April 29, 2016

Random Photo Friday

The last weekend of April? What??? Life just keeps spinning faster, don't you think? Here are a bunch of random photos of our past week in this crazy little thing called life...

My little lady is happy!
Her favorite flowers...not weeds...have made their appearance!

And so we spent Saturday afternoon admiring them...

and picking the biggest, most beautiful ones...

for a bouquet.

I will never tire of dandelion bouquets on my kitchen counter,
just like my own mother before me never did.

And...then we played.

In our church clothes.

While we were gathering dandelions, my men were doing this...

and despite the help from our favorite friend and turkey hunter expert...
they came home empty handed.
But had tons of fun in the process.

Homeschooling in spring means nature walks and bird watching...

We saw budding trees...

and lots and lots of dandelions.
Despite the fact that Daddy mowed them down just the day before. : )

My little lady was on the hunt for birds.

Finally...we found our friend the robin.

A favorite meal to share with you.
The only way we eat pork chops. : )
Pour about one cup of uncooked rice in a baking dish.
Add some boneless, center cut pork chops,
that have been browned.
Top each with a slice of onion, and a slice of lemon.
Yes, lemon.
Salt and pepper, the pour beef broth over to cover.
Bake at 325 degrees, covered for an hour.
You're welcome.

My Peyton is a good soul.
Steve has a friend whose wife had surgery this week.
Peyton made supper for them.
And I was proud.

Have a wonderful spring weekend, my friends!!!


  1. This season is certainly glorious, isn't it?! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! and I think I will try out those pork chops this weekend! They sound awesome! ♥

  2. Looks so pretty there -- all sorts of fun spring activities!! We need warmer temps here again! That meal sounds delish! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Lovely photos! And that Peyton sure is a thoughtful lady!

  4. Love it! Just so Springy!! Have a wonderful sunshiny weekend my Friend!! xoxo

  5. Everything looks so happy and springy! I love the look of the blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend and start to May. :0

  6. Your baby girl is so beautiful, all springy. Thanks for the recipe. I'm always looking for new ways to cook old food.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Love it all. And your photography... awesome!

  8. Such a great post, I absolutely love your photos and your pork chop recipe is one that I really have to try!!! It sounds divine! Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. All of your babies are beautiful! I tell you what, Peyton is a special angel. She's mature beyond her years. I have a feeling that God has a special hand on her life. She will touch lots of people with her servant, compassionate heart. You have done well, my friend. Blessed you are indeed. Your photos are great!

  10. How thoughtful is your beautiful daughter to make a meal for a friend in need is a real blessing. You certainly have a wonderful family.

  11. Wish flowers. All little ones favorite flowers, right? I'm glad you are getting your spring weather. And the boys sure blended nicely in their camo! Maybe next time they'll have better luck? The dinner was such a nice gift from your lovely daughter :) Those people in need always appreciate it and what a great way to teach the Corporal works of mercy! Have a wonderful weekend up there!

  12. Just found your blog there days ago and have read back to November 2014 so far. I am lost in the serenity of your home, family and contentment. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  13. Just found your blog there days ago and have read back to November 2014 so far. I am lost in the serenity of your home, family and contentment. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  14. So cute! I can't believe how big and pretty Flynn is getting! Happy Spring!


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