May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

And just like that the first unofficial weekend of summer is upon us. How is that even possible? Through the years, I have learned that time passes quickly, and it is futile to try and stop it, or lament the fact that I can't. Now, I simply live in each moment in each day. #Mindfulness

Saturday my bestie Marian is coming to join us for the weekend. And we are happy! Saturday evening we have Mass, followed by a special 50th birthday celebration for my sweet sister Margie!! I cannot believe it. I remember as if it were yesterday playing Charlie's Angels and Fisher Price Little People with her. I can't wait to celebrate her with family and friends.

Sunday we have a few places to visit before heading home for a cookout and movie marathon. The weather looks cool and rainy, so we will most likely be inside. Good thing Marian loves movies as much as we do!

Monday we will get up early and head to our little Memorial Day Parade. We meet my mom under the same tree every single year. Then we will head home and have a traditional hotdog and hamburger picnic outdoors...hopefully...and enjoy some time together before Marian heads back to the big city.

That is how we are planning on spending our holiday weekend. But first...a quick look back on the past week here in our country home...

My world. Minus one. Who will be home soon.
We took Rhett to the movies and dinner on his birthday last weekend.
He chose Outback Steakhouse for dinner, and Baskin Robbins for dessert. : )

Did I show you this?
My Rhett is a T-shirt guy.
Every spring when we go through his drawers, we make piles of his T-shirts...
Keep, Donate, Pitch, and Save.
I have kept his favorite ones...the ones he made memories in and wore over and over again...
I kept them in a box, and when I had enough...I contacted a woman on Etsy who makes quilts out of T-shirts.
I sent them to her, she contacted me, and then she sent this beautiful quilt!
He loves it!

Still walking. And sometimes I have a partner.
She makes me enjoy it even more.
When I walk alone, I listen to my podcasts, and pretty much focus on putting one foot in front of the other.
When I walk with Flynn, I look around and see things I usually miss.
She gives me a perspective only a child has...

We stop and look and talk.
And I love it.

As much as she loves Snapchat. : )

Getting ready for my Madison to come home!
I washed my makeup brushes...
How often do you do that?
Madison's a bit of a stickler about clean brushes.
I guess that comes with being a professional. : )

And finally!!!!!

For the first time in years, my lilac bushes are blooming!!!
They ae right outside our side door, so when I open the door, I smell them immediately.
I love them.
A lot.
A few other things I love...

Afternoon coffee. : )

My girl. Outside on a sunny day.

And a puppy who likes to cuddle in bed. : )

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my friends...

And many thanks to those who make it possible. : )

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  1. What a fun post full of such sweet and happy family news! LOVE that quilt! Very cooL! You really have the sweetest family and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out! :) Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  2. You weekend sounds so amazing! You week looked full of great memories as well. Bless you! Love the quilt!

  3. What a fun week you have had. Happy Birthday to your son! I love the quilt you had made for him---so full of his favorites that make it extra special.
    I try to remember to wash my makeup brushes every week, but must admit I don't. Don't tell Madison! I know you are looking forward to her visit.
    Have a nice weekend. It sounds great. ♥

  4. Another lovely week wrap-up now on to a fantastic weekend with your mom and sister!! Happy 50th to her.
    Those t-shirt quilts are such a great memory quilt. My bestie and I would get together and sew a t-shirt quilt for which ever one of our kids was graduation from HS then give it to them as a gift as part of their graduation. Your etsy contact does a great job!!

  5. Oh my goodness....Rhett's quilt is beautiful. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift.
    I love the sound of your weekend. Have a wonderful time.

  6. Happy long weekend my friend! I love Rhett's quilt!!! What an amazing memory to curl up in! Have a great weekend, xo tara

  7. Belated Birthday wishes to your son, I loved the quilt such an amazing gift so full of wonderful memories and of course love. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the celebration for your sister.

  8. Love it all my Friend! And that quilt is amazing!! What a treasure to hold onto. Your Memorial Day weekend sounds wonderful. Those lilacs ::sigh:: Best smell in the world. ;) Hope the weather cooperates for all of your plans.
    Yay for all your walking. Go you adorable Girl you!! xoxo

  9. I enjoy visiting you here so much and seeing all about your week behind, and weekend ahead. The quilt is priceless and Rhett will have a special keepsake forever. Enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

  10. Your weekend plans sound so fun! I especially love a nice, small town Memorial Day parade. Enjoy!
    That t-shirt quilt is amazing!
    My almost six-year-old is my favorite walking companion. He has so much to say and is so knowledgeable about every plant, animal, insect, I'm always amazed by what I learn from him! :)

  11. Waving to Flynn and Peyton...and Happy Birthday to Rhett. Hurray for Madison coming home, smiles. Have a beautiful weekend, friend. smiles

  12. Sounds like a delightful weekend! Take time to just simply enjoy is a must!

    That quilt is AMAZING!!

    Walking is a good thing, but walking with a child is so much more productive and the simple keepsakes are the best!

    Camping this weekend with my fam! Loving the stillness of the mountains!

    Have a safe, fun Memorial weekend, Billie Jo!

    Hugs, Amy

  13. It sounds as if you have a very fun weekend planned! I had to smile when I read that you too played Charlies Angels and Little People. The good old days of childhood. Hugs to you friend. Juli

  14. Hi Bill Jo - I love your son's quilt. That is soooo cool! I know he will enjoy that for many years to come. So glad you and your walking partner are still going strong. I love walking. I think I am addicted to my daily walk. So great that Madison is coming home! Yea! Have a wonderful visit and a great Memorial Day weekend. God bless America!

  15. Perfect weekend! I hope it played out exactly as you planned. I saw on Instagram that Madison is home now too so you must be so happy!! I love the quilt, I have big plans to make Christopher one someday!

  16. Confession: I have kept so many special clothes of my children's to make a quilt...well I "sew" once in a blue moon and the lines of that moon are sort of crooked lol Rhett's Quilt came out awesome! Such a great gift. love all the photos.


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