July 8, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Well, that was fast. Of course, having a holiday on Monday totally threw me off the entire week. That and the fact that The Bachelorette was a repeat this week. Anyway...here are a few pictures of our summer week here in our country home...

My little lady and her friend Aly planted some flowers, and Flynn has taken the responsibility of caring for them very seriously. So proud of her. : )

Quick selfie before Mass...

I had a sad day this week. No particular reason...let's chalk it up to hormones, shall we...
Ever have one of those days? Anyway, Madison and Nicolas brought me these. Happy Flowers, they said. And all was right with the world. : )

The young people in the house had an intense Monopoly game this week.
At stake...choosing a dessert for Peyton to make and choosing the movie to watch.
Nicolas prevailed and chose...All American Apple Pie.
Which we enjoyed while watching a rather good Danish movie.
With subtitles.

What do you do when you start a book, and you just can't quite get into it?
Do you power through, hoping it gets better?
Or do you throw in the towel?
I'm just not sure with this one...

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of summer, my friends.
Enjoy it with your people.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love your photos and your little girl is the cutest!! Yummmm -- apple pie!! Wish I had a piece! :)

    I switch books if I can't get into one -- I've tried continuing, but seems to me the book never improves! I even quit reading the "Art of Decluttering" or whatever it's called -- that book gave me anxiety . . . about my closets! Have a great weekend!

  2. The 4 Chapter Test! In 4th grade we had to read 4 chapters before deciding it wasn't for us. If it a book club book I power through anyway. But if it is just for pleasure, I drop it after the 4 chapter test. I know the sad day thing, glad you got happy flowers. I love Flynn's dress and flowers!

  3. Happy weekend and lovely dress on Flynn and your shirt...reminds of Greek embroidery ... I am of Greek heritage.Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing and prayers too!

  4. I, too, have those sad days where you just can't explain it. Those are very happy flowers and I'm glad they cheered you up! I like Madelaine's 4 chapter rule. Happy Weekend my friend!

  5. Love that patriotic dress! And the little girl wearing it sure is a beauty!

    The flowers are gorgeous, and the apple pie looks delish. I'll take a slice with a cup of tea, please.

    I saw a quote a few years back. "Adults shouldn't read books they don't like." Or something like that anyway. It reinforced my resolve to not push on with a book I can't get into. There are SO many books and so little time to read them all, so I refuse to force myself to read something I don't enjoy. I don't go nearly 4 chapters. If an author doesn't get me with 10 pages, I'm done. Maybe that's not giving the book a chance, but I have nearly 300 books on my to-read list (and I add more constantly), so I don't have the time to struggle through something that doesn't grab me immediately.

    Have a fantastic day,

  6. Hello my friend! I am afraid to admit to you how many books I have returned to the library because I just couldn't get into them. I used to feel guilty about it, but now I don't. I move on to something that excites me and feel so much better. Like a lot of our friends here I also know about "those sad days" where you just can't get out of a funk. It happens a lot. Flowers help! And so does apple pie! Boy does that one look yummy! Have a wonderful weekend! Let's make these summer days last as long as we can! ♥ PS fear not - new Bachelorette is coming next week! xo

  7. I love your random pics. I can relate to "sad days" for no reason. Flipping through a pretty magazine can get me beyond the blues sometimes. As far as books go, if I'm not drawn in with the first paragraph, I don't hang around long. :-) Happy summertime!

  8. Gone are the days when I plough through a book that is of no interest, these days I read a couple of chapters and then decided if it is a keeper or not. Apple pie sounds delicious and a thoughtful family with the flowers.

  9. I am having one of those days...the grief over the circumstances from last night...being married to a former military policeman and knowing the bad rap they get....ANYWAYS--- sorry for the downer and don't let Flynn read that, smiles.

    I love her flowers, and the apple pie...and usually, I will try to get thru the book and if I can't--then it gets tossed...no sense in finishing it, smiles.

    Have a beautiful weekend friend.

  10. I always love your random Friday posts.
    I too,have been having a grumpy feeling sad/not right kind of a week...
    Have a great week!!

  11. The Bachelorette was so frustrating, I can't believe it was a repeat - I'm wondering if it was because of the 4th and it being a holiday and all. Ugg! As far a reading goes, if i'm not grabbed in the first couple of chapters, its a no go for me. A good book sucks you right in all the way to the end so I don't waste my time with books that don't. Sorry you aren't feeling well, dang those hormones anyway. Your little Flynn is such a cutie and that is a darling picture of the both of you!

  12. Sweet pictures! I love Flynn's dress!!

  13. Precious pictures of you and your girlie. Oh and those Happy Flowers look to bring lots of happiness. Love it. I have had a few of random sad hormonal days as well. Praying for you. Blessings.

  14. Precious pictures! Happy flowers are a must at times. I get those sad days too, it must be a hormonal thing.
    If I can't get into a book, I normally have to threw in the towel. Sometimes its best to just start a new one.
    Hope your days get a bit brighter!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Beautiful photos as always!

  16. Cutie! Sorry for your sad day. I have a few of those myself. Smiles for the flowers. I try to finish every book I start however I have one I started 6 months ago. It wasn't very good and the move put a dent in my reading. Hope y'all have a good weekend.

  17. Books I can't get into, I just put them aside and read or do something else.

  18. Those flowers are beautiful! As far as reading a book I don't like, I usually just quit. But then I"m able to go hunting for a new one! :)

  19. ummmm they book... if it's no I WANT to power through it but I never do. I just toss it aside. Sad day? I'm so sorry. And so glad that you are surrounded by people that make you happy and love on you.

  20. Hi Billie Jo,
    Flynn looks so sweet yet is turning into such a lady- she look taller in every photo it seems :) And how fun planting! That is so admirable that she is so young yet so responsible.
    I'm so glad their flowers to you helped you feel a little better on your sad day. They are lovely.
    Ah, Monopoly. Such good memories of sleepovers with intense games of Monopoly ;) Peyton's pie also looks delicious!
    Oh I hope your book gets better. I usually read through about 5 chapters give or take and if it's terrible, I move to something else.

    Just wanted to thank you so for your kind comment and visiting a few days ago, and also letting me know you got to follow on the Dashboard!☺ So very glad to have you as a dear blogging friend♥

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


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