January 30, 2017

A Peek Inside...Or At...The Top Of My Dresser

Because I just cleaned it really well. This is my special spot...the place I keep my special things. Not at all like my bedside table...that's a hot mess most of the time...cellphone and charger, tissues, books, etc. But my dresser. And it makes me happy.

My dresser. All clean and tidy.
Now the inside?
That's another story.

Here is the top...And some of my very favorite photos hung behind.
( I really should have taken a "Before" photo.
But who wants to see mounds of dust, right? )

A card a very special friend sent me when my dad passed.
It was much too pretty to store away, so I framed it...

My Madison got me this beautiful tray to keep my rings and earrings on, and I use it every single day...

I don't wear any other perfume. Ever.
It smells...good. Just good.
Not floral, or musky, or fruity...just good.
And another reason I love it?
My kids say it smells like "Mom".
When Madison returned home from Denmark at Christmas, she hugged me and said that I smelled so good. I smelled like Mom...

I bought myself this little bracelet tree on Etsy.
Because I had all those bracelets in a pile.
Which meant I never wore them.
Also...the pile of books waiting their turn...
And a sweet little sign sent from a very dear friend...

The dried roses I saved from my father's funeral sit beneath the photo I took of the last time I held his hand.
I am so thankful I thought to snap that photo that day.

And there you are.
Because I know you always wondered what was on the top of my dresser.
Ok. Maybe not. : )

Feel free to share your's sometime, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. You don't want to see the top of my dresser, I clean and straighten it and in no time it's right back 'cluttered". Your look good.
    Have a good day!

  2. Mine is not worth looking at right now due to our imminent move but maybe in the future I will share some of my special things. What a comfort to know that you smell like Mom...

  3. Hello friend.
    I love your dresser. It is so nice. My dresser top is clean but kind of bare. I have had a hard time choosing décor or stuff to put on it since I moved in this home. It does have a some simple décor. For a while I had special things on it but it looked crowded and so I took it all off and dusted it all and simplified it. You have my wheels turning to think of what I can do here.

    Hope you have a good week. Hugs.

  4. I don't have a special spot like this. Maybe someday. Our little house is so small that the dresser was eating up too much room so we got rid of it. But I love your ring dish and your bracelet tree. Are those Alex and Ani bracelets? That was such a sweet idea to take a picture of holding your dad's hand, such a memory to hold with you daily.

  5. Yes that indeed is a special spot...filled with ,over and memories. I don't wear perfume either but when I do it's the same one as you. I have exact bottle in my bathroom. Now I will think of you when I wear it...:)

  6. I love it. Filled with so many special mementos. I love Amazing Grace too. What a sweet picture of you and your dad holding hands. I need to remember that. Such a special gift to have during such a hard time.

  7. Oh my -- your dresser top looks so good! I'm so embarrassed of the mess my dresser is just like the rest of the house. Oy -- decluttering needs to happen soon!! Have a great week sweetie!

  8. Billie Jo your dresser is full of memories. I enjoyed seeing all the special pieces and the photos. How lovely to have a photo of you and your Dad's hands! I too wear Amazing Grace. My grandson said when he was two that I smell like Boo. That's my grandmother name. It's always on my vanity waiting to be used. Lovely post today. Enjoy your week. ♥

  9. Well...I think your dresser or special spot looks nice. And all the special photos make it that much better.
    Amazing Grace is my all time favorite perfume and you're right it does smell like mom, because my kids say the same. Love it!
    My mom got me a huge jewelry armoire, so I keep all my special necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in there. And in the very bottom drawer, I keep my most used essential Oils. It's nice that everything has a place and they aren't scattered...

    Have a delightful day!
    Hugs & Blessings,

  10. Hi Friend, love seeing your wonderful space. I am the opposite my end table is usually clean but our dresser although clean FULL of photos and trinkets given to me by my children and family members, makes it a chore to dust but I cant bear tucking them away. The Roses and what you shared about holding your daddy's hand got to me, long story but there is a way my daddy holds my hand ONLY mine, lets just say he doesn't show affection to all. <3 Thanks for sharing

  11. Oh my goodness! No wonderful you like this spot! It's full of sweet memories and it's so pretty to look at!

  12. Yay!!! Yes, that perfume is the best scent ever <3 And I am so happy you finally got the bracelet hanger! It looks great.

  13. The roses. I saved some from my dad's funeral. I put them in a jar and then filled them with baby oil. It preserves them. I closed the lid tight and I've had them for over 10 years now. Just a thought...

    Amazing Grace. My mom loves that and it does smell so wonderful (and clean)! She sent me home with some lotion the last time I was up there. I love it, too.

  14. I love this post. I love your dresser first of all... love. Something tells me there a few Life Is Good tees in there... ;) And I love alllll of your special things. The photo of your Dad's hands. There is nothing sweeter. And that plate that Madison gave you? Oh that quote. So not I must go and clean off the dust on mine... and maybe redo my jewlery box and some other things on top. I love your peek inside! xo

  15. What a lovely group of special treasures and memories. It is good to be able to gather these things together and enjoy them.

  16. What a fun peek! It's amazing how just a simple sign or photo can mean so much and be so special, huh? Thanks for sharing Billie Jo! xoxo

  17. I love this!!! I love all your photos and sweet mementos!! How nice to be able to see this everyday. Thank you for sharing!!! And that sign certainly rings true for me too! ♥ Happy Days, sweet friend! xo

  18. So fun to see your nice neat dresser and all the books on your "to read" stack. You inspire me to keep tiding up! Thanks and have a great weekend!


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