October 3, 2016

Beach 2016

Last week we packed our bags and headed south to spend a week together at the beach. My mom and my bestie Marian joined us as well. And perhaps the best thing about the beach this year was...

Yep! My Madison flew across the ocean, and my best friend Marian picked her up and brought her to the beach! We were soooo happy!
The beach never disappoints.
No matter what, it is always there, always ready, always calming.
Here are a few photos of the time we spent together at the beach this year...
We celebrated Marian's birthday with dinner at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant...
And with a delicious Baskin Robbins cake afterward. : )

She just loves her gift...can't you tell?!
Thank you Ocean City, for the memories!
My girl is back across the ocean, safe and sound.
And our hearts are full of happy times.
Have a wonderful week, my friends!



  1. Yay! I'm so glad Madison was there to enjoy your vacation. It looks like a great week. I just love the picture of you and your mom holding hands. So sweet!
    Great photos all around.

  2. Vacation perfection! All your girls, your bestie, your men, your mom and Japanese food? I don't think it could get any better than that! So happy for you to have had that precious time together.

  3. Wonderful pics of your time at the beach ~ they warm the heart :)
    I can see how happy you guys were to see each other, and I am glad your loving Mamma's heart had that lovely treat.

  4. How wonderful that Madison was able to fly across for a wonderful holiday by the sea. It looks amazing, lots of wonderful memories created to treasure.

  5. Billie Jo, I loved all of this. Your family, your life, you relaxing, your Mom, your bestie, and you... like shopping at a mall! Loved looking through it alllll.

  6. How exciting!! I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your WHOLE family!!!!!! What great picuters!

  7. Oh how your mama's heart must have felt so full having all your chickadees together :) And your own mama. What sweet pictures!

  8. Thank you sweet friend for sharing your vacation. Thank you so much for the photos and the many smiles you bought. Waving to Flynn (and to Madison, Peyton and Rhett). Smiles

  9. It looks as if you made some very special memories. What lovely pictures you take. I love the beach too, haven't been there for about seven years. Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs. Juli

  10. These photos are beautiful and I'm so happy you all got to be together for your family vacation!! I'm going to be dreaming of those donuts tonight when I go to bed ;)

  11. I'm so happy you were able to have all your loves together! Beautiful smiles!!

  12. Wow -- so wonderful! The love and joy is apparent on all of your faces! So special your Madison could join you! Have a great week!

  13. Looks absolutely wonderful!!! So happy you had such a great time with your family! I was thinking of you all week. Welcome home! (Enjoy the apple muffins!)
    I'll talk to you soon! ♥

  14. What fun! And all those memories made is just priceless. :)
    Enjoy your week!

  15. Just love these beautiful photos!! They make me smile ear to ear. And so happy that Madison could join you - so awesome!! Thanks for sharing Hon. xoxo

  16. The beach...wonderful! It looks like you had a wonderful time and you were all together!! Yay!!

  17. So happy you got to go to the beach!!! My very favorite place! I loved all your photos!

  18. I loved all the pictures! But the last one was so precious!!!


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