February 29, 2016

This Makes Me Happy...My Girl And New Friends

She's home! My firstborn has flown...literally...home to our nest. And...for now...all my babes are all together again. And that makes me happy.

Saying...not goodbye...but see you soon...

with a smile on their faces. Yet sadness in their young hearts.

And then...suddenly...back with the parents...who missed her so.

But that leaves out an entire part of the story! Imagine getting a text from a blog friend...whom you have never met nor actually spoken to...asking you for a favor. Asking you to pick up her daughter at the super big airport in New York City, and welcoming her into your home for the night. And then helping her find a way home on a bus. But then realizing that the bus ride would be way too long, so offering to meet her family halfway on a Saturday afternoon. And you know who said Yes! Of Course! Right away?
That would be the sweet, funny, amazing, blessed Kathleen.
And there she is...waiting for my girl.
She and her hubby Bill spent way too long in the airport waiting for my Madison.
And took her to their home and a nice bed with fresh sheets and a magazine and body wash waiting for her.

Now that is a friend!
We met, and as it was when I met Tara, it was like seeing an old friend again.
Not at all like meeting someone for the first time.
Kathleen is exactly as she seems on her wonderful blog...she is beautiful, funny, kind, lovely, mothering, and gracious.

Not only did we make friends immediately, our kids did as well.
Look at all those blessing we have!

And the hubbies? They could have talked forever.
I see a meet up in our near future.
And I hope they do too!

This morning I had coffee with my Madison.
In my brand new mug from Denmark.
One guess what it says. : )

And this evening, Steve made her favorite meal...meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and tossed salad.

For dessert, Peyton made her a favorite...peach pie.

And all of this makes me very happy. : )

Have a blessed week, my friends.


  1. I can definitely relate. My firstborn came home this weekend for a visit and we had such a wonderful time! There is nothing better, is there? What a considerate thing your blog friend did...just love that! Such great pics, too!

  2. How special was that? Friendship isnt dead and I know you are so thankful for the new ones you met face to face. Also happy that Madison is home safe and sound. Loved the pictures of the friends, and the food! Happy Monday.

  3. Now that is what I call a friend, how wonderful. It must be lovely to have all your family back in one place, enjoy!

  4. World's best mom!! I am glad she had a great time!! I am glad your have all your people in one house again! I am glad you got a meet up (at, I think, Texas Roadhouse even!) with a new old friend. The best!

  5. How special! That dinner & dessert looks heavenly, too. ;) Happy Monday!

  6. So happy for you that Madison is home! Looks like the best weekend ever! Enjoy having all your babies in one spot!

  7. Hi Billie Jo!!

    What an amazing post! When you said that all your children were home under the same roof, my heart melted! I can remember when my oldest went to college and came home for the first time. All my kids under the same roof again . . . it made my heart melt. I also know what you mean about new friends, seeming like old friends. Every time I have met a blogging buddy, it seems like I have known them for years. You two look like you just should be buddies . . . what cute pictures, from the beginning to the end! I'm sure Madison is happy to be with her mom and dad as well, she is just beautiful!


  8. My dear friend, I am so glad your sweet girl made it home safely and what delight to know she had a beautiful time away.

    The pie your Peyton made looks incredible! She is one talented baker :) Have a beautiful week! Hugs to you!

  9. All so wonderful. I'm happy for you to have her home again.

  10. Love everything about this post! So happy you are all together again and so happy you and Kathleen got a chance to meet!

  11. Yay for daughters getting home safe! And how cool that a fellow blogger helped in that way. Doesn't surprise me at all. I think I have met some of the nicest and most wonderful people (like you) through Blogland. I would have helped you in a heartbeat too if I could. ;) Blessings Friend. xoxo

  12. Billie Jo, what a sweet post and meeting! Friends are life's treasures!

  13. Oh, sweet friend...I wish you could my face...what a BEAUTIFUL POST!!!!Thank you for bringing such hope into the world...hope and faith in humanity into this crazy world, friend. Blessings

  14. I was thinking of you over the weekend with all the excitement and joy going on in your life :)

  15. Young love, they look so very happy together! :-) So awesome meeting blog friends, what a joy to have her help out in that way. Great pictures!! Have a wonderful week.


  16. Glad she got home safe! Missing you on instagram! Have a lovely week, I'm looking forward to your next post! x

  17. What a fun story!! I'm so happy your sweet daughter is home, safe with you! AND meeting Kathleen? And her meeting YOU!? Awesome!! I see little lights of Christ all over the country and you are two of them! So happy you two got to meet! (and your families too) How very sweet of Kathleen to offer to help so much!

    1. Oh, and what does the mug say? Something about love.....

  18. So sorry I missed this post. What a great friend to pick up your daughter. I have come to learn that blog friends are kind and wonderful people! Your daughter and her young man make such a handsome couple! I think I missed the part about how they met, so maybe your review that sometime. Hope all is going well!

  19. Awe I stopped by Kathleen's and imagine how happy I was to read about the sweet big hearted lady to lead her to my blog and me to hers! I felt the excitement reading all about your families meeting up. I wish you many more happy meet ups with your wonderful friend. And Happy you have your beautiful girl home.


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