May 6, 2016

Really Random Photo Friday

Yep. That's what this is. A roundup of really random shots of the past week here in our country home.

Let's see.
We started off with Mass last Saturday...
and it was chilly.

But my girl didn't mind.

Coming along...

Visiting with Steve's beautiful mother Flo.
She gave us lots of smiles and even a few laughs.
She loves her baby Steve. : )

Summer can't be far behind.
Steve fired up the grill for some yummy BBQ Chicken.

Madison's friend gave Flynn this antique wooden desk to use next year in First Grade.
I am in love.
With the desk.
The thought of my baby in First Grade?
Not so much.

Look at me.
Eating a salad.
This is really good.

But this is better!
My fave Blackberry Lemonade is back at Wendy's!!!!
And all is right with the world.

How much do I love having a little who loves to play with her babies??

A lot.
These are Flynn's twins.
Baby Cute and Baby Sunshine.
And I never mix them up.

We took them to the dentist today.
And drumroll please...

The streak continues!!!
19 years...4 children...

I know, right?
How... you ask?
No idea.
Except we don't drink soda. (Except a bit at Christmas.)
And we don't do gum. (Except Rhett sometimes.)
Anyway, good for another year.

Just this.
Mocha waiting for some coffee.
In bed.
Because I'm lazy like that.

And finally...
To all the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers,
mothers-to-be, and those praying to be...
Happy Mother's Day.

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
~William Goldsmith Brown

Pinterest for the retro pics, as always.


  1. Happy Mothers day, some beautiful photos. We don't have fizzy drinks either. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I have never had blackberry lemonade but it sounds wonderful so I will have to seek it out!

  3. That's a lot of teeth and no cavities!!! That's awesome! Happy Weekend!

  4. A big Happy Mother's Day to you, Billie Jo! Love these random posts.

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet you're family is just too cute! Love the antique desk, can you jut imagine the kids in the past learning just as Flynn will?! Oh and booooooo to first grade :( I say Kindergarten forever!
    Happy Mother's Day Billie Jo, hope you have an amazing weekend filled with many hugs, desserts and gifts ;)

  6. Looks like a wonderful week. My youngest has a similar old desk like that one. She used it for Kindergarten and most of her 1st grade year. Next year we're moving up to a regular folding table. We have transitioned our play room also into a schoolroom. Its been so fun! We started homeschooling even thought the girls were going to a private christian school and wanted to be with them more. This was our second year! Looks great and happy Mother's day to you too!

  7. Thank you for the smiles, Billie Jo...beautiful.

  8. Awe, what a great quote... straight after my British Literature Junior High School Teacher heart! ;) I always love your dinner pics too! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! You have such a beautiful family.

  10. Happy Mother's Day Billie Jo! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow filled with love, laughs, sweet treats, and hopefully a nap! Enjoy your day!!! xoxo

  11. Hi Billie Jo!

    I sure have missed reading your beautiful blog! Maybe my life will stop being so crazy, and I can get back to a normal life . . . :0)

    Love, your random photos, they are always my favorite. Of course, Flynn always makes me smile - so adorable! Your MIL is precious - I have a mom with dementia, and I totally understand . . . ((hugs)).

    No cavities!! You must really be living right - knock on wood! Can't wait to head to Wendy's for some blackberry lemonade, yum!

    Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!!


  12. Hello dear Billie Jo,

    Wow, no cavities! That is truly a blessing!

    Your little Flynn always reminds me of my younger sister Charity when she was young like Flynn - very sweet.

    That BBQ looks delicious! We had chicken on the grill as well this Friday. I love it that my husband love to grill and cook.

    Oh yes, and one last thing, my first child used a vintage desk much like yours for her first years of home school.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Happy Mother's Day, Billie! Beautiful collection of photos, but my favorite is with Grandmother Flo. What a beautiful memory for all, especially her :)

  14. Love your photos, I LOVE that desk! Happy Mothers Day!!!


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