October 21, 2016

Weekend Plans

Well, it seems our glorious autumn days are coming to an end. But I cannot complain....we were blessed with many bright, sunny days with crisp, cool temperatures and vibrant colorful leaves. Today the rains arrive, and with them...the winds that will grab those beautiful leaves and send them off, swirling through the air, before they settle on the ground to begin the process anew. 

As much as I love those beautiful days, I enjoy the dark, rainy ones too. Friday night we are planning a quiet night with grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and some classic Halloween favorites. First...Elmo Says Boo! Then later, after a little one's bedtime...my annual Halloween viewing! I love that film...the original John Carpenter version from 1978. It isn't October without it. : )

Saturday looks to be cold and rainy. I need to do some lesson planning for school, which thankfully I totally enjoy, and then we have afternoon Mass. Plans are to go out for pizza after Mass and then head home for a cozy autumn evening.  I am envisioning a cup of decaf and my book. : )

Sunday is THE day! The Walking Dead returns!!!!! We are soooo excited! And nervous. And scared. And excited. Before the big event, we are planning on making some Halloween iced cookies to enjoy and share with friends. Peyton found some cute cookie cutters and can't wait to give them a try. We will also watch our Steelers...but unfortunately Big Ben will be out for several games. I feel badly for him. And for us. But really for him. And I am praying for a quick recovery for him.

That is what is happening with us. Here is a look back at the past week here in our country home.

Last Saturday was beautiful...

Grandma came to Mass with us, and stayed the weekend!

The days continued to be beautiful, and we took advantage of every single moment.
Homeschool lunch outside! : )

Sunday morning, I enjoyed a special treat...

As well as a sweet scented candle that burned all day and made our autumn home extra cozy.

Flynn's science unit was all about leaves.

Which was perfect, don't you think?

We read about leaves and why they change, took leaf walks, went on rides enjoying the colors, did leaf crafts and investigations, and finished it all off with a yummy chocolate leaf. : )

Speaking of leaves...

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
-Elizabeth Lawrence

And that we did.

(Pinterest for this one.)

Have a wonderful, cozy weekend, my friends.
Enjoy your leaves!


  1. Wow -- your leaves and trees are so very pretty!! Ours are getting started turning, but I haven't seen any as beautiful as yours! Hope you have a wonderful weekend -- it sounds a little scary! ;)

  2. Autumn is perfect isn't it??? Down here we're getting no rain and just really glad thatvtemps will be falling below 90° next week. It hit 95° yesterday and gets entirely too much when trying to be happy for fall. We went to our pumpkin patch and it was almost debilitating from the heat and super dry air. We haven't had rain in about 6 weeks so you are blessed in many ways! We are also going to be doing our seasonal cookies! Decor is out, candles are out, books and movies are organized and I'm SO ready! Thanks for posting!

  3. I love your pictures. So beautiful. Flynn's Pumpkin dress is adorable!! Happy Weekend! <3

  4. Billie Jo the photos of the changing leaves on the trees are a delight, stunning.

  5. Oooooh girl... you are singing my song! I also love rainy days, autumn leaves, scary movies and I am excited (but scared) for the return of TWD.

  6. Love those glorious autumn pictures, wow! Sounds like you have a cozy weekend ahead, the best kind! Hugs to you today :)

  7. I know EXACTLY how you feel about the rains and the wind coming. Ours will be here during the night and all day tomorrow. And yes, for us too that means the same, leaves falling. And the temps too. Anna asked me "are you okay mama? Ya know, that it's over" (meaning the leaves) Not really. But you reminded me (you're so good at that) Ya know what's comes next? Flannel sheets, and longer nights, cozy food and scarves and jackets. Thanksgiving and first snow... okay, I'm getting ahead of myself! This weekend (after a short hour at dance for Abigail and viola for Anna) we are home on Saturday. Scott promised Anna a trip to Barnes and Noble. I'm staying put. I've got a new book and a couch to sit on. Sunday is Mass and a quick marriage prep. team meeting after Mass and then HOME! Pumpkin Patch was supposed to be this weekend but we'll have to fit it in another day. Enjoy your first weekend of super cozy. Your plans sound great. Thanks for bringing these posts back, love em! xo

  8. Gorgeous foliage!
    Sounds like you're living life to the fullest!

  9. Grandma looks so good!!! As does everyone else :) Love Flynn's leaves <3

  10. It finally got cooler here yesterday and felt like fall. Enjoy your cozy weekend!

  11. I so enjoy your beautiful, loved filled posts, Billie Jo...hope your Saturday is a lovely one. Dark, cold and rainy here in western NY.

  12. I can tell what a wonderful teacher you are! I love the chocolate leaf. Hope you have a cozy weekend as well! Hugs. Juli

  13. We cannot wait for "The Walking Dead" either....tonight's the night......yay! I must admit I do cheer for the Steelers even though I am a Cowboys fan. I know, I know, but see my son Joey is a Steelers fan and we also live in Ohio on the PA border. We also have a cabin near Cook Forest so if that's not good enough reason I don't know what is........:)

  14. Oh Jodi!
    Only an hour until it starts!!!

  15. What joy filled post. I loved hearing about your days. Cookie treat looks awesome.

  16. I love that Grandma spent the weekend, those are the little things I miss out on with all my family being in CA. I am in LOVE with little Miss Flynn's science projects. So Stinking Cute!

  17. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! Love posts like this of course. ;)
    Blessings Hon! xoxo


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