May 25, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Memorial Day weekend, my friends! So here we are at the starting line of a brand new summer season. I hope it is happy and healthy and filled with food, fun, and family. Here is a quick wrap up of our past week...

We celebrated our Rhett last weekend with a party on Friday, a Mexican Dinner on Saturday, and presents and fudge on Sunday. Sixteen is kinda special, right?

Shout Out to Aunt Marian for spending the weekend celebrating with us.
And for tolerating the movie we picked to watch.
That is always a struggle for us!
Any ideas for late night movies to watch are very welcome!

And if you were thinking that Mocha needed a haircut in that last picture,
You would be correct.
She had a date with our favorite groomer, and now she is all ready for summer.

Smoothie of the week!!!
This is sooooo good!
Pineapple Raspberry.
Just blend some Greek Yogurt, frozen pineapple, half a banana, and some fresh raspberries with a bit of skim milk.

Best. Breakfast. Ever.
And you may wonder why I am using frozen pineapple after my over the top praise of fresh pineapple in my last post.
Steve prefers that I don't "waste" the good fresh pineapple in my smoothies!
And if I use frozen, I don't have to add ice.

I got my hair colored.
And it feels good.
If only I could style it like she does.
One can dream, right?

Have a blessed Memorial Day, my friends.
Enjoy it with your people, doing whatever it is you enjoy.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Have a beautiful Memorial Day, Billie Jo...happy birthday Rhett. smiles

  2. Hi Billie Jo!
    First of all, a belated happy birthday to Rhett! That cake looks delicious!
    Mocha is SO CUTE!
    We've been drinking smothies on a daily basis, around here. And with the days geting more warmer, it's always refreshing and delicious!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love all the photos! Your hair looks amazing, mom! <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  4. Oh my, that fudge looks so yummy. What a fun way to celebrate Rhett. And your hair looks amazing. And yes, with practice you so can do your own like that. My stylist uses a straight iron, but I found it easier to do mine with a larger curling iron. The key is alternating the direction your curl each strand.

  5. Yes! We use frozen fruit (except for bananas) in our smoothies almost exclusively for the same reason! A perfect week, Mocha looks darling.

  6. A whole weekend of birthday celebrating is definitely the way to go. Happy 16th Birthday to Rhett!!! I love smoothies so I'll have to give this recipe a try. I hate and I mean hate getting my hair done but afterwards it is so worth it! It looks so fresh and pretty. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, it's pretty much the kick off to Summertime, right!?? :)

  7. What a lovely week. I will have to tell my husband about the frozen pineapple; he makes protein-powder smoothies with almond milk and could really use something to help thicken them up. Thank you for the tip! Have a great weekend, Billie Jo.

  8. Happy birthday to Rhett!! Yes! 16 is very special. I hope his day was great and that his year is filled with abundant blessings!!

  9. That smoothie looks amazing! You and Mocha both look beau-tiful!!! ♥ Have a happy Memorial Day weekend! xx

  10. Smoothie yumminess, beautiful new 'do, family and friend time - looks like a great weekend ahead! Blessings to you all. xoxo

  11. Lovely week at your home, Billie Jo. Your hair looks great, if only I could style my hair like my stylist. The smoothie sure looks like a winner! Have a memorable weekend. ♥

  12. Happy belated birthday to your 16-year old! Of course you should celebrate for at least an entire weekend!! Your hair looks fabulous! Enjoy your long weekend!

  13. Looks like he had a great birthday! Happy Memorial Day!

  14. Love your hair! Hope Rhett had a great birthday, but I am sure he did. Hope your have a good Memorial Day weekend.


  15. I like the plate of fudge birthday "cake" idea, Billie Jo! :)

  16. You are off to a busy and fun summer! Isn't summer GRAND!? Yes, 16 IS special and it definitely looks like a great time was had by all! Little Mocha. What a DOLL BABY! And you both look stunning with your new "do's"!

  17. Happy Birthday to Rhett! Love the hairdo! Mine never looks like it does when I leave the beauty shop either:) I'll take one of those smoothies... PLEEZE:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  18. I love your hair! Happy birthday to your son! The fudge looked so yummy. If you have not seen the movie, The War Room, it is a good one. I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial day. Hugs. ~Juli

  19. Looks like you have a great weekend.
    Happy Birthday to Rhett.
    Your hair looks great.

  20. Well YEAH... 16 is a majorly big deal! Happy Bday. I can't decide which looks better, the fudge or the ice cream. Good thing he did not have to pick! Both you and Mocha have the hair thing going on! Looking great. Looks like you have had a great time.


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