January 31, 2018

Ready For The Weekend!

Will you be watching the Super Bowl this weekend? Even though our beloved Steelers came up short this year, we are excited to join most of America in watching the game and eating too much food while we do. We are also super excited that Marian is coming for the weekend! Yay! We texted today and planned our menu. And this is what we came up with for our Super Bowl party 2018. Because let's face it...it's really all about the food.

Slow Cooker Short Ribs- Marian's recipe

Cheese Broccoli Soup- Recipe from my sister-in law Beth...soooo good.

Onion Rings- Courtesy of Ore-Ida

Wings- Take out...Can't have Super Bowl here without them!

Taco Dip- Margie and Chris bring it to all the parties...Delicious!

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Balls- Peyton's Contribution...AMAZING!

Peanut Butter Pie- Because. Peanut Butter pie.

I  also always have a big bowl of m&m's at our Super Bowl parties. 
I remember being a little girl back in the 1970's, sitting by the fire, watching the Steelers play in the Super Bowl. My mom had a Steeler tablecloth on the table, Steeler plates and napkins, and a big bowl of m&m's.

So, will you be watching?
More importantly...
What will you be eating?!
I'd love to know!


  1. Your menu sounds delicious! We will also be watching. Super Bowl Sunday is my husband's second favorite holiday (his first being Christmas). I will be making snacky foods for our family to munch on...wings for Bill and I, chicken nuggets for the kids, potatoes skins, jalapeno poppers, chips and dip, and a veggie tray to round it out. Not sure what I will make for dessert yet....

  2. Ooooh yum -- love your menu! Not a huge football fan, but since I lived in Phila many years ago, I have to root for the Eagles! May try to watch a little for the commercials, of course! Have a great day!

  3. Superbowl!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! We'll be watching! I haven't finalized our menu yet, but wings and nachos will definitely be involved! I'm going to make my spinach and artichoke dip and I promised John something chocolaty for dessert. Yup, definitely all about the food! LOL

  4. We are Steeler fans here too and was disappointed they didnt make it. I would have to DVD it because it comes on when our church time is happening. As for food, since it is just the 2 of us, it will be leftovers....lol

  5. Not really my thing, but with all that delicious food I could change my mind.

  6. That is a good menu. I always love Oreo balls but rarely take the time to make them.

  7. Hubby said, "No" we wont be watching...he doesn't like the politics. We shall see....smiles---your menu looks really good, smiles.

  8. My hubby will be watching the game. For me it is just about yummy food, and a lot of it! Your menu sounds awesome! Hugs to you. Juli

  9. SOOO bummed I am missing this AGAIN. Sounds delish! I will be watching from afar with a bag of Doritos!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  10. Oh yes we will be watching. I always make a big pot of chili and all the fixings. Our team (Redskins) has not done well for so many years now, so it's disheartening to watch football. But it's a fun excuse to party. Your menu sounds wonderful--Enjoy! ♥

  11. You can never have too many M&Ms. I set up for a meeting at work today and was asked to bring in snacks. Of course I included M&Ms! I had planned to watch the Superbowl with my hubby but Beth was invited to her boyfriends surprise birthday party. Obviously his parents aren't football fans. :(

  12. Hi Billie Jo, thanks for visiting me and leaving your sweet comment! I love new friends:) We don't have any plans for the Super Bowl game, but we will be watching! I just like an exciting game. My Atlanta Falcons fell short, but I am happy for the ones who made it. Enjoy your day and thanks again for stopping by, HUGS!

  13. LOL I probably won't be doing either! When the kids were home we usually did something fun (although they weren't particular interested in the game but the food!). As we are Cleveland Brown fans, we will probably die long before THEY are in a super bowl haha!

  14. I must admit I don't watch football. I know, shocking right? I used to when I was a kid because my dad was a Denver Bronco fan. A huge fan! But, now that's he's gone I just can't bring myself to watch it. So....ya!
    But, your spread sounds yummy! I'm sure we will eat something, I'm just not sure of what! Ha!
    Enjoy your day!!

    Hugs, Amy

  15. We are having a small gathering. Seven layer taco dip boats, mozzarella bacon dip, spicy bbq kielbasa, meat/cheese tray, super bowl snack mix, chocolate covered strawberries, and mock margaritas are on our menu. And M&Ms. Always M&Ms.


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