July 14, 2017

Weekend Plans

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans may be. We have had a busy week here so our weekend is going to be restful and laid back. Friday night the kids are planning a Risk and Monopoly marathon, so I am thinking of having a pizza night for them as well. Saturday is Mass followed by dinner and movies. Sunday we are planning a special Surf and Turf meal with our friends Heather and Dave to celebrate Dave's birthday, and Mocha's too! Steve is making Prime Rib, and Heather is making her amazing crab cakes. Peyton is making Blueberry Pie for dessert. Cannot wait!

Here are some pictures of the past week here in our summer country home...

We started last weekend off with some beautiful evening skies...

And then Flynn and I had fun taking pictures before Mass.

We are savoring our last weeks with these adorable kids before they fly across the ocean for one more semester.

Sunday's brunch was a success...

And then later, these guys left to see Ed Sheeran in concert.
They returned happy and full from an amazing concert, and a delicious meal at The Cheesecake Factory.

Meanwhile, my Flynn and I had some special time together along with our puppies. 
We played Connect Four, watched Drake and Josh, took a Jeep ride, got Subway, and did a lot of this.
It was a wonderful day.

Morning planning with some hot lemon water is the way I start my day.

And...it is official!
Peyton did not attend her cyber school graduation, and this week she received her diploma and tassel in the mail.

So proud of that girl.

Of course she celebrated by baking her amazing chocolate chip cookies...

Here's a closer look. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Thank you for visiting.
I am always glad you do!


  1. Pretty pictures of the beautiful sky. Thankful you get to spend special time with your children....covet every minute. Enjoy hearing about your week and activities. Happy, restful weekend!

  2. What a wonderful post--full of images of sky, family and I can feel the love you feel for one another here. I hope you grab and hold every moment of the weekend. Life flies by wy too fast- xo Diana

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous!!
    Also, I love Flynn's sunglasses. My girls would get a kick out of them!
    Happy Friday!! <3

  4. Congratulations to Peyton! Hope you have a fun weekend, sounds busy but good. Enjoy game night tonight!

  5. Yay Peyton! I hope game night is awesome and your surf and turf night goes splendidly. It sounds like my idea of a perfect weekend. I cannot wait until we can switch to Saturday night Mass. It's too hard for my kids in that in between nap and dinner. But soon I think. Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like some great plans to me Billie Jo! Your family is so beautiful and you are beyond adorable. I love your haircut like that! ;)
    I saw some video on insta of Ed Sheeran from Madison. I would so love to see him one day! The summer is flying far too fast already, isn't it?
    And congrats to Peyton! That girl is downright amazing!! Blessings on your weekend. xoxo

  7. Billie Jo, what beautiful skies! And desserts (bwahaha). Such sweet pictures of your family. So sad that your eldest daughter will be leaving again soon. I enjoy her blog posts and Instagram pics etc. What a wonderful opportunity to live and learn abroad (and love!). Blessings, Gina

  8. Congratulations to Peyton once again, she indeed has done really well. Sounds like you have had a busy week making some wonderful memories. Those cookies look good.

  9. Beautiful photos of the sky! Those chocolate chip cookies have me craving some right now, lol and I just love that sign so much!! My daughters really want to see Ed Shearan... I think he comes here in September. :-) Not sure we can go though. Big congratulations to Peyton!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  10. What a week! Congratulations once again to Peyton! What an awesome accomplishment! And those cookies! YUM! I love our Friday catch ups too! Have a happy weekend! It's Friday night as I type this so I'm thinking the Monopoly marathon is still going strong! How fun : ) Have a great dinner with friends on Saturday! Enjoy!!! ♥

  11. Looks so beautiful there! Congrats again to Peyton -- what a girl! Looks like a fun and busy week and weekend ahead. Your food photos make me so hungry! Wishing for cookies this morning! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  12. For some reason, the idea of you and Flynn going for a jeep ride puts a big smile on my face ;)

  13. I love Flynn's donuts sunglasses... she's so cute. I love all of this Billie Jo. Your posts always remind me of the important things in life. (like brunch)

  14. Congratulations Peyton! and those cookies!


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