December 14, 2017

Twelve Days Of Christmas...Day Two...Christmas Pajamas

Thank you for joining me for Day Two of our Twelve Days of Christmas series! Today I am sharing something that may not be much of a surprise to you if you read here on a regular basis. I am speaking of pajamas. Which, quite honestly, make up a majority of my wardrobe!

One of our family traditions is "surprising" our children every Christmas Eve with new pajamas. It is something my sweet sister-in-law Sally did with her children, and I knew I wanted to do the same when we had our own. I loved the matching Christmas pajamas when my children were small! Eventually, they grew and began to help a bit with suggestions, and yet still acted surprised when we returned from Christmas Eve Mass, and running to their rooms, found their brand new, freshly laundered pajamas folded neatly on their beds. We continue this sweet tradition to this day.

One year, one of the kids asked me why I didn't have new pajamas for Christmas. And I answered honestly. I had never thought about it. As mothers, we think of our children first. Of their happiness before ours. The kids suggested I get my own pair of new pajamas for Christmas. And so I did. And continue to do so every year.

Last year I got myself a pair of Life is Good pajamas.
I liked them so much, I waited for them to go on sale, and bought a second pair!
They hold up well, and are so comfortable.

This year, I found the softest, lightest, coziest flannel pajamas!
They are from Gap. And I love them.
One of my favorite things to do these dark December evenings is to shower and put on my fresh new pajamas, before settling on the couch for a cozy evening.

Speaking of cozy, we are burning our second candle in our Twelve Days of Christmas Book from Yankee Candle. It is a new one for me...Mistletoe.
It smells of mistletoe, pine, and holly.
It is a softer lovely scent that fills our room with Christmas.

Thanks for joining me today, my friends.
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Have a cozy day!!!!


  1. Christmas pajamas are the best. We give pajamas for St. Nicholas Day so they can wear them leading up to Christmas! But my kids are still at the right age where pajamas might not fit in a few short months (or faster sometimes it seems!) so this plan may change as they stay one size for a bit longer!

  2. I love Christmas pajamas. We do this as well, but our tradition is that we go out on Christmas Eve to drive around and look at Christmas lights and when we come home Santa's elves have come by to make sure the kids' rooms are clean and everything is ready for Santa. They leave the wrapped pajama gifts and the book "The Night Before Christmas" for us to enjoy. A few years ago, Rebecca asked the same question about why mom and dad didn't get new pjs so we have gotten new ones every year since. :-)

  3. HAHA... I thought that you got Christmas PJs so that you looked nice on Christmas morning while opening gifts and pics being taken! haha....I love it. Since weight loss I have been able to unpack bins of clothes that I packed up years ago and found all sorts of PJs....Wondering why I had so many! My son when he was young used to call the bedtime clothes...

  4. Oh, who doesn't love new Christmas pajama's! I just love this sweet tradition of yours, my friend. When my husband and I were first married my hubby was working for a nice gentleman who had this same tradition with his family. Well, he and his lovely wife pulled us into their circle and gifted us with matching pajamas. We still have them {{smiles}}

    Happy day to you! Hugs!

  5. I love the p.j. tradition. It is so nice to shower, and put on some clean p.j.'s and sit in front of the fireplace in the evenings. A cup of hot chocolate goes well at this time too!

  6. I have been in Pajamas since my surgery, nearly 4 weeks ago (with the exception of dr. appt. and grocery store, grin). This is a great tradition and thanks to you, I started doing that with my husband and son, who claim "reallyyyyyy", but in truth, they like it.

    Have a beautiful day, friend, very cold and snowy here. smiles

  7. I love Christmas pj's We also have this tradition. I picked up matching blankets, slipper socks, and pj's for all three of my girls after Christmas last year. Socks, 1.00, blankets 4.00. Pj sets 3.00 I call that a score!

  8. Yes, Christmas jammies is the best tradition! You are the pj QUEEN. I think my favorite Christmas pair of yours are the Life is Good ones :)

  9. I too have always bought matching for my girls, and then a pair for my husband. Never thought to get for myself. My girls noticed a few years ago and got me a pair. Now I think hubby has caught on too.

  10. Billie Jo, there is nothing like cozy pajamas to fill a day or night with comfort and joy! I've a few pairs that I wear that I'd love to wear 24/7 everywhere if possible!

  11. This is such a cozy post, Billie Jo, my daughter buys matching pjs for us every Christmas, I am wearing mine as I type.
    Love this tradition you have, you are such a Dear.
    I am enjoying yours and Madison's post.

  12. That's a great tradition to have! Who doesn't love new pajamas!
    Mistletoe is one of my favorite scents besides Holly Berry and Cinnamon Stick.

    Enjoy your cozy days, my friend!!


  13. Hmm... I typed out a comment and then the darn thing disappeared. How rude!

    New pajamas are a must! Love this tradition that you've made.

    Love Mistletoe. One of my favorite scents besides Hollyberry and Cinnamon Stick.

    Enjoy your cozy days, my friend!

    Hugs, Amy

  14. A wonderful tradition and very smart to include YOURSELF! I never did haha - silly me! We always let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve and yes, it was always their new pajamas.


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