February 10, 2016

Our Lenten Plans 2016

Lent is here, and we are ready. I am thankful to Lacy over at Catholic Icing for sharing these ideas and printables. : ) Here is what our Lent looks like  this year...

A  simple grapevine wreath with toothpicks added to represent the thorns...

With a basket of prayer intention and sacrifice papers nearby.
I actually combined two of Lacy's ideas here. The children can choose to write a prayer intention or sacrifice here, and then remove a toothpick (thorn) from the wreath.

The sacrifice egg sheets for Flynn are from her Religion book...

And these Catholic Icing pintables are helpful for both Flynn and the older kids.

This little lady was so excited to get her ashes...
and then just as excited for the fish fry after. : )

In addition, Our plans include praying The Stations of the Cross as a family on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and praying The Rosary as a family every Sunday of Lent. I am also planning on a Lenten tea and making pretzels together. I have high hopes...and good intentions!
Have a fruitful and blessed Lent, my friends. : )


  1. Wonderful ideas Billie Jo! Blessed Lenten season to you as well dear Friend. xoxo

  2. These are great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. Flynn looks so cute with her ashes.

  3. We made pretzels together on Wednesday and ate them with our tea. :)
    Blessed Lent!

  4. Wonderful ideas and plans! Have a blessed Lent my friend.


  5. Great idea to spend time with the whole family. Have blessed lent.

  6. Great plan, a good day to remind us spiritually. Have a blessed lent season to your family.


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