July 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today, I'm thinking about...

Saturday. Because it is Christmas in July!!!! And yes...we celebrate Christmas in July. Because...why not? Why not celebrate the most magical time of the year in the middle of the most fun time of the year? We don't go all crazy with decorations or anything, but a little bit of effort creates a lifetime of memories. We will watch a few favorite Christmas movies, bake some Christmas sugar cookies, and unwrap a few small gifts. And of course, the Christmas music will be playing all day long. Told you I love holidays. : ) In the meantime, here is a quick look back at our  quiet, summer week...

We ate summer meals...
(Just add burgers!)

with gifted garden veggies from my super talented niece Maria. : )
This was zucchini lasagna and a fresh garden salad.

We had coffee...and milk...and tea...on the porch...

and took summery pictures before Mass...

(And if you think you have seen this dress on her before, you have. It is her very favorite and I got it from Gymboree. This is her third summer wearing it!!!!)

We watched scary summer storms from inside...

then ventured outside to enjoy the beauty left behind.

We took a walk everyday...

and jumped through the sprinkler at night.
(Note to self...have hubby scrub the side porch.)

And we had ice cream cones outside. Just like my mom used to make. : )

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. Just love these catch up's on your weeks. Just perfect summertime in a post. ;)
    I think you're brilliant with your Christmas in July idea....however I know my son and hubby would be grinches. Annie would love it though!
    Keep up the great work enjoying these summer days. xoxo

  2. Next week at this time I'll have been there... and be gone... (hap hap happy) (with a lotta sad sad sad goodbyes in there too)

  3. PS thank goodness for that dress that makes Flynn look three!

  4. Oh how much fun!!! Not sure if that would go over well here, lol. Have a beautiful rest of a Thursday, Billie Jo. Blessings

  5. Oh my Christmas in July... I'm already stressed at how fast the actual time is coming in December and all i have to plan and do, lol. Love the pictures!


  6. I love that you celebrate Christmas in July!! Yiur weeks looks wonderful and I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home...

  7. Loved seeing all your summery pics! Your meals always looks so yummy! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you celebrate Christmas in July! Take lots of pics! I look forward to seeing all the fun things you have in store! xoxo

  8. Scary storms...had one last night here in Minnesota. Keeps me up and then I am so tired. Seems like we never get them during the day. Always at night. Love the little hand holding the ice cream cone..precious!

  9. I feel like I know your family. I kinda feel like when the kids are grown, they will always come home. Mine moved away so I moved where they are:)

  10. Hope you have had a good Christmas in July day today! xx

  11. Beautiful memories of a beautiful summer week with your family. I just love the way you capture your life. <3


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