June 11, 2018

Things I'm Loving Now

Here are just a few things I am all about this second week of June. Maybe they are some of your favorites too?

You may have wondered if I brought my Yankee Candle obsession with me when we moved.
In a word...yep.
And this one smells so good.
I am on a mission to make mango the new avocado.
Avocado is everywhere, right?
Just wait. Mango is next.

I am loving my summer jammies.
Wrinkles and all.
I got these at Gap.
They are so comfy and also very acceptable as loungewear.
Just in case you have a jammie day this summer.

This is always in my shower.
I know there are expensive, name brand body washes out there.
I know they have super cool scents and bottles.
My skin is always super dry, and this does the trick.
Plus, I am kind of funny about mixing scents.
This is so faint that I feel fresh not perfumey...is that a word?
So I am clean and moisturized and all set to add my favorite subtle scent...Amazing Grace.

 This one is pricey.
 It is worth every penny.
I discovered it during a facial on a cruise.
Actually, it was the same thing but without SPF, which always bothered me.
They recently came out with the same amazing cream with SPF.
Happy me.

I am loving our new landscaping!
We have a great deal less here because we actually live surrounded by nature. The flowers we have are blooming and making our house look more like a home. : )

And then this.
Flynn literally loves school.
Like I think she would gladly do school all year long.
I found this packet for her on Teachers Pay Teachers right here.
I can't wait to show it to her on the last day of school next week!

So, what are you loving this month, my friends?
I'd love to know!


  1. Flynn is going into the 3rd grade? When did that happen? (grin)---wasn't she in kindergarten? (more grins)

    Not much going on here, off for the summer from school, and I am working on my husbands genealogy.

    Hope you have a beautiful day friend. smiles

  2. That candle sounds like the perfect summer scent!
    Cute jammies! :)

  3. it's the simple things, right!! I need to try that shower gel, I also fight dry skin terribly. My family ( and neighbors) make fun of me because my house smells like "Halloween" all year long. I very rarely switch from my favorite "grandma's apple pie" wax melt ~ with 3 stinky dogs, it's my favorite cover up. Flynn's 3rd grade packet looks awesome. My oldest daughter would complete her summer work as soon as she received it. my youngest would wait until the week before school started. lol.

    Have a great new week!!!

  4. I love sleepwear from the Gap! I need to pick up some new summer scented candles. Mango and Peach are the perfect summer pair.

  5. Mango being the new avocado would be just fine with me. Have you ever made a mango pie? Found a recipe once over on Pinterest, and yum! Always think of you when I see the Yankee candles now. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. I cant not believe Flynn is going to be in the third grade this coming up school year! I love the Gap for sleepwear and have a similar shirt as your pink one from last summer. I love mangos and now want to get the mango candle you have.
    Have a great week friend!

  7. I love candles any time of the year too. It is hard to believe that Flynn is going into the 3rd grade. Time goes by entirely too fast. I wish I could say I liked mangos but I prefer the avocado instead. Have a good Monday afternoon my friend.

  8. Love your pictures and your list. I have lost and found and lost again my blogging mojo but your sweet comment on my blog today renewed my desire to try to find it again.

    Things I'm loving:
    *hubby's steady improvement since surgery on May 30
    *living in the woods
    *coffee time with youngest son, daughter in law and 2.5 year old granddaughter
    *new flowers blooming every day
    *an interesting book to read
    *resetting my iPad to factory specs - and now it works!
    *time in God's Word

    Have a beautiful day!

  9. Perfection is what sums up that beautiful smelling candle. We are enjoying family visits and little jobs in the garden. Wow third grade already...

  10. I am loving that it is the first day if summer vacation here!!!!

  11. I love teachers pay teachers! I use a lot of the resources I find on there.
    I also use Dove body wash. Like you, I have very dry skin. It works really well.

  12. Ohhh loving so many things in this post! Can't wait to smell that candle when I get back. Excited to see your new pjs in action! I use Dove body wash every day and LOVE it. I wish my favorite moisturizer from Philosophy came with an SPF. Also still in denial that Flynn is going into THIRD grade. :(

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s
    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  13. Thank you for the new resource for schooling material! I will pass this on to my Heather as she is homeschooling my oldest 2 grandsons. :) Mango...no need to explain anything. ;) Soft jammies are my favorites too. I live in them! I use the Target equivalent of Oil of Olay with SPF 30 in it. It really helps keep my rosacea and Fibro related rashes down.

  14. oH that package looks great.. my eldest is off to third grade too. I usually buy him one of those Brain Quest activity books for the next grade.. he does a few pages everyday. I will check out the link you provided as well his own teachers page.. thanks for sharing.

    Oh that cream looks good.


  15. I really wish I had more nature around our home. When our subdivision was put in, it was fields farmed with southern crops. And for what trees there were, they are short mesquite trees. While on our camping trip this past weekend, I was actually looking forward to (not ready for it yet though), fall. Walking through all the tall, majestic trees had my mind racing ahead of schedule ;). Enjoy all that nature!!

  16. Always love to see your faves my friend! Have a blessed week ahead. xo

  17. Mango salsa is one of my go-to items to make for a party; everyone loves it!
    Our Gap closed recently....are they on their way out?? *shiver* Love your jammies!
    My husband will only use the cucmber body wash, but he prefers the Target brand. I prefer an old fashioned bar of soap; I'll use anything. LOL! Lovely flowers!

  18. Thank you for sharing that packet! I am going to grab it for my son. Also, whenever I see a yankee candle, I think of you and your beautiful home! <3

  19. Those jammies are the cutest! The Gap has the best ones : ) Love everything here, my friend! I'm going to check out that body wash ♥


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