November 30, 2016

Welcome Back Zip!

I just love Christmas. And I just love childhood. I love the magic, innocence, wonder and pure joy that childhood lends to this time of year. Childhood passes so very quickly. Steve and I try to capture as much magic as we can during this fleeting stage of our children's lives. Zip is our Elf on the Shelf. He has visited our house during December for many years. Zip is a sweet little guy. He arrives the day after Thanksgiving, and stays until Christmas Eve.

Zip watches over the kids and then flies back to the North Pole and reports to Santa each night before returning to our house and hiding in a different spot. Zip is my kind of elf. He isn't really into all the Pinterest inspired activities like making snow angels in powdered sugar or painting with shaving cream. He prefers to sit on a shelf and observe. Like I kind of elf. I mean really. Isn't he supposed to encourage good behavior? Dumping powdered sugar all over isn't exactly conducive to that. Anyway, Flynn absolutely adores Zip. She waits all year for him, and is thrilled when he returns. So far this season, her favorite spot he has hidden was in a new roll of paper towels! She carried him around all day! Here are a few pictures of Zip...our sweet little Elf on the Shelf...who has added so much to the magic of Christmas for our children for so many years. : )

Flynn, last Christmas Eve, saying goodbye to her friend Zip for another year...

And this year...the night before he returned...

She left a note, a chocolate chip for a snack, and a fresh pair of jammies for him...

And here he is!
Getting trickier every year. : )

Enjoy making your own magic this season, my friends.
It is the most magical time of year.


  1. Oh my gosh. This is so darn cute! Zip must love to visit your family.
    That picture of Steve and Flynn is so beautiful, with the pretty lights on the tree. Talk about magical.
    Even though we don't have an elf, I totally agree with you about the behavior of the elf--no naughtiness allowed.

  2. What sweet memories you are making! I love the little elf pjs!

  3. Okay, this is just the absolute CUTEST!!!!! The memories we're making this year are of kitties. See blog for pics. They've been so entertaining! :-) Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hope you have a fun time with Zip counting down to Christmas!

  5. A fresh pair of jammies... oh Flynn, you steal my Christmas heart! And Billie Jo... I love your approach, the fact that you're not up all hours of the night helping him get into crazy trouble from suggestions from Pinterest!

  6. Hi Zip! The girls love our Elfie who visits each year and I'm right there with you with keeping the Elf low key. They are happy just trying to find him each morning, there is no need to put more pressure on ourselves to come up with 30 different creative activities for the elf to be doing every day ;)

  7. We've never done Elf on the shelf - but I think your Zip and our Elf would have been the same kind of Dude if we had. ;) I love the magic too and miss it now that things have changed with my kiddos getting older. Now I just look for magic in different ways. Annie and I are planning to put together a fun Christmas tea at some point - with my Mom and my Aunt. Kind of like we did for our back to school one. And our "advent cabin" starts tomorrow and she can't wait for that (either a candy or a little prize behind the door each day).

    Love your new background! Blessings Hon. xoxo

  8. So fun! I didn't even know they made outfits for the Elf! I love that your Zip isn't a troublemaker. That just seems to take way more effort for no good outcome!

  9. Hi Billie Jo!

    I loved your blog!! I always feel inspired when I read it, look at the photos and I smile a lot!

    It's so awesome that you are already all decked out for Christmas! I will make an attempt to put my trees up tomorrow, and hopefully, joint in the Christmas Spirit.


  10. Can you tell I was tired . . . sorry about all the errors . . . ;0)

  11. I agree that the elf should encourage good behavior! Welcome back Zip!

  12. Such a lovely post that made me smile. I am with you an elf should encourage good behaviour.

  13. Have I ever told you we have two elves in our is Zip and the other is Zoom! I'm sure they are all related! Silly little things, aren't they? I hope they never go away ♥


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