September 2, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Ok. First of all...

Let's all just take a moment, shall we?!
Ok. Moving on.

Our last few days of August looked like this.
And if you noticed anything new about my girl...

You would be right.
She lost her front tooth!
And when I say lost, I mean lost.
Panic ensued until Peyton found in buried in the carpet.
Crisis averted. : )

Speaking of Peyton...
Here is my right hand girl.

The end of August also means Steve and Rhett begin doing whatever it is they do in the fields up at camp. Things involving dirt and seeds and ATVs...

And trail cameras.

Back at home, the first morning of September looked like this...

And there was even a bit of coolness in the air. : )

And so that's that.
Even though the calendar says we have a few more weeks of summer...
In this house...
Fall has arrived in all her glory.
Happy Labor Day Weekend, my friends.
Enjoy it however you want with your people you love.
Thanks for visiting.

(Pinterest for the borrowed images, as always.)


  1. And the year turns...I love how you celebrate and enjoy every season change! Inspiring.

  2. Your view is beyond beautiful!! Yay for visits from the tooth fairy :)
    Hope you all enjoy this wonderful 3 day weekend!!

  3. Love it and all the almost officially Fall goodness! ;) Happy holiday weekend to you dear Gal. xoxo

  4. I love that you're all Fall and Flynn is still swimming and enjoying cookie ice cream sandwiches. :) But you're right, we've had a touch of coolness here too, windows open all day long kind of weather, so Fall is coming. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Billie Jo, children always look so cute with a few missing teeth. Flynn is no exception! Happy September to you! ♥

  6. Love the weekly wrap up and they view and the view at came (so pretty) and the girl with the lost tooth, and the girl who found the lost tooth. Happy long weekend my fall weather friend. xo

  7. So exciting Flynn... And look how grown up she is looking!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Oh, here when that happened (when a tooth accidently got swallowed) the Tooth Fairy still same, smiles.

    I am still having a hard time beleiving it is Sept. Have a beautiful day friend.

  9. Awe! Her FIRST tooth. Very exciting! I know how much you love fall. The scenery is beautiful!

  10. Dear Billie Jo,

    Love the photos! It looks like everyone is doing well.

    Happy Labor Day to you and your family :)


  11. The weather has definitely turned a corner here in Seattle! We had a major storm on September 3 that dumped more rain in that one day than we had in the entire month of August! Yep, Fall has arrived early this year! (Our summer only lasted 6 weeks! Literally!) :(

  12. Yay for Peyton, BTW the first thing I saw when I saw Flynn was not her missing tooth but how much she resembles her big sister Peyton, so sweet.

  13. Such beautiful photos, Billie Jo! Saying goodbye to summer is not easy! But looking forward to all the beauty that Fall will bring! I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day! Good luck with school this week. Will be thinking of you! ♥


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