September 1, 2015

First Day Of School 2015

We began a brand new year of homeschooling yesterday...and it was a good day!

We set out her outfit the night before...
and took a few pictures outside...with a backpack of course...while we waited for the older kids to wake up. Because...older kids. : )
And one with her shadow just for fun.
Earlier in the morning, I snuck into the school room to set their surprises on their desks...Rhett collects Funko Pops from movies as well as superheroes and comic books too. Plus...I always get them a candle to burn while they work.
Peyton is my retro television girl! And I also got her a new scent in her favorite smelling lotion. Plus a fall scented candle. : )
And for my little lady...Cinderella Peg Dolls...Thank You talented people on Etsy...and a Cinderella book and shirt. : )
Then it was the annual First Day of School Picture!
We did some fun work to ease back into it. And my student was all about it! : )
After she and I were done, we made a surprise snack for the big kids...including Madison, who arrived home safely!
And thus it begins...another fun and exciting...not to mention school year!.


  1. What a precious first day! I love how great her handwriting is! I hope I can get Christopher excited about writing soon. :) I can just tell you're in for a wonderful school year.

  2. I feel like I was there to see the first day of school, with your descriptions. Happy School year to one and all, especially the teacher!!!

  3. Okay... can I just say I'm so jealous of this part "cozy...schoolyear" Wishing our school year was cozy!!! ~ Love all the firsts and love Peyton's gift. Awesome!!!

  4. What a detail oriented mom you are with those individual surprises for each student!
    Love the back to school outfit!
    Blessings on a great new school year!

  5. You are the best mom! So nice of you to make the first day so special for them.

  6. Such a special first day for them all, the outfit was gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful school year.

  7. {{{Big, big smiles}}} thanks for sharing....Blessings

  8. What a wonderful first day of school! You really have a way with special touches for your sweet family! Hope everyone has a great school year!

  9. You are one of the most amazing moms I know! Your never-ending energy and thoughtfulness is truly a gift. Wishing your kids a blessed school year :)

  10. It looks like you all had a wonderful first day of school!

  11. Will you adopt me? I can only imagine how wonderful you are as a teacher - as you're just the coolest Mom!! I bet they did have a great first day...and wishing you all many blessings for a beautiful new school year ahead. xoxo

  12. I still (and always will) admire you for homeschooling your children. I think it is wonderful and hope they all have a great school year!!

  13. That outfit is adorable! You make the first day of school so fun and memorable with your love and gifts! Have a blessed school year!

  14. What curriculum do you go with this year? We decided to go with K12 in our new state (just moved in a week ago) and are starting out new school year around the 27th. This is the first time I have ever used a state homeschool program and I'm really nervous about it. Any tips?


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