April 10, 2017

Holy Week Plans 2017

Holy Week is here...
We have the week off of school and plan to spend it preparing for Easter.
Throughout the years, I have found ways to celebrate both the true meaning of Easter as well as that fun little Easter Bunny. : )

Flynn made this little poster on our last day of school before break.
It is supposed to be a little book, but I thought it more helpful if we displayed it in the kitchen.
That way, she can follow along as we go through the week.

Palm Sunday we are planning on making some homemade pretzels. We have been studying how they symbolize prayer and penance. We will pray our weekly decade of the rosary, and then celebrate with our traditional "Palm Sundaes".

We are also planning on reading one of these beautiful books each night before a little someone heads to sleep. : )

Monday we will be doing a quick cleaning to prepare our home for Easter. Flynn loves to dust...seriously...Rhett will vacuum...Peyton will be in charge of the laundry, and I am going to tackle the bathrooms. 

Tuesday we are planning on our second annual Lenten tea. The kids and I will pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, and then enjoy some treats with a nice cup of tea. And milk. And juice. Nothing fancy. Just some time together making memories.

Wednesday looks to be a nice day.
I am sure we will spend some time outside with bikes and chalk and maybe even a walk. I also plan on finishing up the Easter preparations, including ironing my Easter tablecloth. I actually enjoy ironing my holiday tablecloths. It brings memories of past holidays, as well as excitement for the upcoming ones.

Thursday we have no plans, except a visit to church for some quiet prayer. Thursday night is movie night. I am planning some fun Easter snacks and a cute Easter video before Flynn's bedtime. After, I hope to watch Risen with the older kids.

Good Friday is always a quiet day here. In addition to fasting, the kids and I will pray the Stations of the Cross. We also turn off all electronics and abstain from all social media from Noon to Three. We will have our final fish fry for dinner too.

Saturday will be our prep day. We always color eggs and make our traditional Easter Bunny Cake. We also watch our favorite movies The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town, and Here Comes Peter Cottontail. I'm not sure about dinner yet, but am thinking about having Steve do some grilling. : ) Then we will put out our baskets and wait for that sneaky bunny to visit. And wait for the holiest day of the year.

Easter Sunday will find us dressing in our finest and attending Mass. Because. First things first. Then we are planning on  going out to brunch before coming home to change and hunt for hidden baskets.

And that was more than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

Have a wonderful Holy Week, my friends.
I'd love to know about your plans. : )


  1. I loved this peek into your week. Sometimes, I think that we lose a bit by not being part of a liturgical church. Our church does a Good Friday service at noon on Friday. I plan to take the kids to that. They also have a Road to Resurrection kids' outreach on Saturday. I'm sure we'll help with that. All my kids art 15 and up. I'm thinking about either doing baskets or having an egg hunt for them this year. I haven't done anything for a few years since we've had no extra money to do it. We'll have a nice ham dinner for Easter after going to church.

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Billie Jo, I took notes on this one. Lenten rosary tea, can I do that too? Oh how I love love love that idea. And there are two (new to me) books on your sweet Lenten table I'm ordering right now on amazon. They'll be here in two days. Thanks for always inspiring and keeping things simple, doable, and reflective this week. Love, tara

  3. Sounds like the loveliest of weeks! Enjoy your time with your family!

  4. Where did you find the lamb with crown picture? I love it!

    1. Hello! I actually found it on Pinterest. I searched Holy Week images. : )

  5. I love hearing about your plans for this Holy Week, Billie Jo. It's all planned out so perfectly. Blessings to you and your family. ♥

  6. A perfect week of celebrations! I think I'll copy you and read one Easter book to my little one :)each night before bed. Enjoy your week!

  7. Always, always brings smiles, Billie Jo... have a beautiful week ahead...it was 77* here in western NY today.

  8. Your week sounds wonderful, Billie Jo. A blessed Easter to you and your family!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful week!

  10. It sounds perfect! You're doing a great job there; so many fun traditions.
    Catch a hug, my friend.

  11. NO - keep sharing!! I love following and seeing what you're up to Lady. :o) What a lovely Easter week planned. I love all of the traditions you treasure, but the special holy ones are my favorites that you do most of all.

    May you all have a wonderful and beautifully blessed holy week ahead. And a magnificent Easter celebration this Sunday!! xoxo

  12. Thank you for this, I love all your family traditions. I did not know about pretzels-I will look into it with my kiddos, so interesting. I love the little lamb at the end of your post. Happy Easter to you and your family Billie Jo.

  13. Easter is my favorite day of the year. It represents the reason we can celebrate all year long. Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend.

  14. Love your traditions - what a wonderful way to spend the holiest of weeks. Blessings to you and your family.

  15. Beautiful traditions. Our church has a week of prayer and fasting during Holy Week. We have 1 hour prayer meetings each evening and we've had a few hundred that have come out for prayer the last two nights. It will end on Friday with the Good Friday service with worship and communion, then a wonderful celebration at church on Sunday! I hope you have a very blessed week!

  16. Thank you for sharing your traditions. I love the poster made from the Holy week booklet. Could you share a link for that? My four children are all 4 and under and I love the simple pictures and explanations. I would love to do something similar for them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jackie!
      That booklet is from Teachers Pay Teachers.
      The site is teacherspayteachers.com and I found it in Miss P's PreK Pups.
      It is only $1.75.
      Just purchase, download and print it off. : )
      Happy Easter!


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