November 30, 2015

Holiday Home Tour... Part One

We love Christmas. And we love Christmas in our country home. This year, I thought I'd share some photos of our Christmas home through a series of posts every Monday. If you would like to do the same, join in! This week I'm starting on our front porch, and welcoming you into our country home through the front door into the foyer...

No snow yet, but soon...these woods will be covered in glistening white beauty.

Please come on in, and make yourself at home. : )

Welcome to our home! This is the foyer. And yes, we have a table here. It is used every single day...for games and puzzles and schoolwork too. : )

We also keep our rosaries here as well as our Sacred Heart pictures.

The table holds our Advent wreath, lit for the first time this past weekend!

We also have a little tree here we keep up all year long just to warm the foyer and welcome guests.

The garland was made by tying pieces of holiday themed fabric together.

Not by me, of course. : )

To the right of the foyer is our schoolroom...the place we spend our days.

This tree holds the ornaments the children picked out as well as some of my favorites...

To the left of the foyer is Steve's den. Years ago when we built this house, I figured if he could build an entire country home for me, the least I could do is let him have one room. ; )

He and Rhett spend a great deal of time in here, and that makes me happy.

Here is his tree all lit up at night...

with a few special ornaments...

tucked inside.

That is it for this week. Next Monday, I'll share the Family Room. The room we gather every single day and night to visit, nap, watch movies, laugh, and just be. I hope you'll join me!
And if you would like to share photos of your home. please do! I'd love to visit!


  1. Good morning Billie Jo,

    I just new you had something good in the works. YOU have been BUSY! What a happy Christmas blog! I ♥♥♥ (that's 3 LOVES) your blog post and look forward to the next cozy addition.

    I have never seen the den. The story behind it is so sweet. I am impressed that your husband built that amazing, beautiful home! How blessed you are! It is such a perfect home because of the people who live in it and fill it with life and love :)

    I always love my visits to your home.

    Love and hugs, dearest Billie Jo,

  2. Wow! You are way ahead of me. I just told someone that I wanted a Fisher Price nativity for the kids. Gotta find one at a thrift store. I can't do $25 right now. It's all beautiful!

  3. You have a beautiful home and it is all a feast for the eyes with so much to look at. Such a warm welcome. I have made a great start on my home d├ęcor today but still a long way to go.

  4. Love it! Your home is so warm and welcoming Billie Jo! And now so Christmasy too ((squeal!!)) So ready for the holiday season and the peace and joy it brings. ;)

    And I"m so thankful for you my blogland Friend!! So if you get a chance please enter my giveaway from last week as it ends tomorrow. I want to thank my blogland family for being such a blessing to me and can't imagine you not being part of that my Dear Gal!! ;)

    God bless your week ahead. xoxo

  5. I love everything about your home (well, technically those deer heads are freaking me out a bit, but I love that your husband and son have a room that they enjoy being in). I guess it's all about give and take, isn't it? It looks so cozy in your home - no wonder you never want to leave.

  6. Your home is always beautiful, but this season creates more beauty for some reason. Thank you for inviting us in, and taking the tour. I used to do the same things, but these days, it is just Jim and me and we dont require as much as we did when the children were here. I look forward to the next 'tour'. Have a great day.

  7. I enjoyed this tour so much. I didn't want it to be over. Looking forward to next week already!
    Thanks for sharing. It really looks beautiful and very welcoming there.

  8. Beautiful! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your life (and recipes) with all of us. God bless! :)

  9. {{giggling and many smiles}}--That's It! I'm moving in {{giggling and many smiles}}

    Thank you for making me smile...I just love visiting here...Blessings

  10. So pretty! I love it! I am so far behind -- must get busy! You're inspiring me! :)

  11. Hi Billie Jo!

    Your home is just beautiful! I love the table in the entry, what a grand idea! I believe that there should always be a picture of the savior in the home, and yours are very special.

    I have always loved seeing your schoolroom, it's so inviting and calm, a perfect place for learning and growing.

    My husband would be so envious of your husband's den! What a great place for the menfolk to hangout and tell hunting stories . . . ;0)

    Your trees are so pretty too, I've always thought that having a little tree up year-round was a fun idea! The hand-made ornaments and special ornaments are always my favorite, so special!

    Thanks for the tour!!


  12. Billie Jo, your posts always brighten my day. I love your cozy house and the beautiful way you make it a home! Your family will always have wonderful memories of how mom made it so warm. Love and blessings from Ohio!

  13. Beautiful! Merry Christmas :) Love the meaningful ornaments!

  14. Your decorations and trees are lovely. I will enjoy seeing your tours on Mondays for the rest of the month! I especially like that you have your advent candles there on the table for all to see. xx

  15. Hi Billie Jo, your home looks so festive and inviting! I can't wait to see more next Monday! Maybe I will join in and share some photos too! ♥♥♥ Happy December!

  16. Love your country home!! I love how you took us right in through the foyer!
    I have not even started doing Christmas...just our Advent wreath so far!

    1. OH, and your Sacred Heart corner is my favorite!! I love the Sacred Heart and have a special devotion to His Heart!

  17. I love your porch! That jingle pillow is adorable. Looking at other people's Christmas decor is my favorite! I plan to post soon, too!

  18. I adore this idea. Plus it would get me to clean one part of my house at a time right before I snapped the pictures. Perfect idea! Your home... oozes with cozy and love and welcoming. And that wreath. Oh my goodness... perfection!

  19. Goodness, this was so fun! Thank you for welcoming me into your home for such a cozy little tour!

  20. Lovely home, I love your sacred heart area. and your husband den, LOVE IT!


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