January 20, 2017

Weekend Plans

I love January weekends. They tend to be quiet, laid back, and cozy. This weekend will be that and a little more for us. Friday night we are planning a cozy night in with some homemade pizza and a family movie night. My fave. : )

Saturday I have a few things to do around the house before Mass in the late afternoon. After Mass, Steve and I are going to his brother's house for a fun Sibling Night! Steve's brother's wife arranged a fun night of snacks and games with all of the siblings in their family. There will be fourteen of us in all. And I have to tell you, Steve's family gets along better than any family I have ever known. Not only do many of them work together, they socialize and are very close friends with each other. Should be a fun night. : )

Sunday is all about football in this house! Our Steelers are still playing and we will be cheering! And eating all kinds of yummy football food. I am wondering if my friend Beth and I should have a friendly bet, since her family is all about the Patriots! What do you say, Beth?!

So that is what is happening in our part of the world. And this is what happened this past week in our country home...

Saturday night we went out dinner at a favorite place...Yep...Pizza Hut...to celebrate one more meal with Madison and Nicolas while they were still on this side of the ocean...

Margie and Chris and my mom joined us.
And on another note...their Taco Pizza is AMAZING.

Sunday night, Peyton made a delicious apple pie for dessert.
And it was good.

Monday came quickly.
Flynn was so happy to ride with Steve and I while we drove Madison and Nicolas to the train station.
And I was happy to watch as my firstborn helped my baby tie her shoes.
Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Early mornings.
Road trips.

Madison and I passing the time as we awaited for the train.
She needed brown Uggs and I like her grey ones.
So. We switched. : )

Soon it was time for goodbyes...

And that was rough.
But we were brave.
And then...they were gone.
For now.
Thank you all so much for the prayers.
We felt them.
We did.

And then it was back to our cozy little classroom...

Where we have a new friend who helps us read fun little stories..

And where we learn and laugh and talk to Madison on the phone several times a day together. 
And it is good.

Have a cozy weekend, my friends!
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  1. Sisters such a precious relationship, it was lovely to see Maddison helping with shoes what a joy. Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love a friendly wager! What did you have in mind??!!

    Also, we are going to have to record them game and watch it after it starts because Peter has Confirmation class until 7:30. I will be avoiding all social media on Sunday afternoon/evening!

    GO PATS!!!

    1. Well...You know me! I'm all about the food! Cookies?!

  3. I love hearing about your weekends. My main reason is that it encourages me to be more intentional about mine. I always smile when I see your post on your weekends. I know you miss you girlie. It is harder they older they get. I am starting to prepare myself as my oldest graduates next year and he already is spreading his wings.

    Love you friend!

  4. That photo of Flynn and Nicolas is so sweet!!!

  5. Goodbyes are always hard. Glad things are getting "back to normal" at your home. So nice that you live close enough to spend time with your siblings. Have a great weekend. Hope your team wins!!

  6. What a fun wager between two of my favorite bloggers! I am good either way with the AFC so... GO FALCONS! :) Glad Nicolas and Madison had safe travels. Happy weekend!

  7. Dear Billie Jo,
    I could just go on and on about how much I loved reading your blog today. I love how you capture your beautiful family moments in your photos and writings. Thank you for all that you share with us. Hugs. Juli

  8. Sibling night sounds so fun and Friday nights are always my favorite night of the week because we do the exact same thing!! :)

  9. Peyton, your pie is so pretty!

  10. That pie looks delicious! Goodbyes are hard but I'm glad the kids made it safe and sound.

  11. Sweet pictures :) Enjoy the game night with family. Sounds like a blast! I'm so excited to be going on a date with my guy to a very special event. Tomorrow, I put together a self-defense class for the moms in our homeschool group. Fun times! ;)

  12. Tears just reading the good-bye's....My heart hurts for you my friend.

  13. Looks like Flynn loves Nicolas! So sweet!

  14. Hi Billie Jo!

    As always, loved your post! It is fun to just be cozy, especially during the cold winter months. You are lucky to have family get together's where everyone gets along. I only have one sister who is my best friend. Two other siblings who I love, but never see...their choice. You are very blessed to have that kind of love in your family.

    I'm so glad that everyone is safe and sound, and the pie looked amazing!

    Prayers go up, blessings come down. Anytime for you sweet friend.


  15. What a lovely weekend that was! I hope that this one is wonderful and that you are having great family times together!

  16. Sounds great! You all must had a good time together with games and food:)

  17. What a lovely week - despite having to say "so long for now" to your oldest. Hope your weekend was just as wonderful.

  18. I love this post sooo much <3 miss you

  19. No I'm not crying! this post was so sweet and I miss my sister whaaaaa


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