June 1, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday! Happy June! I hope your summer is off to a good start, my friends. Here is a look back at our week that was.

Suddenly we have a garden!

We see all kinds of beauty out here.
My favorite are those tiny baby chipmunks.
From a distance of course!
But this sight touched my heart.
Mommys of all kinds care for their babies. : )

My sister Margie had a birthday!
We celebrated with cake.
Peyton's Whoopie Pie Cake.
Enough said.

My Mocha's big brother, Kirby.
Our first ever puppy, and Peyton's little shadow.

Have an amazing weekend with your people, my friends!
Still schooling here, but enjoying summer mornings and evenings too.
Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. What wonderful views you have.... nothing better than God's creatures sharing your space with you. (or maybe we are sharing with them) Your garden looks great and Happy Birthday to your sister. That cake!!!!! yum! Cute doggy... He looks a lot like my Butterbean!

  2. You have the kind of garden that I like.......easy to care for. Seeing God's creatures is always a plus......from a distance of course....lol Hope your Friday is a good one and the weekend as well.

  3. Beautiful photos. Such a cute little chipmunk! That cake looks delicious. Hope you have an amazing weekend as well!

  4. That cake looks amazingl How sweet to see the baby chipmunks and the mama/baby deer. Your potted garden looks delicious!

  5. Oh...what a beautiful area you live in it! And love your garden! Oh...does that whoopie pie cake look out of this world. Does Peyton share her recipes? Seriously! xx

  6. Sweet photos!

    I LOVE your deck.

  7. Awww...that little spotted fawn. The chipmunks here drive our dogs nuts, they like to get up close and personal taunting them at the window. That cake looks fantastic. She is quite the baker!!


  8. A wonderful garden
    A wonderful sister
    A wonderful cake
    and wonderful wildlife
    Truly a wonderful life indeed!!

  9. I definitely need to try the whoppie pie cake some time soon! Have a great weekend!

  10. Thank you so much for the comment. It’s so nice to meet you! I will look forward to reading your blog soon!

  11. Pretty photos! That cake looks AMAZING! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I love your deck garden!!! I want to come over and pick some herbs & veggies! And while I'm at it I'll take a piece of Peyton's cake which looks amazing!!! Have a happy weekend, friend! I'm still reading....SO Good!!!! ♥

  13. Lovely views from your deck, Billie Jo. Nature gives us much to contemplate. What sweet little chipmunks and deer. That cake sure looks divine. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  14. What beauty!! We also are doing container gardening.

  15. The chipmunks and deer sure do say summer! Your garden looks healthy! That cake... oh my goodness!! Can the recipe be shared? Yum!!

  16. I love your deck and your garden! Happy birthday to your sister!

  17. A garden and wildlife....gotta love it! Loving that deck but I would have to consider a top over it and screened in for my Lily.

  18. Your property looks amazing! I love your porch too!

  19. Hi Billie Jo~

    You have a lovely view from your home, I can tell you are loving your new place!

    The cake looks delicious, happy birthday to your sis!

    Nothing better than a homegrown tomato, I can't wait to see your containers full of fresh veggies!!

    Happy week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  20. Oooh! Your porch looks so inviting: shade, plants, and plenty of room to gather :)

  21. Oh Billie Jo, the wildlife you see outside your door is just so wonderful! Happy birthday to your sister, and that cake looked amazing. We are on vacation right now, so I am trying to make our little condo cozy and a home away from home. I hope you are having a nice weekend. Hugs my friend. ~Juli

  22. What a sweet photo of baby deer & momma!
    That Whoopie cake looks amazing!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)


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