November 8, 2015

A Sunday Morning Visit From An Old Friend

Do you know this little guy?
Why, it's Jack Frost, of course!
And we had our first visit from him last night!

He left us a beautiful prelude of what is to come.
And although it will slowly disappear as the sun rises and warms the air, my Flynn and I enjoyed it with our puppy early this morning.

And then came in and warmed up with a Sunday morning favorite.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!

And thanks to Yahoo Images for the cute pic of little Jack Frost. : )


  1. Hello Billie Jo,

    Oh how I do love pumpkin spice coffee. My daughter and I go out on weekend walks to get it.

    I love the photo of the frosty morning.


  2. My husband bought some pumpkin spice creamer...the jury is still out on it, sad to say. I loveeeeee Jack Frost and yes, that is what it looked like here too. Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend. Blessings

  3. Very chilly indeed! Beautiful though and just the right sort of day for that cute mug! xx


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