March 16, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! And Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend! The past week was a busy one here, and seemed to pass very quickly. Thank you for all the kind words regarding my Madison coming home! She and Nicolas arrived safe and sound, and my house and my heart are full. Well, my house is not all that full. Things are being moved out as we speak! The actual move is set for March 31, so we will celebrate Easter Sunday in our new home.  Here are a few pictures of the past week here in our cozy and chaotic home.

After Mass last week, Flynn lit a candle for a very special friend.

She loves lighting candles for special intentions.

I finally got new glasses.
Much needed.
Much better.

Two Mochas.
Both super sweet. : )

Speaking of sweet...
We went out to dinner with my friend Heather and her husband Dave.
We had such a great time visiting and eating.
And eating some more.
Flynn and I shared this amazing peanut butter pie.

And we made our last big shopping trip to our local Walmart.
Flynn told me before we went, we might not want to take Steve's truck.
I had to admit, she was right!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. You sure have been busy, but in a good way. Glad Madison arrived home safely. Looking forward to seeing your new home. Happy Weekend.

  2. OH! Love the candles. Is that a Catholic church?

  3. Love the new glasses! They look great on you. I absolute hate the glasses that I got in November. I have been trying to shop online to get some cheap replacements and I'm not having any luck.

  4. Really like the new glasses. Moving is difficult to say the least, but looks like you are doing it a little at a time. Great that you will be all moved in and can have Easter there. Happy St. Patricks Day weekend!

  5. Love your new glasses!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. The glasses look great! I hope everything goes well with the rest of the move. Take care and have a good weekend!

  7. I really like the new glasses, and giggling over Flynn and the backseat full. Have a beautiful weekend, friend. March 31 is my sons 21st birthday.

  8. Such a darling photo of Flynn with the groceries! I know you are quite busy with your move, but you still take time for sweet delicious goodies. Your new glasses look great. I need new ones as well. Happy St. Patrick's, my friend. ♥

  9. Hi Billie Jo~

    Sounds like the move is coming along! Your new glasses are so cute, you look adorable in them... :0)

    Flynn is so cute, and it's so nice that she thinks of others, and ways to bless them, what a sweet girl.

    I just got a DNA test back and I'm 43.8% Irish! We will be having corned beef and cabbage with soda bread...I might even make something green for dessert!

    Enjoy your sweet family, Happy St. Patty's Day!!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Great times that fill your heart and put smiles on lots of faces. That p'nut butter pie looks SO good. Enjoy your evening dear friend, hugs.

  11. I was happy to read that Madison and Nicolas arrived safe and sound! And I know how full your heart is right now. Mine always feels that way when the kiddos come for a visit. :-) Flynn is such a cutie. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Love catching up in your world my Dear! That photo of Flynn lighting the candle at church is so precious. And your new glasses look lovely. You're gorgeous my Friend!
    And now I'm hungry after seeing all of your treats. Lol
    Blessings on your weekend Hon. xoxo

  13. I'm glad things are going well!

  14. I LOVE your new glasses! I need to get an appointment for my annual eye exam and some new specs. I know my eyes have changed again. Nothing to do with age, I'm sure. You will be busy these next couple of weeks. Moving is HARD on so many levels, but it feels good to get settled in your new home. Keep us posted!!

  15. Cute glasses, or perhaps you just look cute in your glasses! Yes, moving is very chaotic but at least you had some time for good friends and good food! Your little Mocha is such a cutie as is Miss Flynn!

  16. Your new glasses look great! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  17. I love your new glasses! They look very pretty on you. And that cake looks delicious - Yum!! Hope you had a great weekend!


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