July 5, 2016

Celebrating The Fourth...On The Third

Our little town has fireworks on the third of July. So that is when we celebrate. And celebrate we did!

Earlier in the week, the kids and I sat down and planned our menu...

My best friend Marian made the trip. And she came bearing gifts!

Sunday morning, we decorated and spent the day in the kitchen preparing for our guests.
Peyton made yummy treats like Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies, and Festive M-n-M cookies. Madison made her famous holiday tarts. And Flynn added some festive candy. : )
Soon enough, it was time to get dressed in our red, white, and blue.
Mocha too!

A few pictures before everyone arrived...

And then some as they did!
My beautiful mom was happy to visit with our dear friend Blueberry Mary...

My super sweet friend Heather and her fun husband Dave joined us...

And I was thrilled that my two special friends could meet. : )

Outside, the grilling began.
And apparently...Nicolas was happy to give Steve some tips on grilling the perfect burgers. : )

These two.
Celebrating their second Fourth of July together. : )

After an amazing meal, we headed outside...

Where the sky started out like this...

And became this...

And finally...this.

We snapped a few pictures like this one...
And this one of Margie and her hubby Chris.

Then it was time for Flynn's favorite part.
Right before this, she said to me, "Mommy, I love this day!"

Steve and Rhett set off some fun fireworks on our driveway...

And they were pretty good!

Maybe my favorite photo of the night...
My baby Flynn and my mom. : )
After our little fireworks, it was time to watch the big ones.
They were beautiful.
And Rhett used his Bluetooth speaker and his phone to play the best patriotic music to go along.
I didn't take a single picture of the big fireworks.
 Because. Mindfulness.
Being IN the moment.
And it was good.

It was a wonderful evening with my people.

I am so happy that we celebrate on the third.
Because on the Fourth...we rest.
It is a day of naps, movies, and leftovers.

And Peyton's Strawberry Pie.

Hope you had a wonderful time with the ones you love, my friends.
Thanks for visiting.
I'm always glad you do. : )


  1. What a sweet post! I'm glad you shared your fun here. 🇺🇸

  2. These are gorgeouse pictures of your day! Great family/friend pictures to have forever. Flynn and Brooklyn wore the same cute Gymboree shirt to celebrate the day!! What a great time you guys had :)

  3. You certainly had a wonderful celebration, loved all your décor the rag bunting was amazing and the tree a real feast for the eyes. Don't get me started on the food, it all looked delicious.

  4. Perfect! I love it! We made red white and blue m&m cookies too!! So glad you had a wonderful time with your people!

  5. Looks wonderful! You always know how to celebrate!!

  6. What a wonderful post and full of love...smiles---

    P.S. It was not that chilly here in western NY Sunday night (seeing you wear jackets)---the muggies were/are back, ick, smiles.

  7. What a great day! It was so fun to see your celebration. I glad you had a happy 4th of July (on the 3rd)

  8. Beautiful pictures ..Thank you for sharing your celebration and lovely home. Love your holiday shirt too!

  9. Billie Jo! I miss your Instagram posts. I would love to be friends on snapchat. Mine is ashleydditto8

  10. What a wonderful Independence Day filled with family and friends. Sounds just perfect!

  11. Looks like it was a picture perfect holiday! Lots of fun, loved ones & great food. Yep, perfect. ;)

  12. Aw, what a wonderful way to celebrate, everything looked absolutely perfect, and that sunset was spectacular!!

  13. It was all so beautiful and yes sometimes you have to lay down the camera and enjoy the moment. Precious!

  14. Sounds like it was a great day. I'm so glad. You always know how to do it up right.

  15. Beautiful pictures. You always capture and create the perfect theme of each holiday!

  16. Happy 4th to you Billiejo and your family. Amazing. It's so amazing how alike we are! Thank you for sharing! 😍

  17. Perfect day! And you ALWAYS get it right, like the when to celebrate. Love that!

  18. Love all the pictures! What a perfect day with all your loved ones!

  19. Oh how fun! I love the photo of your hubby and your daughters boyfriend because of what you wrote so funny!

  20. Looks like a perfect holiday! So glad you were able to spend it with family a& friends! The best!!!


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