August 6, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...And A Winner!

Today I am thinking about...

...summer. And how it is passing so quickly. I wasn't always a big fan of summer. I used to wait every day for the cool breeze of autumn to come and with it, the brilliant colors of the fall leaves. And I still do. But now, I actually cling to summer. I mentioned it to Steve one day, and he summed it up he always does. : ) He  reasoned...correctly...that back when I longed for summer to end I had littles who were not yet in school. Their days, whether it be summer or fall, belonged to us. I didn't need the three months of summer to appreciate having my kids home with me. They were with me on the bright autumn days and the cozy winter ones as well.

Once they started school, I realized that those lazy days of summer were that much more special. And although hot, sunny days aren't my favorite, I was in no hurry for them to end, as that meant my littles would be going back to school. And so I learned to love summer, by default, I suppose. : ) And I guess that was one more reason why a few years ago, we decided to homeschool. Now, no matter the weather, no matter the season, my littles...who are not all that little anymore...are home with me. Where...for us, right now...they belong. : )

Here is a peek at our past few days of summer...

I spent some time scrapbooking this past weekend...I really enjoy it, once I sit down to do it! I usually do an entire year's worth of pictures for each child this time every year.
I spent some time with my oldest this weekend...
we even had some milkshakes after our manicures. : )
There were summer dinners...
and summer desserts. Chocolate Zucchini cake is one of my faves. : )
There were mornings on the porch...
and evenings out. The big kids that is...They went to Chinese and a movie, while the littlest and I sat outside with our feet in the little pool and "chatted" about life. : )
Oh...and this little blog turned three! Thank you all for your kind words and sweet comments. I do appreciate them all. And...the winner of the fun Bloggy Birthday Giveaway is...
Kathleen was one of my first Bloggy friends, and I am inspired every time I visit her lovely blog.
Please email me your information, and I will send it right out!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. I really enjoy your posts...they always make smile, Billie Jo.

    Congrats to Kathleen!!!! I am so happy for her....big smiles

    Have a Blessed day....

  2. Congratulations. Love all your posts. thank you for this blog, it brings such serenity and calmness. have a safe, wonderful weekend.

  3. Love summer too and the extra free time with my 13 year old. Time seems to slow down a little in the summer! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Really? I won? That's fantastic. Thank you so much.
    It's funny, I was so concentrating on your words and how much the whole loving summer/ not loving summer made so much sense and then BAM! I saw my name.
    Thanks again, my friend.

  5. I was always kind of like you about summer as well. But as I get older I tolerate the cold actually less and less and that's why I like to hold onto the warmth as long as I'm able - especially in my cold northwoods! Lol
    However, I do LOVE Fall so much. It's by far my favorite season (though Christmas remains my fave holiday). But this time of summer, of wrapping things up, is almost extra precious. Picking out new school clothes with my kiddos, new school supplies, finishing up all the fun warm weather things we still love to do...It's all kind of bittersweet really.
    I love that you've been getting scrappin' time done!! Go Girl!! Wish we could pow wow and work on albums together ::sigh:: I always loved that with my MIL. We'd have such fun gabbing and working away.
    Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend dear Billie Jo! xo

  6. Sweet memories! Looks like Rhett is about to pass up his sisters in height!

  7. Sometimes I wish we could slow time down, but then it is life and we just have to enjoy each minute, hour and day we have with our loved ones. School begins here next week and before we know it, it will be Christmas again. Take each day as it comes and thank God for giving it to us. Thanks for your friendship here.

  8. I always enjoyed the summer so much when my own girls were growing up so I could spend extra time with them, now I get the extra time with my grand children, such joy. This year the summer seems to be flying by.

  9. My mom always dreaded the end of summer when we had to go back to school as well. And like you, I'm sure that added to her reasons for deciding to homeschool us halfway through grammar school.
    Milkshakes and manicures sounds like fun!

  10. Happy Three Bloggy years! What a lovely place you've made this for all of us to visit. And don't you love it when husbands say such wise and insightful things? So glad your summer is winding down so beautifully. Thank you always for your peaceful, beautiful, inspiring life that we get to peek into via bloggy-land. :)

  11. Congratulations, Kathleen! The end of summer is always bittersweet for me. I was never one of the mom's who looked forward to the beginning of school to get the kids out of the house...I just missed them when they went back to school. I think I was always a "home school" mom at heart even though I never actually "officially" home schooled. I love that you and your oldest went out for manicures and milk shakes. What a great memory. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Gosh sakes, one of the BIG reasons I love homeschooling too. I have never understood that "can't wait til the kids go back to school" feeling. I love my kids home.

    August makes me feel like slowing down and yet, also trying to fit as much summer fun in as we can!

    Love the photo of you and Madison...that black and white one! That's a framer for sure.

    (you know one she can take with her to college!)

    And I want to eat and drink coffee with you on your porch. (that pasta salad looks amazing!)

  13. Yup, summer, by default is just about the greatest season. Magnatiles and building homes for their stuffed animals all around me and it is ... good!


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