December 21, 2015

Holiday Home Tour...Part Four

Well, this week we finish our Holiday Home Tour upstairs, where we have just a few decorations to make the season fun.

Our room has a festive Christmas quilt that I am guilty of leaving on through January. : )
And a sweet little tree on my nightstand glows softly through the night...

This little pillow says it all. : )

Flynn's dresser is in our room, and she loves to decorate it for every season.

She keeps her sweet snow globe in here too. :)

Peyton loves Christmas as much as I do...

and always decorates her room in the cutest way. : )

Madison is a holiday lover as well...guess it runs in the family...

And there you have it. A look at our country home all ready for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed spending time with us here.  I always enjoy your visits!
Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. I did mention, Billie Jo, your adopting me and I am moving in, right? (giggling and smiles)---thank you for the many smiles you provide. I love your home. Many Holiday Blessings. (and where is the Elf today? I wonder? Do you move him around?)

  2. Beautiful Billie Jo! I just love the old time Santa Claus!

  3. Love! I do not do a good job decorating upstairs. But I have one at the stage of pull all the things down so I don't feel so bad. Hopefully this time next year we can do a little more!

  4. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Although I an not blogging during my Christmas break, I just had to pop in for a visit to you home to see the last of your home tour. I have been thinking about it and waiting for it all week :)

    These post of your holiday home have been very enjoyable - such happy posts.

    Thank you for sharing your home with us,

  5. Another beautiful tour, so warm and welcoming. You are certainly blessed with a stunning home. Wishing you and your family the best of Christmas's and all that you wish for yourselves for the new year.

  6. Beautiful! My favorite was your room, it looks lovely.
    I especially love your chair by the window. I'd love to have a little area in my room like that!

    Did we see Rhett's room?

  7. I love the little tree on your nightstand. It's adorable!

  8. So lovely! We have trees in each room too and the girls love to decorate them :-) Holidays are approaching so quickly and I have so many posts ideas and little time!! Have a wonderful Monday.


  9. I love all of the fun things you have done in your home to celebrate Christmas! Everything is just right! Thanks for sharing your home and holiday with us.

  10. I think I'd have to keep that quilt on the bed all winter. I love it! I've enjoyed the tour. I've got to catch up a bit too! Have a Merry Christmas if I don't touch base again before.

  11. So Sweet! I just love that each of your girls decorated their rooms with touches of Christmas. 4 more days!!! :)

  12. The bedrooms look absolutely beautiful~ I love your quilt and the little tree on your nightstand! So lovely! xx

  13. Love it, Flynn's dresser melted my heart!

  14. I miss my bedroom and my house and Christmas!


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