February 10, 2017

Weekend Plans

I don't know about you, but I feel as if these weeks are flying faster and faster. It was Super Bowl Sunday, and then it was Wednesday. And now...Friday! I am glad I have this little space here that enables me to slow down and reflect on these fleeting days.

I wish I had some super exciting weekend plans to share with you. But. I don't. This weekend we have no plans. Which for me means a quiet, lazy relaxing, cozy weekend filled with books and coffee and naps and movies and games. And Mass followed by dinner out. : )

Before I share some photos of the past week, I want to share a favorite photo of my dear father, who left us on this day three years ago. I miss him more today than yesterday, and less than I will tomorrow, I'm sure. Death is hard. Faith makes it bearable.

Miss you, Dad.
Every single day.

Now a quick look back at the past week here in our cozy home...

I bought myself a little gift...
Life Is Good makes super cute mugs. : )

Aunt Marian came for Super Bowl!
We are all soooo happy when she comes.
Miss you, Mar!

Super Bowl was fun...

We decorated...

Made snacks...

And sweets...
Because that's what Super Bowl is all about, right?
Not pictured are the delicious Baked Party Sandwiches, 
Yummy Cheese Broccoli Soup, and amazing Ho Ho Cake.
Because I wasn't quite fast enough with the camera. : )

I did get a pic of our special Super Bowl candle though.

Monday, I ate fruit.

I absolutely love teaching my children.
I love the precious First Grade Math...

And I am actually enjoying the Freshman Algebra too!
Who knew?!

Photo Credit: Flynn. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
And don't forget!!!!

It's back!!!
And I am thrilled!

Thanks Pinterest. : )

Happy Weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! Did you say Ho Ho cake??? YUM!!!

    Thinking of you as you remember your Dad. Faith does make it easier to bear. Big hugs to you.

  2. So thankful for faith and wonderful memories on a day like today. Will be thinking of you. Sounds like you have a lovely relaxing weekend planned.

  3. The perfect weekend. And yes, faith is the only ease to the sting. Enjoy your quiet weekend!!

  4. Sounds idyllic, always good to relax with family. Take care.

  5. Sending hugs to you today as you remember your Dad. Take comfort in your faith and love from family and friends ♥♥♥ Have a cozy wonderful weekend, dear friend! I'll be doing much of the same. PS can you please come here and teach John long division? I'm having trouble myself.... : ) xoxox

  6. You literally have a candle for everything!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Love it all! Happy weekend dear Gal!! Hugs as you think on your sweet Dad...you said it perfectly - faith makes it bearable.
    Blessings. xoxo

  8. Hi Billie Jo! So nice to visit you again. I love your football party decor! And your snacks look delicious - now I'm hungry! I'm with you on counting down the hours/minutes until Walking Dead. ♥

  9. Days definitely seem to pass faster and faster! Fun times at the super bowl, and your food looked awesome! But I think the fresh fruit bowl looked the best :) Hugs to you today!

  10. You do have a cozy house, and I'm sorry about your dad. I'm not looking forward to that day. My dad is 86 and is still doing well. Crossing my fingers he continues to be healthy. Man, that Super Bowl was incredible as were your decorations and food. You really go all out girl!!

    Hope you have a restful and wonderful weekend!

  11. I am so curious to know what the football candle smells like!!

    (((hugs))) I know you miss your father...so hard.

    Now I feel happy...here is such a happy place to come to!
    Love how you make everything so special.
    You are amazing! Once they get to Algebra, it's online class!! I can't teach that! But first grade? Yes, I can do that! :)

  12. So many people watch The Walking Dead but I confess, I've never seen it.

  13. My son loves the Walking Dead....I can't believe it has been 3 yrs now since your dad passed, Billie Jo...keeping you in prayer.

  14. Oh Billie Jo...somethings never change...and your sweet blog is still a delight! I always loved your "weekend plans" posts.

    My life has dramatically changed. I won't say for the worse...I'll just say...different. And we don't know or understand why God allows us to experience the heartaches we do, but it's all in his plan. At least...that's what I keep telling myself!

    Looking forward to reconnecting.


  15. Three years? Wow! It doesn't seem like it. I know you miss your dad every day. That part never really gets any easier, does it. Hugs to you across the miles!

  16. death is hard, faith makes it bearable. Oh Billie Jo... my heart aches for you tonight. I'm with you friend. And I adore that VERY happy picture of your Daddy.


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