November 4, 2016

Weekend Plans

Well, we made it to the first weekend in November. November. I just have to say that again. Wasn't it August like...yesterday? I continue my practice of being in the present moment...and it does seem to help with the speed at which time seems to be flying.

This weekend appears to be a quiet one. Steve and Rhett are planning on some archery hunting, so the girls and I plan on movies and games at home. : ) Saturday will be another quiet day until Mass in the late afternoon followed by dinner out. My mother is home from visiting my sister and her family, so we are looking forward to spending time with her. Sunday looks to be chilly but sunny, so we plan on putting summer away outside. This entails putting the porch furniture away, storing all the fun toys and sprinklers away, disconnecting and wrapping hoses, sweeping out the garages, and putting away mowers and such. Then we will watch our Steelers and have an easy dinner of Sloppy Joes and French Fries for dinner. Peyton is planning on making a special Blondie recipe with chopped extra Halloween candy inside. : )

But before we hop into all of that, we take a look back at the past week here in our autumn home...

Precious pictures before Mass...

Because. This.

And this.
My best friend forever Marian spent Halloween weekend with us.
And we were soooo glad she did!

Because Aunt Marian can do anything.

We carved our pumpkins after Mass...

And they turned out super spooky!

Cerdit for carving Flynn's goes to Steve.
Scooping? That would be Marian.
Me? Organization and clean up.
Perfect. : )

This little lady wasn't impressed.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some delicious pudding desserts Peyton whipped up earlier in the day.
They were amazing!

Soon enough, Halloween was but a memory, and we began November with early Mass on All Saint's Day.
Flynn took some of her favorite saints with her to Mass : )

We learned about some very special saints in the schoolroom too.

And worked on some subtraction problems as well. : )

And that's a wrap on last week.
Have a wonderful, cozy, November weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting!

Oh. A couple reminders for you...

Don't forget to set your clocks back before bed Saturday night!
And those of you with little ones...
I feel your pain.
I remember worrying how that would affect the nap and bedtime schedule!
I would always ask Steve what time it "really" was!!!

And this!
The Holiday Baking Championship begins this Sunday!
It is always so fun and festive!
Don't forget...Sunday night at 9:00 on Food Network.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love seeing your photos and hearing about your family! I must admit I need Marian -- i Hate pumpkin carving!!

    Have a wonderful cozy weekend!!

  2. Such a fun week, those deserts looked amazing. We already turned our clocks back here in the UK last weekend, I am still on the 'old' time. Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy weekend friend! Abigail says "I love your pumpkins. I hope we get to see you again soon"

  4. Looks like you all had a very nice week! Happy weekend to you as well! Juli

  5. What a lovely week you have enjoyed, Billie Jo. I just wrote a post about how fast the time seems to be passing. Your family times are just terrific. Every photo shows joy. Have a great weekend. ♥

  6. Fun week! And to answer your question - Yes! I believe it was August just about a week ago!

  7. It looks like a super fun week at your house. I'm glad you spent time with your friend. Love the pumpkins. Was the Trump one Peyton's? That's my girl. And those desserts look SO good.
    I love how you plan things out. I really need to organize my time better. You are an inspiration, my dear.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Those desserts look delicious! As always. Also, I'm loving the Trump pumpkin. Hee hee. ;)

    Please e-mail me, as you were the winner of my last giveaway! mrsheatherpedersen(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Good morning, all your pumpkins turned out great, I know from experience it it harder than it looks.
    I don't remember seeing your wall of photos but i ❤️ it!
    Yes, October did go by so fast!

  10. Oh my word! Isn't time passing like crazy fast??!! Would you believe I already have commitments on my January calendar??!! Ack.

    It all looks fun. I like Flynn's pumpkin...that eye. LOL

    My boys are camping this weekend and the girls slept in today. We have no where to be today. I already love this Saturday!!

  11. What a fun project. Carving cute pumpkins and awesome pudding desserts. Where has the year gone? I shall be watching the Holiday Baking Championship. Happy Saturday.

  12. Aw your decorations are so festive - I love Halloween with the whole carving pumpkins and making a spooky dinner and passing out candy but wow, you're right, I can't believe it's November already. Looks like your ready to roll!

    Have a great weekend!!

  13. How wonderful! You are living life fully. Good for you! Loved your pumpkins... especially the one on the LEFT which seems odd 'cause I would expect it to be on the RIGHT! Tee hee!
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanksliving season!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  14. I'm with you, I still can't believe it's November. Where did summer go? I am beyond excited for the extra hour of sleep tonight! Oh, and thank you for reminding me to unhook the garden hoses from the faucets! :)

  15. You always do the holidays well! I love seeing how you have activities, decor, clothing and food for the seasons!

  16. Ok, girlfriend, you and your bunch win the official Best Pumpkin Carving Award. Those are fabulous and especially loving the Trump pumpkin! Trump Train! YAY!

  17. LOVE that Trump pumpkin Billie Jo. Let's keep our fingers crossed for tonight.......:-)

  18. How fun! I was cracking up at Mochas "not impressed" photo, too cute. Love Flynns Munster tee. and I was so happy to see St. Therese!

  19. Finally catching up a bit! I love all of the magical fun at your house - always! ;) And your jack-o-lanterns turned out fabulously!!

    That Mocha is such a cutie! Weather has been mild here - but I'm still feeling the need to snuggle in. WE need to get the rest of our deck furniture and still haven't done it due to the mild temps!

    I love the fun baking shows on the Food Network lately. Like a little obsessed. Lol
    Blessings Friend! xo


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