February 19, 2018

What I Eat In A Day

...Because I know you've been wondering!!! But seriously, I like to keep it real around here, and how much more real can it get than talking about food? I have to say though, lately I am finding myself eating healthier foods on a consistent basis. Imagine that. I hesitate to say I am dieting, because that, to me, is a sure fire set up for failure. The way my mind works, if I consciously try to not eat certain things, or wake up in the morning thinking I can only eat so many calories, my body panics and decides to insist on eating as if I were training for the Olympics.

I do much better if I think about what I like to eat, and how many ways I can make it healthy. Does that even make sense? What brought about this subtle change, you ask? Well, thinking about my upcoming cholesterol check, and hoping that all this good, fresh food will get those numbers in line is perhaps the main reason. I realize I am a middle age woman who has given birth four times, and as such, I will never fit into those size two Sasson or Jordache jeans again, so why stress about it? So, if you are still with me, let's take a look at what I generally eat in a day...

First thing first...
My Maxwell House French Vanilla Cafe coffee.
Every morning.
Without fail.

Breakfast is a smoothie!
I am obsessed.
I make three different kinds on a regular basis,
using frozen fruit, including bananas, skim milk, and plain non fat Greek yogurt.
Steve's favorite is one with frozen bananas, skim milk, natural peanut butter, and a bit of cocoa powder.

Lately I am all about salads!
I make my own, or get one freshly made from the store and add to it...

And you know, putting it on a pretty plate, and sitting down to eat it makes it all the more yummy!

If I don't have a salad, I usually have an egg scrambled with fresh veggies.
I love to add tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and some fresh cheese.

After schoolwork is done, I always settle in for a second cup of coffee.
I have done this since Madison was a baby, all those years ago.
It is a time in my day I always look forward to.
And now my kids enjoy it with me. : )

Dinner is whatever we are having.
I don't cook anything special for myself.
Who has time for that?
We eat regular, normal family meals almost every single night.

One night recently, we made homemade chicken fried rice, and Japanese Onion soup.
Sooo good.

Later in the evening, I enjoy a cup of tea, usually cranberry green tea...

And a cookie or two if Peyton has baked that day. 

There you are.
You can sleep tonight!
You now know what I eat in a day!

P.S. My friend Theresa reminded me about my drink of choice...water!
Although I am not the best water drinker out there, I am getting better.
I drink only water during the day, except for coffee and tea.
I add lemon, lime, or even orange to make it more exciting!
And...oddly enough...I drink more if I use a straw. : )


  1. I did enjoy seeing what you eat in a day:) I could live on fresh veggies! I love cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and the list goes on and on! My breakfast is usually raisin toast or a bran muffin, lunch is a sandwich or a salad and dinner is meat of some sort and veggies. I have two cups of coffee in the morning (I am on number 2 right now) and then I mostly drink water the rest of the day! NOW... you know what I eat:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Cute post! and looks like you are on a great eating plan. We have to have some 'normal' in there (cookies) or we set ourselves up to fail.

  3. I agree about the straw. If I use my cup with a lid and straw I find that I drink more.

  4. I love smoothies. And yes, it's all about the straw for me and drinking water. Otherwise it won't happen!!

  5. You are so good, I am not a fan of water even when it is flavoured, I must try harder. I do know what you mean about thinking of dieting, makes me crave food more.

  6. I enjoyed your graphics in this post. I'm always excited to read about what other people eat because though I enjoy cooking, I often run out of interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice and Healthy - thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this post....I am trying to get better with the water drinking too!

  8. I just can't get into smoothies. They are healthy! Good for you!! I have to have protein for breakfast and can go without lunch. Suppers are lighter fare these days. I'm trying to lose weight and am working on it slowly. This was fun to read!!

  9. Loved this post - and you have the cutest graphics. Your smoothies sound delicious; I struggle with how to make a smoothie that I will enjoy as I have digestive issues and so many foods are a no-no.

  10. Sounds like a good food plan to me---and NOT a diet- I am like you --no diet is a good diet for me. lol

    It is really funny but I drink three times as much water in a day if I drink it out of one of those mini-water bottles and I take one to bed with me, too. Initially, I bought a case to have in the car for the girls after school, etc. I asked them to pass me one and drank it right down. lol Now, I just refill one of the little bottles several times during the day. Other than that- I drink plain black Dunkin' Donuts coffee...with an occasional Starbucks latte (treat). xo Diana

  11. Okay you mean I will never weigh 98 lbs again? Why...... Your food looks good now I am hungry.

  12. Your choice of food is excellent....whether you are 'dieting' or not, you are eating healthy and that counts for a lot. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of Billie Jo.

