September 1, 2017

Random Photo Friday

 Before we begin...

Welcome back September. I've missed you so.

Saturday before mass we snapped a few pictures...

And my girl was all smiles.

The last week of August was fittingly cool and cozy around here.
And Flynn was happy to pull on her favorite Cinderella hoodie. : )

She is so proud making her own bed.
And I am so proud of her.
And you know what?
I don't fix a thing.

Who doesn't love a random picture of a cute pup snuggling in bed?
(Photography by Flynn.)

We are still eating zucchini.
And still loving it.
One night this week, I simply chopped some zucchini, threw it into some pasta sauce, cooked it until soft, and served it over angel hair pasta.
Sooo good.

My husband knows a lot of people.
A lot of nice people.
This week one of those nice people brought us freshly picked apples and peaches from his farm.
I may never eat a store bought apple again.

One more food pic...
My newest obsession...
A medium Mocha Frappe from McDonalds.
I should get a small.
But. Mocha Frappe.

Reason Number 2,367 why I love Blogging...
We joined together this week to light a candle and offer a prayer for the victims and responders of the horrible flooding.
Prayers will continue, I am certain. 

Happy Labor Day, my dear friends.
Our plans include hot dogs and movie marathons.
And fall decorating too!!!

Have a cozy, fun weekend with your people, and thanks for visiting!


  1. You've made it to your most wonderful time of the year!!! Happy September! And yes, Mochas. I love mochas. And while most people are excited for pumpkin spice lattes, I'm just holding on for peppermint mochas! :)

  2. Where to start? So much I love about this post!!

    Flynn is adorable and I love her sweet smiling pics. She is also doing a great job making her bed, go Flynn!!

    September, yes it's been missed, but down here in the South, October and November give us the beauty and cooler days!

    Zucchini and pasta yum! But let's talk about those delicious looking FRESH peaches and apples! Double yum, I want some!! We're hoping to travel up North for apple picking this Fall, my friends share their bounty and the apples are always the best I've ever had. Store bought can never compare!

    I feel you on the coffee, not to long ago I had a large Sugar-free Vanilla iced coffee from McDonalds. I "could" and probably should have got the medium or small, but since the price difference was around thirty cents and it was "sugar-free" after all, I went for the large! ;)

    Hope you have a lovely and cozy weekend~

  3. It is here, isn't it????? :-))))))))

    We can "officially" begin to notice leaves turning! And can't be "accused" of rushing the Season.

    My poor husband. He is one, who still dreads the coming of the darker days of winter. :-) But I am trying to ease him into, simply noticing the beauty of Autumn. Without thinking ahead, to November. :-))))

    Trying!!!!!! And he does try, too!!!!

    Lovely post here, as usual. Your blog, is a warm, pretty, and "homey" spot, in 'Blog Land.' And I want you to know, that I appreciate your making such a blog.

    Happy September hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. What fabulous heartwarming photos Billie Jo! Rainy day here, but all the more reason to break out those fall candles and start decorating.

  5. What a sweet post! That Flynn is so adorable -- great job on making her bed and her photo of your pup! Your food posts always make me hungry! :) Have a great weekend sweetie!

  6. Your Flynn did a great job taking that picture of your cute little dog! :) I love September. To me it it the promise of cooler days, glorious turning of colors of the leaves, hearty meals, and snuggling up under cozy throws with one of the three cats in my lap. The cats seem to rotate through much to Doofy's consternation since he always wants to be the Alpha cat. Silly boy. ;)

  7. Always a joy to visit and see that beautiful smile of your sweet daughter, she is growing up so quickly. Happy September.

  8. I'm curious what movies you will be watching!! Those apples look amazing! I can't believe it's September....I miss summer already! I'm going to make some veggie soup to put zucchini into!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your Flynn is just the cutest, darling girl. I love that she makes her own bed without help. Your gifted fruit is beautiful. I know you are enjoying it. Happy September, my friend. ♥

  10. I need to take pictures for my blog as yours is so lovely. But the time? Darling little girl.

  11. Hi Billie Jo~

    I also love September!! What fun photos! Isn't it wonderful when your children make their own beds, their very own way . . . so cute.

    What a generous friend, nothing like farm fresh apples and peaches! I bought a box of peaches yesterday and can't wait til they are a little bit riper. I plan on making your peach cobbler with some of them for, Labor Day.

    Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!


  12. I can't believe how big Flynn is getting and her beautiful!
    Now I have a craving for McDonalds coffee drinks!
    Have a great holiday weekend my friend!

  13. Yay Fall! Oh friend, if you ever find yourself heading to Iowa in Fall I would LOVE to take you to the family orchard. Because you're right. I am the "mean" mom who won't buy her kids apples at the store most of the time because they just aren't as good! And now I really want some peaches too! Lucky ducks!

  14. I so enjoy visiting with you in your home and seeing the things you do, eat and enjoy. Happy Labor Day weekend.

  15. This year just seems to have flown by! Glad Sept. is here but can't wait for Oct. Great pics. I love a good cold Mocha Frappe from Macky D's!

  16. Just like that, it is September.

    Sigh...hiw does time move so fast?

    I'm a homeschooler too!

  17. Ohh! Billie Jo I enjoyed your photo Friday so much, Photos really tell our stories, don't they! Yours show so much happiness and joy!
    Thank you for visiting, and for your sweet words, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

  18. I love all of your photos, they look like fall! Have a nice weekend with your sweet family. Hugs. Juli

  19. a) mocha frapp? I may need to go on an afternoon drive. ;)
    b) That pasta looks SO good!

  20. Would you believe I got a McD's mocha frappe for the first time the other day? It was so good! John is on a shake kick right now and I took him to the drive through to treat him to a strawberry shake. I got the mocha frappe on impulse....OH WOW! I'm hooked!
    Great photos from a lovely week!


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