December 4, 2017

Our Christmas Home 2017

Welcome to our Christmas home! Pour a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, grab a cozy throw blanket, and settle in. I'd love to show you around.

The kids' tree in the foyer holds their own ornaments, as well as some of my favorites from years past...

In the den, Steve's tree holds his favorites.


I have new ornaments for the family tree this year.
But I kept the candles I have had for twenty six years. : )

We spend most of our time in the family room, so I like to keep all the Christmas movies, books, and games nearby. 

 Little wooden tables hold special pieces with different themes...

Like these precious little ones Madison brought me from Denmark. 

The kitchen has touches of Christmas sprinkled about...

And across from the kitchen...the coziest spot in our home...

The hearth room is also where our little friend The Brownie lives. : )

Next to the hearth room...
The dining room...

Through the years, I have collected many sweet Santa decorations.
Every time I look at this collection, I smile.
You are never too old to believe in the magic. : )

Something else that makes me smile?
These new Christmas dishes I got this year...

I absolutely love them!
They are so pretty and well made.
And you know where I found them??
If you are looking for some special dishes, check online there.
They are very reasonably priced!

Some other special pieces I keep in my hutch and buffet...
Madison brought me the candle holder from Denmark, and the tins came from Nicolas' sweet mother Kirsten. Each of the past two years, she has sent me some delicious homemade Danish cookies!

Our kitchen table.
The old oak table that our family has gathered around to eat, visit, and play games for years.
So many memories. : )

Christmas touches in our room too...
Just to make cold winter evenings even more cozy. 

Lastly, our little mudroom...
With a reminder that this is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Thank you for visiting our Christmas home, my friends.
I would love to stop by for a visit with you!


  1. Your home looks truly amazing, my friend! You make it so warm and inviting {{smiles}}

    Enjoy this beautiful time of the year. Love and hugs to you!

  2. YOu make your home, so inviting and warm and lovely. One must get the feeling of being enveloped in a big, warm hug, on walking in the door.

    Before walking in the door! Look at that most lovely wreath, hanging on your front porch. It is perfect!!!!!!

    Your love of home and family, is evident in all you do. Most especially, at Christmas Time.

    Thank you for inviting us in, for a tour!!!!!

    Coming Christmas hugs,
    Luna Crone

  3. Amazing as always! Is that a Toy Story Blanket on your couch??
    We have a basket of Christmas books, but I never thought to have Christmas games. Fun idea! I may implement that this year. ;)

  4. Oh how I lovely....I'm moving in, smiles. I just love your big red couch, Billie Jo, I bet it is comfy. Have a beautiful and joyous day, friend.

  5. Hi Billie Jo!

    You seriously do, cozy, better than anyone I know!! I love your beautiful Christmas home! I'm not a Walma*t fan, but I'm sure going to check-out their online stuff, those plates are just gorgeous, and I love that you keep everything handy to keep the Christmas Spirit so alive in your glad you welcomed us in today!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. What a wonderful Christmas tour! Thank you!!
    Your home certainly is warm and cozy down to the last touch.
    Love the old books and games.
    Have a great week

  7. Our house is soooo magical at Christmastime! Looks perfect <3

  8. I love your Christmas home!!! It is cozy and beautiful! I have to say I love your Candles as well!!! I've never tried Candy Cane Lane, but I've heard it reviewed on Youtube, and it sounds wonderful. ( I love the picture on the label as well.) Hugs to you, and have a cozy week. Juli

  9. Love to see your decorating -- you do it so well and so lovely!! Magical is right!!

  10. I could not wait to see your home. I am not decorating at all this year as we were not going to be here. But we have decorated Lil sis's house so I am having fun with that. I will post pictures later.

  11. Oh! All so beautiful, Billie Jo! I think the pieces from Denmark are adorable. I love that kind of decor :) Okay. So the organizational nut that I am needs to see a post or two on how you organize this all. I MISS our basement!!! I have to be ever so careful down here in TX because what teensy attic space we do have, I have to be careful what goes up in it due to the EXTREME temps of an attic in the summer. Each year I think I the organization down pat, but when I go to take it out again the following year, I feel overwhelmed.

    I have had to downsize a LOT since we moved. No basements, little space for storage. (And I refuse to rent storage space here ... $$$. They have you over a barrel.).

  12. Billie Jo, your Christmas home is magical! I love every nook and cranny! ♥

  13. You are so talented in decorating. Your home should be in a magazine it is so beautiful. Thank you for letting us take a peek into each room.

  14. My goodness you have been busy! SO many details and thought went into each special room. Those candles you have hanging on the tree . . . I have the same ones and I've had mine for 30+ years. In fact, I believe I bought them in Vermont on our honeymoon so that would make them 34 years old. I love the memories on the trees - my tree is not a 'designer' tree but it is FULL of memories!

  15. Such a lovely Christmas home, Billie Jo! Every nook and cranny is full of Christmas joy! I'm working on finishing up our decor, but it seems to be taking me a while. I love this time of the year! Enjoy every moment! ♥

  16. Beautiful!! I'm decorating this weekend.

  17. Beautiful, Billie Jo! Everything has such a nice touch and I love your dining table! your new dishes are so pretty, too! Thanks for sharing your pretty home with us!

  18. Beautiful and cozy. Thanks for the tour! I wish I was there having a cup of coffee with you right now!!

  19. Your home is so immersed in beauty. I am going to keep your blog post up on my screen as my inspiration!!

  20. Your home looks beautiful for decorated for Christmas and it does for every holiday. I love all the holiday signs you and your new Christmas dishes are beautiful! I just might over for some tea!

  21. Wow! Very homey and beautiful!! I can smell the wonderful scents as I imagine sitting with you having something warm to drink and sharing our lives!

  22. Your home is just lovely! With each new picture I oooohhhed and ahhhhhhed even more. :) Merry Christmas my friend!

  23. I love it all!!! Every room is ready for family memories and I can't believe it's here, already five days in!

  24. Billie Jo, your post brought tears to my eyes. I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I love the warm fuzzies I feel when I read your stories. Your home is beautiful and speaks of love and harmony.

  25. Such a beautiful home and decorated so lovely. Lots of work in all the decorating and it looks so great.

  26. My oh my, your home is so beautiful! I love that you decorate each room. It looks so inviting with lots of cozy touches. Enjoy it all!!

    Hugs my friend!!

  27. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I just want to curl up on your couch with a cup of hot coco, watch Christmas movies, and talk for hours! So festive and inviting! I love it all!!!! xo

  28. Your house waits all year long for this. I just want to knock on the front door and welcome myself into your Christmas wonderland. I love a peek into the cozy of Christmas in your house!

  29. Oh I just love your home. Its so open yet so very cozy.

  30. Wow. Your house is all decked. Beautiful home and I have always wanted a Christmas bedspread. We just started in homeschool. I can't wait to learn how you school. Blessings


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