  13. I agree with you, Billie Jo. Diet is a four letter word! You are being so sensible and I can just bet your numbers will reward you! Your smoothies sure do sound delicious. Would you believe I've never made one? You are looking marvelous! ♥

  14. I enjoyed this post. Once I get a bit more energy, I'm going to start cooking more. It's been a bit disorienting having my young adults coming and going at all hours and never knowing who will be here for a meal.
    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  15. Hi Billie Jo~

    Wow, your daily intake is pretty impressive...in a good way! I love smoothies, I don't drink them enough, but I know they are good for you. I actually had one this morning, it was delicious!! We drink lots of kefir at our house, and I really need to drink more water along with it. Sometimes I just crave a good salad! Your's looked delicious! And I agree, tea at the end of the day is so relaxing, I love to have a nice cup of Bengal Spice right before bed, yum!!

    I think it's really interesting to see how other people eat. I told my granddaughter at lunch today (I had a salad with my burger, does that count?) that I could probably live on soup and cereal... ;0) Not such a good idea.

    I'm so glad you included cookies.

    Hugs and Love,

  16. I drink water all the time when I'm at work, and at home it varies. Sometimes water, sometimes iced tea or hot tea. For me there's always room for improvement! :)

  17. Mmmm!!! Can't wait to come home and enjoy all these yummy meals with you. You are amazing!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  18. I love the egg scramble idea for lunch... that looks yummy! The best part is that you don't make anything different for yourself for dinner. Family dinners/real food is more than nourishment to the body, it nourishes the soul as well. I'd have to add a bit of a starch to that afternoon coffee... I love bagels!

  19. I want to love smoothies but after I have one, it seems to make me hungrier! Your day looks balanced and healthy and delicious! Sounds like a recipe for long term success! Good luck on that cholesterol check!

  20. Thank you so much, Billie Jo, for sharing this. I seriously need to lose some weight, but your first paragraph describes me to a tee when I think of "dieting". The changes you have made in leaning towards more healthy meals is definitely doable. I have plenty of fruit in the freezer that I could do the smoothie with. Thank you aagain for sharing!

  21. You are so cute, BJ....I love this post. You have such a way of making things fun and I wanna be your neighbor!!
    I like salads, too...soups are great for lunch for me and I eat very little meat...orange chicken is a fav for dinner with mixed veggies. and I always...ALways have to have a tiny dessert...or a big one, whichever the case may be. :)

  22. Love this post and makes me think about how much snacking I do during the day! Yikes!! Your salads look so yummy and I usually don't like salads! Have a great day!

  23. Sweet Billie Jo, I love that you are real! And I simply loved this post!

    I have to tell you that I, too, have been eating healthier on a daily basis. I didn't necessarily eat "bad," but I loved my desserts. I have cut back on the "bad" sugar and am eating more fruits and oh, I am feeling good! {{smiles}}

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  24. Oh wow....I never stopped to think about what I eat during the day. But my body is really still adjusting to my surgery. Problem, I have fallen back into skipping meals. My doc would have a fit. I skip all day and then I want to eat at night. Tonight....cottage cheese and peaches. It was really good. I do better when I don't think of that D word....diet. Makes me just want to eat.

  25. Yeah I know that when I keep ACTUAL track of what I'm eating, I do eat less and think more about what I'm eating. Your routine sounds very healthy and yet not boring. I like to change things up for breakfast and since I work from home, I try to not eat right away but rather wait until about 9 or 10 to have breakfast.

  26. I love this! You are eating so much better than I am! :) I need to make more smoothies! I wish I could join you for that afternoon coffee ♥ Everything looks delicious! Loved this post, my friend! ♥

  27. Oh Billie Jo, I love this post! It is so cute! It also has made me hungry. LOL Have a good rest of your week. Hugs to you. ~Juli

  28. It all looks delicious! And that water consumption? That's a hard one for me as well.

  29. The straw trick works for me too. That reminds me, I need to go and fill up a cup with water and hydrate! ;) Your meals all look really good. I love having a nice salad for lunch or dinner. Yesterday I stocked up on more salad making stuff. I have been craving veggies lately and I see that as a good thing. ;)


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