December 9, 2016

Weekend Plans

These weeks keep flying by, don't they? Here we are at the beginning of another cozy, December weekend. We have a few small plans, but other than that, we plan on savoring every single moment of this wonderful season. Friday night is another movie night. I am thinking Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. That is a sentimental favorite here. I am thinking some popcorn with it as well.

Saturday we are supposed to see some much anticipated snow. And that is fine with me! We have Mass to attend and then we will pick up some takeout and head home for a cozy Christmassy night by the tree. Before I get cozy, though, I will tackle the pile of ironing I have been avoiding for awhile. I actually don't mind ironing. Once I get started!

Sunday I plan on doing one of my favorite things...writing out our Christmas Cards. It is something I really enjoy, as I find it cozy and comforting to sit at the table with a cup of tea and a pile of cards, slowly thinking of and praying for each recipient. I usually have some Christmas music on, and always have a few helpers too. : )

 I am also planning on putting some beef tips in the Crock Pot for dinner. Beef Tips over egg noodles is one of our favorite comfort foods ever. We will end our weekend with the Holiday Baking Championship then...The Mid Season Finale of The Walking Dead! Which, by the way, is muuuch better this year than last!

Here is a look at the past week here in our country Christmas home...

Last week was the first weekend of December...translation: Time to pull out the Christmas clothes!

We enjoyed some comfort food...

As well as some yummy Christmas cake. : )

We had one of the most wonderful moments in our little homeschool this past week!
You know that moment when your child suddenly "gets it"??
That happened!
Flynn and I were studying Place Value with Base Ten in Math Class...
Suddenly...she looked up at me and said, "I never knew it could be like this! I always thought they were just numbers!"

I was so happy.
And my girl was so proud. : )

Science was all about winter birds here in Pennsylvania.
So we made some festive birdseed decorations...

And hung them outside before the snowflakes flew!

Our Daily Practice this past week was all about Santa's little helpers...the elves.
We read some fun facts about them, and did some arts and crafts too.
Flynn even filled out an application to become an elf!

Flynn has enjoyed our Advent thus far,
Especially celebrating the feast days of the saints. : )

We enjoyed a movie night...
Frosty's Winter Wonderland.

We also resumed our afternoon tea.
I suppose it should be afternoon tea and cocoa though!

Lastly... so proud of my firstborn!
Madison completed her amazing experience at The Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy this past week!
She is now a licensed professional makeup artist!
So excited for her to begin to do the things she loves.
And...she and Nicolas will be home next week!
Could I bother you for a few prayers for their safe travel?

That's all for now.
Have a wonderful, cozy weekend, my friends.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy Friday Billie Jo! Your weekend sounds perfect - cozy comfort food, snow, Christmas card writing, and movies! I love it all! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! I think of you often and wish I could join you for that afternoon tea time! ♥ Also sending prayers for Madison and Nicolas that their travels will be safe. It will be wonderful to have them home for Christmas! Lot's of love! xo

  2. Prayers will certainly be said for Madison and Nicolas on their travels, how exciting to have them back with you at such a wonderful time of year. I love Flynn's seasonal clothes, do you make them or just embellish? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am a little excited as all my girls are coming for the day Sunday. Take care.

  3. Congratulations to Madison!! I love makeup as well and have started running my own business selling Younique cosmetics. I wish her all the best! Will certainly pray for safe travels! Love all the decorations and the goodies. Oh how I miss the school room with my girl.... many emotions there. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


  4. Congratulations to your daughter! I will keep her and her friend in my prayers for safe travels home. Your home school is wonderful, Billie Jo! I love to see a child have a light bulb moment. Flynn is adorable in her sweet Christmas dress. Your weekend sounds perfect. Enjoy every moment! ♥

  5. It's always so cozy when I visit your blog! Friday night movie night over here tonight too, we have to fit in as many Christmas movies as we can, right?! Two weeks to go :( Enjoy the weekend, hoping it goes by very slowly!

  6. Hi Billie Jo~

    What a fun post, I love seeing all the fun things you and your sweet Flynn are up to! I also love those, ah ha, moments, too cute!

    Beef tips and noodles, yum! And the recipe for Christmas cake sounds delightful, can't wait to try it!

    prayers for your sweet girl are already sent

    Have a fun weekend!


  7. I am so excited for Madison!! and I know how excited you are to have her home soon!! I will be praying for safe travels for her and Nicolas.
    Have a happy weekend my friend!

  8. Congrats to Madison! Prayers for their safe travels. How exciting for you to have them home!!!

  9. We had our first snow of the season last night! I was up until 3am watching it fall. I love the snow! Yay for Flynn for 'getting it' when it comes to math. Those moments are priceless!

  10. Yay for Madison! (And yay for you to have all your people in one house!) Hooray for the math break through.

  11. Good morning Friend, Such a fun week. those bird seed ornaments are so cute. Congrats to your Madison, Prayers sent for safe travel.

  12. I am so happy for Madison and keeping her and Nicolas in for snow, Billie Jo, it has been snowing here in western NY for 2 days now...its heavy snow now, plus the polar express has hit.

    Have a beautiful day friend.

  13. Every single time I read your posts I want to come and visit. Seriously. I'm so proud of Madison. She looks so happy, too. I'm glad you'll get to see her soon.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

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  15. Flynn is gonna have to explain math to me, so they're really not just numbers? haha I've never been good at math. Congratulations to your Madison, what an accomplishment and truly she looks so happy!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Happy weekend my dear Friend!! Sounds like you've been getting wonderful time to enjoy the season. Cozying in is just the best, isn't it?

    Yay for Flynn!! She is getting so big already. And your first born making you so proud too. Sounds like an overflowing Mom heart these days. :) Prayers sent for Madison's safe travel home!!

    I loved your home tour and you inspired me to do one over here so I'll be sharing that tomorrow (now that I have a server again and can be online!). Just FYI.

    Blessings Billie Jo! xoxo

  17. I love catching up with you and yours, Billie Jo. That little girl is getting so big before our very eyes. Love how she is learning at home. I think that's the most wonderful place and way for children to be educated. I never had the patience for it, but I admire those who do.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  18. Hi Billie Jo, Everything looks just lovely in your place! You are so organised!
    I often stop by here but I'm not writing my blog at the moment ..I have been busy and we moved!
    Well done to Flynn for getting place value sorted, I still have trouble with it (lol)
    I will pray for the young couple's safe return, although not sure when that will be. Blessings!

  19. Hello there. I have spent the last 30 minutes catching up or trying to on your blog. Looks like lots of love, fun, and blessings are showering your way. Awesome. Have a super week ahead.

  20. Yay for Flynn and the ah-ha moment (and teacher, too)! Couldn't you just do a happy dance?!

    And how about Madison's accomplishment?! Way to go! I'm glad that they are heading back to the states next week. So excited for you :)

    And isn't faith formation awesome (for the teacher??) as you teach your little ones?! I had 16 years of Catholic education and learned THE MOST when I taught my kids their religious ed using Baltimore Catechism and Seton's religion program. Seriously. It was an unexpected and very pleasant blessing for myself and David.

    And don't you love the saint peg dolls?? Miss C takes a bagful to Mass each weekend. This month is filled with fun feast days!
    Hope your weekend went well!

  21. Will definitely say a prayer for the travelers of your family. As I mentioned before when my son and family lived in Denmark they would travel home every 6 months. I could never get used to it and was always in prayer for God to keep watch over them. It is less than a year that they have been home to stay. Your daughter is getting an experience of a lifetime. Love seeing all the fun things Flynn does in school.


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