February 1, 2016

Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials are written on the kitchen chalkboard every Monday. : )

So...I'm a meal planner. There. I said it. I have to have my meals planned at least two weeks in advance. That is just the way my mind works. That...and the fact that we drive forty minutes to the nearest grocery store, so I need to plan ahead. It can seem like a daunting task, but after many attempts, I have finally arrived at a system that works for us. It may or may not work for you. The key is just that. Finding what works for you. : ) We talked it over as a family and came up with this schedule:

Monday: Mexican
Tuesday: Asian
Wednesday: Pizza Night
Thursday: Pasta
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Soup and Sandwich or Take Out
Sunday: Meat Dish

I also separated my recipe binder into those sections. That makes planning even easier. And that makes this mamma happy!


  1. Good Morning and Happy Monday! I like your February background : )
    I am also a meal planner-it saves us time, money and my sanity.
    Great system!

  2. We have a similar system in place with daily themes we fill in every week. Our Thursday is pasta too!! I can only plan by the week though because I am weird like that and I never know what is going to sound good. :) We always have at least 2 back up dinner options with supplies to make in case time gets away or we aren't feeling it one day. (These are simple like a frozen chicken and noodles or making sure we have the things needed for grilled cheese and tomato soup.) I love a simple meal plan though. Makes my life so much easier!

  3. Good Morning Billie Jo,

    What a lovely new blog look.

    I love your meal planning and chalkboard. Looks like you have a great system going. I bet eating at your table is a delicious experience.

    Have a lovely Monday,

  4. I'm right with you, planning makes everything go much smoother ;-) Have a great Monday!


  5. Oh my gosh -- I need this! I am such a random planner -- no wonder we end up having grilled cheese and soup at least once a week! Love your plan! Will try to copy!

  6. I'm a planner too but I only do one week at a time. (Luckily I'm less than 10 from the nearest grocery store and I drive by at least 3 others on the way to get the kids from school.) I have never tried the type of meal each night of the week plan but I've thought about it. I should probably consider something like that because it sounds like a good idea!

  7. I appreciate all of your organizational skills and meal planning especially.

  8. Hi Billie Jo!

    Nothing wrong with planning a menu, especially with a busy family. I once had a menu similar to yours, I need to go through my post archive and find it, I really enjoyed it. You have given my some good ideas!

    Have a great Monday!


  9. That is such a great idea! Being that my husband travels about 3 nights out of every week, it's a little hard for me to plan meals. However, there's always room for improvement, right!

  10. I am a meal planner too! Because of the way that I shop I do a months plan in advance, but we are flexible about changing it. I post a list of the weeks meals on a piece of paper on the fridge, but your chalkboard is prettier! xx

  11. I really wish I was a meal planner. It would make everything easier and more cost effective, but I'm horrible at it and never have time to devote to it lol. Do you have a sample of a monthly meal plan or any tips?

  12. I really wish I was a meal planner. It would make everything easier and more cost effective, but I'm horrible at it and never have time to devote to it lol. Do you have a sample of a monthly meal plan or any tips?

  13. love love love love love that you write it all on the cute chalkboard

  14. I love planning my weeks as well, makes it so much easier!!! Love the idea of writing it down and having it on display that way nobody asks five times, 'what's for dinner?' :)

  15. Great idea! I love this. I am not so good at meal planning in advance so I may try your system. Your chalkboard is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love meal planning! I always feel more accomplished when I have meals planned for the week ahead.

    What is Karaage?

  17. I think this is such a great idea Billie Jo! And especially if you need to travel that far to go to the store. Genius!! ;)
    Blessings my Dear and thanks for sharing. xoxo

  18. I'd die if I was not a meal planner and I live 10 minutes from the grocery store. I think it helps with budgeting food as well. You end up buying less items that are not needed. You know, you should flip your Mon and Tues around so you can do Taco Tuesday ;) We do pizza (and salad) on Wednesdays, too. Teaching Confirmation class, well, that's a quick meal to put together. Enjoy your week!

  19. I love seeing what you are having for dinner. What is karaage?

  20. Wow, so you're not exaggerating when you refer to your "country home"! Sounds like what my husband and I dream of for our family one day in the hopefully not too faraway future!
    I love your menu board! I'm not quite as organized or creative as you - I only plan one week at a time and I write it on a white board hanging on the fridge but boy, does my husband get excited to check it out Sunday afternoon and read it to the boys! :)

  21. Two weeks? I'm impressed! I feel good about planning for the week. Although I would really like to get into the habit of planning for the month. (Followed you over from Simply Linda)

  22. You're amazing planning 2 weeks in advance! When my kids were growing up, I did plan weekly and I must say it really helped meal wise, especially while I was working.



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