December 16, 2016

Weekend Plans

These weeks are passing quickly, don't you think?! We are trying to enjoy each and every moment of this magical time of year. This weekend will be filled with all kinds of Christmas fun... Friday night we are having our sweet friend Blueberry Mary and my mother in for dinner. They enjoy each other's company and we always have fun playing all sorts of games. Dinner will be a big pan of comfort food...macaroni and cheese...and Peyton is making a cake for dessert in my mom's Christmas tree cake pans. : )

Saturday we are free until late afternoon Mass. After Mass we are attending an Italian Dinner at our church. My kind of night! After that, it will be home and jammies for this old gal! I am hoping for a cozy night by the tree with a good Lifetime movie and a cup of hot tea. So exciting, right?

Sunday is our annual Cookie Baking Day! We will put on our aprons and bake all day...We are still determining which types of cookies will make the cut, and I am hoping my favorite Chocolate Crinkles will be in the running! We usually order pizza for dinner that day. And we will finish the weekend with The Holiday Baking Championship. No more Walking Dead until February. Sigh...

So that's what is happening around here this weekend. And here is a bit of what happened this past week in our Christmas home...

My little Flynn wore pink for the third Sunday of Advent...

And then we baked doughnuts.
Because. Christmas.

My Flynn and her baby.
In matching jammies.

Christmas cards were written...

While snow fell outside...

Making it look...and Christmas. : )

Our little elf brought Flynn a new cookbook.
Peyton helped her that very morning...

And she made the best pancakes ever.
And...yes. I do like a bit of butter on mine. : )

She and Peyton also planned and prepared a beautiful and delicious Christmas tea...


My Madison is home!!!!!

And we are happy!!!!!!

Have a blessed, cozy, Christmas filled weekend with the ones you love, my friends.
It is the most wonderful time of the year! 


  1. Yay for Madison and Nicolas being there! Who is more excited you or Flynn? We are baking this weekend too! Have a wonderful weekend your plans definitely sound like it will be a good one. :)

  2. Woo-Hoo! Welcome home to Madison. What a joy. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love your blog and I got teary eyed when I read your Madison is children are all at their other families Christmas this year and I thought I was okay with that until I read that!!! Jill

  4. I know you are thrilled to have everyone home. Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead.

  5. Yay for having Madison and her boyfriend home! I'm sure your heart is overflowing! Oh those pancakes -- I like just a little butter too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I am thrilled for you, having your family around you is the one of the best Christmas gifts ever. I am sure you will have a wonderful weekend making more memories to treasure.

  7. I'm so glad that Madison is home!! Enjoy every moment. The baking all looks delicious and the snow scenery... gorgeous! Christmas cards. I need to write mine. They are sitting there waiting for someone to fill them out. Today was the kids' last day of school so hopefully, I can get to them. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Home HOME you girl is home!!! Christmas happiness at its best!!!

  9. I can see pure joy on your face with your daughters and friend all together for Christmas! How wonderful! I love the photo of Flynn and her dolly all dressed in matching pajamas. We will be baking some sugar cookies, peanut butter balls and cranberry bread this weekend. Your beautiful snow adds another wonderful element to the joy of Christmas. Enjoy all of your family time, dear one. ♥

  10. oh, and Flynn, those pancakes??? They look amazing!!!

  11. The time does feel like it's flying by so fast! Trying to hold onto the magic around here too. ;)

    So happy Madison made it ome safe! Sounds like one of those perfect holiday weekends. Enjoy every minute my Friend. xoxo

  12. Awesome!!!! I a so happy to see Madison home...we got about a foot of snowfall over night, Billie Jo...and calling for freezing rain today/tonight.

    Thank you for the many smiles, friend.

  13. I'm so happy for you that Madison is home! Although, I'm not going to lie - I've really been enjoying her Instagram posts. Her life there looks absolutely lovely! And the pillows you have on your porch swing are the cutest things ever. How is that you can even make a snowy porch look cozy???? You've got skills, my friend! Enjoy your weekend of baking and family!

  14. Those donuts look delicious. Sounds like a lovely, Christmassy weekend! Enjoy the week ahead!

  15. Happiness is indeed Homemade! Sounds like you are enjoying every moment of this season! And yay for your daughter coming home! Cherish the moment!

    Hugs to you,

  16. So happy you have everyone home for Christmas! It all looks and sounds so lovely! How did the cookie baking go? Can't wait to see photos of all the delicious treats! Have a happy Monday, my friend! One week to go...♥ xx


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