Halloween!! You always make me smile with your decorations, I love them!

    Your beautiful mother! My mother was so happy when she made the move to assisted living, she will truly be blessed and happy there.

    Happy Saturday!!

    Hugs and Love,

  17. I think I'm going to buy my kids fall sheets- I've never done that and you've inspired me! SO CUTE!!! And your mom's place looks wonderful!! You guys did a great job setting it up. :)

  18. Hi Billie Jo! Glad to hear the first of week of third grade went well for you and you daughter. My daughter seems to be enjoying third grade, too. She has take a change of clothes on PE day which is new, and also has a Latin class and science this year that she seems to be enjoying. Her backpack is filled to the brim every day when I pick her up, though. So many books and notebooks to bring home each night.

    I'm so excited for fall and all the wonderful things that come with this time of year. I can't wait to buy my first pumpkin!

    Happy to hear your mother is doing well in her new home. I know it makes you happy and peaceful to know that she is happy.

  19. Ah adult children.. sound futuristic too me.

  20. LOVE those sheets!! Glad to hear your Mom is enjoying the change in living arrangements.


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