March 18, 2016

St.Patrick's Day 2016

These holidays just keep on coming! Here is how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in our country home...

We read our book the night before...

And woke to a March morning that looked like this.
Does anyone else find comfort and warmth in barren trees?
I thought so.
We set the table for our day of fun...
with our traditional rainbow fruit salad taking center stage.
And in the interest of keeping it real here, I must confess I totally forgot about it. That is until I woke with a start that morning. I ran through the rolodex of fruit I knew we had. I was sure I was missing green grapes...But thankfully, I scrounged around and found one green apple left. Score!

My mom and I went to Adoration, which means I wore actual clothes and make up!
And my little Mocha...eight months old and four whole pounds. : )

There was happy mail from a friend with a cup of cozy tea...

and a dear, sweet friend who loves to visit with Flynn.
She bought her a loom and...


There was Shepherd's Pie for dinner...

and Lime Jello Poke Cake for dessert. : )

And it was a good day.
Tonight, the green and gold gets packed away.
And the bunnies and chicks and crosses come out!
Happy Weekend, my friends!


  1. I can't wait to see the Easter decorations up...have a beautiful weekend, Billie Jo. Thank you for the smiles.

  2. Jill, I love the fruit salad rainbow idea! I will have to remember that. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. So much inspiration. If I could only muster a tenth of what you do...! I love love love the tea cup!

  4. I love the photo of you and Mocha, so cute! and little Flynn's creation-Bravo!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day. So glad you had all of the colors in the rainbow... of course you did! Love Flynn's outfit! Don't forget to show us your bunnies, chicks, and crosses!

  6. Because of your posts, I bought the Night Before St. Patrick's Day book and we read it Tuesday at school and made leprechaun traps! Thanks for writing about the great books you read! I am going to lovingly borrow that rainbow fruit next year I think!

  7. Sounds like a good day, your posts always make me smile. Impressive rainbow, I bet my Grandchildren would like that. Have a great weekend.

  8. I love that you just got up and threw that rainbow together! Looks like you guys had a great day!

  9. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Love the Saint Patrick's Day fun! Saint Patrick's Day is always a special day in our house as well. My husband's mother always served green drinks on Saint Patrick's Day... We enjoyed green sparkling cider with our simple Saint Patrick's Day feast.

    Happy Spring!

  10. Oh I love the fruit rainbow!!! You guys always have so much fun celebrating! I can't believe Easter is just days away :)


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