March 10, 2017

Weekend Plans

It's the weekend again...and not just any weekend...Daylight Savings Time Weekend! In other words...we lose an hour of sleep, it's darker in the morning, but lighter longer at night and everyone wants to be outside but it is March in Pennsylvania so we have snow. : )

We have little to no plans other than to do some things around the house...exciting things like hang pictures, clean bathrooms, write out bills, eat good food, and watch good movies. We will go to Mass on Saturday with my mom, and after that, watch The Kids Choice Awards and root for Henry Danger to win! Have you ever watched that show with your kids? It is sooo funny. : )

Here is what went on this past week in our little corner of the world...

We had the cutest little passenger for the ride to church last weekend...

After Mass, the guys attended a National Wild Turkey Federation Dinner, so the girls had a night to ourselves. And where did we choose to spend it?
McDonalds, of course!
Our McDonalds was recently totally rebuilt, and we had yet to eat inside.
You know, the French fries are even more amazing when you eat them there!

After our dinner out, we returned home and played a round of this game...
Googly Eyes!
It is really fun!

Happy Mail!
Thank you to a sweet, sweet friend for making my day with a lovely card and a delicious cup of tea!

This would be me.
In my usual daily attire.
Because sweats are almost as comfortable as jammies, 
And sometimes you just have to be dressed.

(Insert random photo of precious sleeping dog here.)

And finishing up with a few pictures of March in Pennsylvania...

Although, by the time you read this...

It will all be covered in snow. : )

Happy Weekend, dear friends!!!!


  1. Happy Weekend to you too! We will be having your same weather as snow is forecast for tonight! It doesn't make me happy, but it won't last too long! Daylight savings time sure came early this year. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. I have a pair of joggers that I've been wearing to the grocery store. They feel like pjs but technically they aren't so I feel like I'm winning!

  3. Snow day here too! Love the one of the ladies out to eat at McDonalds! March is such a transition month, isn't it? Still cozy winter but promises of spring...

  4. Happy weekend to you! We are the opposite here, warm with no snow, but wishing for some as we really need the moisture. It's been a busy week here, so I'm ready for sweats and some down time.
    Have a cozy weekend, Billie Jo!

    Hugs, Amy

  5. Yes sweats...I wear them all winter long!
    Love the first picture of you and Flynn!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  6. Daylights Savings is not my favorite. I've said it before and I'll say it again, whoever runs on the platform of getting rid of the whole system has my vote! Sweats = all the yes. I like the looks of that Googly Eye game. I've never heard of it until now! Snow this weekend here too!

  7. I had forgotten about Daylight savings time, thank you for reminding me. I adore all of the photos you shared of your week. I have been craving a McDonald's cheese burger all day, but because it's lent and Friday, I will have one tomorrow. I think I druled when I saw your McDonald's picture. LOL I wanted to thank you very much for teaching me how to make the pictures in my blog larger. I didn't even know that you could do that. I'm so tech savvy. Well I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Juli

  8. I really love your new look here, Billie Jo...girl, it is -4 and snow squalls here in western NY...I am so ready for spring, end in sight. smiles

    Hope you have a beautiful day friend.

  9. Yay for cozy March weekends! It snowed yesterday and we are getting more next week. Winter is not done with us yet but that's okay. Have your tea, cozy on the couch and enjoy the kids choice awards! We have been looking forward to watching them too! Happy Saturday!! (PS you always make my day, friend! xo)

  10. Hi Billie Jo!

    Your weekend plans look wonderful! Nothing better than spending with adorable daughters and family. Your photos were just beautiful, hard to believe that snow will soon cover that pretty landscape. Stay warm, cuddle, and drink an extra cup of that yummy tea for me.


  11. We had a cozy weekend at home too. We need a long chat. Text me❤


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