March 17, 2017

Weekend Plans

Happy Friday! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! This wintry weekend will be all about holidays here. Friday we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a fun dinner of Shepherd's Pie...our bishop allowed meat on Friday due to it being a feast day...and our traditional Lime Jello Poke Cake for dessert. We will be on the look out for those sneaky leprechauns too!

The remainder of the weekend is free with the exception of Saturday afternoon Mass. I plan on packing up the green and gold, and then bringing out the bunnies! I hope to get the house dusted and clean and then decorate for Easter. Perhaps the pastel colors will offset the snow swirling outside. : )

We will finish the weekend with our family favorite The Spring Baking Championship on Food Network. Have you watched it? If not, you only missed a couple episodes. Once our littlest goes to dreamland, we will watch our other Sunday night favorite, The Walking Dead. And that is that.

The past week  in our country home was filled with food and fun...

My own little leprechaun last weekend before Mass...
She loves holidays as much as I do.

I inherited the love of all things holiday from my dear mother.
She has her table decorated for St. Patrick's Day too!

Sunday evenings during Lent bring a small prayer and a quiet peace to our little family.

My Mocha is all decked out for the holiday too.
If I'm in the kitchen, she's in the kitchen. : )

I always enjoy my coffee and blog reading break...

While a little one plays nearby. : )

We watched this favorite move for the tenth time.
Maleficent is a beautiful story, and Angelina Jolie is amazing.

My Snapchat from Monday night...
We had a little Bachelor Finale party.
Because. Fun.

We didn't get the amount of snow that was predicted...
But it is beautiful all the same.

Did I tell you about the Valentine's gift I got for Steve?
I took the idea from my sister-in-law Beth.
I made a certificate declaring him The Most Amazing Husband and Father Ever.
His prize?
A night out with his amazing wife once a month!
We are finding that having that piece of paper hanging in the kitchen really helps us to make it happen.
Last night we tried a place we hadn't been in years...
And this peanut butter pie?

My breakfast today. ; )

Tonight, my littlest had her amazing sister Peyton help her prepare for the leprechauns...
This is why I love this little space here.
It is a place to store precious memories like this.

Have a cozy weekend, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day Billie Jo! I hope you have a lovely evening and a great weekend! Can you believe I have never seen Maleficent? How did I miss that one? Putting it on my bucket list! More snow coming on Saturday. I'm hibernating! Talk to you soon! ♥

  2. I love reading about your life. Makes me smile.

  3. Love how you celebrate every holiday -- your decorations are fabulous - as always! Have a wonderful weekend. Sending our warm temps your way soon!

  4. Have a cozy weekend! Love seeing pictures from your week!

  5. Happy St. Patty's! What a beautiful sisterly bond your girls have. You raise the sweetest souls, Billie Jo.

    It is HOT here today! It reminds me of a St. Patrick's Day about 10 years ago when we came here to CO for spring break to visit Peter's parents and ski, and people were skiing in T-shirts, then went back to PA for my mom's 50th birthday; so much snow dumped on us that we shoveled that snow on the deck into the shape of a shamrock and used it as the drink cooler! Such a fun memory. I hope you enjoy cozying up together, I've only seen Maleficent once and loved it, it was very well done. Have a beautiful weekend, friend!

  6. I love reading about the fun times in your home, Billie Jo. Your present to your husband for Valentine's is perfect. How clever you are! Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

  7. Shepherd's Pie sounds delicious, Billie Jo. We will be having corned beef. I love St Patrick's Day! Little Mocha is always adorable. Perhaps she thinks she is an Irish Setter today? Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I really love reading about your week. You have such a lovely family. Happy St.Patrick's Day to you all! Will come by for another visit again soon!

  9. It is fun to see the special touches you put into each holiday. You are make such great memories!

  10. I'm pretty sure I could use that peanut butter pie!
    And Mocha is so cute!!
    Happy Friday. :)

  11. I hope Flynn was able to catch a leprechaun or 2! ;) I love her dress - she's such a Dolly!
    Annie and I have been loving the Spring baking championship too. I think of you guys when we watch.
    Hope you get some wonderful quiet and meditation time. We do church on Saturdays here too.

    It's supposed to be in the upper 50's and sunny here tomorrow!!!! Here's hoping.
    Blessings dear Gal. xoxo

  12. The snow swirling outside the window is so pretty with the trees in the background. Mother Natures last punch of winter. On to bunnies and spring. I can't wait to see your house for the Easter season! I love the most amazing husband ever gift. Once a month is a wonderful idea! And that pie!!! Happy weekend friend.

  13. Did the Leprechaun eat the crackers? :) I hope your weekend is turning out exactly how you planned!

  14. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I love your header photo. I almost gasp every time I see it, it's so powerful!

  15. I Love your new header. Your St. Patrick's day sounds so fun. and little Mocha looks so cute!

  16. Love all the decorations and so sweet that you and your husband are making time for date nights... so important and something my husband and I need to do more often! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  17. That looks like a great week, full of coziness! I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's feast day celebration. I had something pinned on my PInterest board for years and FINALLY remembered to make it. The snow! Oh my goodness. Would you believe it if I told you the farmers were planting last week down here?? All the food looks yummy but not as sweet as Miss Flynn! She is so cute!

  18. Oh Billie Jo...I love, love, love how you celebrate! You truly have a gift for making things special and beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Hugs. Juli


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