December 8, 2017

Random Photo Friday

I hope you are enjoying these December days, my friends. We are trying to capture as much Christmas joy as we can while keeping our days slow and cozy. Here is a quick look at the past week in our Christmas home.

Flynn and I took selfies while we waited for everyone else to be ready for Mass...

After the weekly on-the-way-to-Mass picture. : )

 Flynn was chosen to light the first candle on the Advent Wreath and she was so honored!
(This is actually a reenactment after Mass, because...reverence.)

Guess what? I won this awesome gift set from my-sweet-as-can-be hairstylist, Jodi!!!!
She had a drawing at Thanksgiving, and I won!

Not only has Jodi given me the best hairstyle I have ever had...she is the nicest young woman ever!
I have known her since she was as young as Flynn, and am so happy that she has followed her dream and now owns and operates her very own salon.
And it is beautiful.

Peyton was a busy baker last week!
She made this delicious jello cake after numerous requests from Rhett. : )

St. Nicolas visited us on his Feast Day...
And his chocolates were delicious!

My niece Nicole sent me this adorable, beautiful sign!
I was so touched because she knows how important cozy is to me.
She is a wonderful young lady who has three of the most precious littles ever.

And lastly, these two are back across the ocean safe and sound. 
They are working and schooling and enjoying all the beauty of Denmark at Christmas.

How will you be spending your December weekend, my friends?
I hope it is happy, cozy, and filled with lots of warm cups of coffee or cocoa.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thank you for your lovely blog post, Billie Jo. We are not doing much of anything for the wekeend, my husband has to go over to his brothers tomorrow and put in a front door and then we have to go grocery shopping. That is about it, smiles.

    I hope you have a beautiful and jolly day, friend.

  2. I just love that cozy sign!!! And Flynn looks so precious in those pictures. =)

  3. "Comfy cozy are we" in sign form? Well that is heart eye emojis for days! I love that! So perfectly you. What an amazing week you had!

  4. I have been watching it snow and now having a cup of coffee, while enjoying reading your post for today. Everything is Christmasy for sure. Hope your Friday has been warm and cozy and that your upcoming weekend will be as well.

  5. What a fun basket to win...yay!!
    Peyton's cake looks wonderful.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Saturday I will be baking with my mom, sister and nieces. Sunday we are going to Christmas at the Zoo. After this weekend we are free!!! until Christmas Eve!! There is nothing on the calendar we can stay home and soak it all in. Yeah!

    The cakes looks wonderful and I'm sure Rhett only gently suggested she make it! ;)

  7. Hi Billie Jo~

    First of all, thank you for your prayers on our behalf. They found Bryce today, and without prayer, I'm not sure it would have happened for a while...thank you sweet friend.

    You two are so cute - your blue eyes and her brown eyes, so cute! I love the look on Flynn's face while she was lighting the candle, you could tell she took her job seriously.

    What a great gift, Billie Jo!! I love Redken products, I call that very lucky!!

    I haven't had a jello cake for ages! The red and green truly just screams...Christmas!

    Madison and Nicolas are a beautiful couple, I'm so glad that technology is such that you can stay in touch, with the touch of a button, it's wonderful!

    We are going to have a busy week-end, lots to do now.

    I wish I could give you a hug, for blessing my life!

    Hugs and Love,

  8. Happy Friday! I really love your weekly random photo posts because I feel like we are totally catching up! Congrats on winning that basket! I would have been so happy to win all those hair products! ♥ Tomorrow we are getting snow and I'm planning on Christmas card writing and lots of hot necessarily in that order : ) Sunday is my father in laws birthday so we are going to my in laws for dinner. It will be a nice family day. Ok, so I only have to get dressed one out of the two days. I'll take it! Have a great weekend! ♥♥♥

  9. I love your little 'cozy' sign too! Tonight we went to the zoo for their Wildlights exhibit, the place was filled with lights! On Sunday Beth is going to a Christmas party with her boyfriend and Monday we leave for Cabo San Lucas so we're also packing this weekend!

  10. All such goodness... I love the reenactment! I struggle with photos during Mass too. I wanna grab that big ol camera but then shy away! I love the peek into your week and all of the Christmas that happening.

  11. Great pics - you've been busy and looks like you are all enjoying the season. The reenactment of the candle lighting is great - reverence! That gift you won looks like the jackpot of beauty products - congrats! Low key Christmas for us this year but still enjoying the holiday time. I finished with all of my shopping, wrapping, shipping etc. last week and good thing since I broke my ankle two days ago haha! So what will I be doing this Christmas . . . not a whole lot! But that's okay. I'm enjoying lots of Christmas music and time to blog!

  12. Oh I bet Flynn was just SO excited to light the first candle. How sweet! And what a sweet sister Peyton is to have made that jello cake for her baby bro! Glad to hear that the kids made it back safely to Denmark. That's always a relief! Have a great week ahead!

  13. Congratulations on winning that awesome basket. That Cake looks yummy I don't think I've ever had a jello cake. We had a lovely weekend with Family Our Daughter flew in on Saturday! Hope your having a great week.


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