August 24, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite...Apps.

I love my phone. There. I admit it. I always have it with me. And use it a lot. Here are a few of my favorite apps. Available at an app store near you. : )

This is a fun one. I use it to send quick pictures without having to text. And to pass time on long car trips...

because I'm mature like that.

I am obsessed with this one. I look up every movie we watch beforehand to check on reviews and cast and length...I also use it to keep track of movies we want to see. It is quite addicting. : )

StarMap 3D+
This is a new one for me. But is already a favorite. My bestie Marian shared it with me when we were watching fireworks and thought we saw some planets...You simply hold it up to the night sky...

and it tells you what you are seeing!!! Amazing!!!

And Waterlogue.
I love this one! You choose a picture from your camera roll and it will paint it for you...

Just like this. : )

So...these are a few of my go to apps. I'd love to hear about yours!!!


  1. Made me smile, I don't even have a phone, all that technology would just give me headache!!!!

  2. Have you tried dubsmash? My siblings and I send each other songs or movie quotes all the time...lots of fun!

  3. I have the old, old flip phone, so cant do all that fancy stuff....but it is interesting.

  4. My oldest will love StarMap, I'm definitely going to have to get that one :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't have the right sort of phone for apps, but you have some good ones! xx

  6. My daughter's tried introducing me to Snapchat, I think I prefer What's App. Liking the look of Waterlogue xx

  7. Wait! All I ever new about (but never even tried) was snapchat! This whole sky one... Anna would love it! I'll share it with her. And the movie thing!!! Where have you been all my life???????? We sit forever (Scott and I) trying to find a movie and then we end up turning it off cuz I hate it. This one just might save my marriage. Ha!

  8. Thanks for sharing these! My favorite app is Catholic Radio...I can listen anytime anywhere. Favorite show is on at noon and 3 oclock we pray the divine mercy chaplet. I will try some of these! Please put up your favorite kid apps especially for little girls!

  9. I've never tried snapchat. I love the idea of the star map one! I do have waterlogue and have loved that one in the past. I live by my weather channel app (of course weather is always a concern here). I use the satellite part of it a lot to see the weather heading our way (love that!) I also love urbanspoon for finding restaurants if I'm in a different city or area. It lets you know everything in the immediate area, will break it down by categories if you want (Italian, fast food etc) and has reviews and ideas of cost for each restaurant listed. I also sometimes use pic collage app.
    And for something fun to pass the time (game) I love 3pics 1word - very addicting!

  10. OH very cool! The last two would be my fave. Stan the man would like the star identifier one since he is studying astronomy this quarter ;)

  11. OH, my gosh, I love that waterlog one!! Wonder if I could get that for my computer pictures? going to have to check it out!

    I'm loving what other commenters are saying too!
    Fun post!
    Weather apps and Divine Mercy Apps are my favorites!

    I did hear of one app to stay away from, it's a flashlight one....don't put those on any phones, I saw it on the news, it (a few different ones, and popular ones too) are linked to a site that gets all your info off your phone, including your location...scary!


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