November 17, 2015

The Official Start Of Our Family Christmas Season

I know. I know. Another one of my family traditions... It's just that once we do something, it somehow becomes a tradition. And that makes me happy. Years ago, before the advent of the digital camera and the computer and the numerous available photographers, Steve and I took our children to Sears Portrait Studio for their annual Christmas picture. That day in November always signified the beginning of our family Christmas season. Sears was in the mall, as was The Hallmark Store. Which made it very easy to bribe encourage the kids to smile nicely for the photo. Once we had a picture we were happy with, we headed to The Hallmark Store and each child picked out an ornament for their tree.

I have individual tubs for each one of my children, and each year, as we unpack the ornaments and hang them on the tree, we are reminded of their special interests through the years. There are Ariels, Rudolphs, cars, superheros, Frostys, Barbies, and of course Cinderellas. Sometimes, as we decorate the tree, I get sad...ok...I always do...because I am reminded of how quickly these years fly by. But I am always happy with the end result...a colorful, festive tree filled with memories. : )

Sears Portrait Studios no longer exist. Yet we still take that day and travel to the Hallmark Store for what has come to be known as "Ornament Day." And here are the pictures of Ornament Day 2015...

And this year's selections:
Madison continued her Christmas Vacation Collection...
Peyton chose one of her favorite games, Monopoly...
Rhett went with the exciting New Star Wars Movie figure...
And my Flynn. It was a close call between Cinderella and Woody...
but in the end, the flying Woody won out!

Happy Christmas Season, my friends!


  1. So much fun to start the season. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Love that tradition and your adorable family!

  3. What a lovely tradition!! Will you keep their trees/ornaments or will you let them take them with them when they move away?

  4. Great traditions. I used to take my kids to Sears or Penneys for pictures every few months as well, and for years we collected Hallmark Ornaments and each child got to pick one out. Good memories. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love both traditions! I didn't fully appreciate all he ornaments I received over the years until my husband and I decorated our first Christmas tree a few months after our wedding. My mom surprised me with a big box filled with every ornament I had ever received just in time to decorate! :)

  6. What a lovely tradition! When they are all grown up they will each have a wonderful collection of ornaments and memories!! xx

  7. I love it!! Bring on telling us about all the traditions. No one minds and it makes the blog a better and more accurate scrapbook of your life. Then others *ahem me* may lovingly adopt some of the same traditions. This one sounds lovely and one worth starting over this way!

  8. Great tradition very similar to my own. Now that the girls have grown and have families of their own I buy an ornament and give it to them on the first Advent Sunday as an Advent gift. Lots of beautiful memories when we decorate each of our trees in our own homes.

  9. I thought I was the only one who did this, smiles...albeit, Liam is like, "Mommmmmmmm....I'm 18 now." Don't let that fool you, I have seen him smile....thanks Billie Jo...and when he gets ready to move out and have a family of his own one day, he will have a box of ornaments that he has had since he was a baby....Blessings

  10. We never get bored of seeing your wonderful traditions!!

  11. I love this post. I loved picturing you with your littles at the mall and then at the Hallmark store. sigh... I'm so glad (and of course you do) still have this tradition. And I can just see Flynn staring up at all those ornaments trying to pick one. Perfect selection Flynn. (you should wear your Woody dress when you hang it on the tree) And Madison, I get Scott a Christmas Vacation one each year too. ~ The start of Christmas makes me want to get in my car and pop over for a visit. Because no one, and I mean no one... does Christmas like you!

  12. Dear Billie Jo,

    That is so much fun! I love traditions like this; such great memories they make. I feel excited for you just looking at these pictures. Thanks for sharing the moment.


  13. Oh my goodness, we have always done the same thing! I miss Sears portrait studios for that reason. I love this time of year with all the wonderful traditions and time with family :-) Have a lovely week!


  14. Love love love each and every one of your traditions!❤️

  15. I just love the fun traditions you have with your family all throughout the year Billie Jo. So rich in family time and making lots of memories!! Such precious days fly by and you are doing a great job of capturing the beauty of your kiddos in each one.

  16. Traditions are wonderful! I hope that you'll continue to share them with us.



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