July 31, 2015

Blog Friends Become Real Life Friends

Yes...it is a wonderful day when your very dear friend, who you met through your respective blogs...visits you with her beautiful family. When they drive such a long distance just to spend one night with you and your family. When you meet her husband and two sweet daughters for the first time...because you met her last November and this time she brought her family...and you felt as if you have known them forever. That is wonderful.

Tara, who blogs here about all things home and family and takes beautifully amazing photographs, and her family visited us this week. We had so much fun in the short time they were here, and immediately knew that we would all indeed be friends for life. We sat on the porch and visited, we cooked dinner together in my kitchen, we watched our children play, we drove to Dairy Queen...we just sat on the couch and talked. And it was wonderful. I am thankful for the gift of our friendship, and for this world of Blogger that brought two women together who otherwise would have lived parallel lives, never realizing the other existed.

Here is a peek at our time together. Watch Tara's blog for more. Her photos tell so much more of the story in a much more beautiful way! : )

The exact moment our babies finally met...and it was as precious as it looks. : )

After we sat on the porch together, Tara and I did what we have always dreamed of doing...cooking together! And this lady makes a delicious fruit salad!

We all sat outside while these two jumped into the pool over and over again...

and were inseparable after that. : )

After jammies and ice cream, they did this...while the rest of us...including Tara's beautiful older daughter Anna...sat on the couch and talked. And talked. And talked.

The morning brought a pancake breakfast and hugs good bye...

for now.

And then they were off...on the next leg of their family summer adventure. But not before we promised to meet halfway sometime soon, because when you are blessed enough to meet a family that makes your family so incredibly happy, you want to erase the miles separating you as often as you can.

Thank you, Tara and family!


  1. Oh Billie Jo, what a blessing for everyone! I am so glad you were ableto spend more time with your sweet blogging friend and what a joy to meet her family :) Blogging is so beautiful.

    Hugs to you!

  2. Love it when bloggers meet up in real life!!

  3. That's so awesome. I'm so glad you had a nice visit together....this time with the whole family. I hope that's me one of these days and I get to meet you as well. We do live in the same state, for goodness sake. Look out. I may start driving west!

  4. Sounds idyllic, what a wonderful visit.

  5. AWWWW...how beautiful....thank you for sharing. Have a lovely Friday, friend.

  6. Meeting bloggers in real life is amazing isn't it!! So glad that you enjoyed it. I am sure that you are right and that you will be lifelong friends now! xx

  7. What a blessing! Those two little girls...so precious. Yup...that fruit salad looks delish!

  8. So sweet and so fun! Blogger meet ups and connections in person are the best. So happy your families got to spend some time together.

  9. So great you got to meet your blogging friend! I would love to meet you and your sweet family in person one day - too bad Arizona is so darn far away from you guys. Honestly I have met the nicest people in blog land. It is so nice you got to spend some time with your new friend and her family. I also love your Christmas in July tradition from you last post! Have a great week!

  10. Wow -- how wonderful that you bloggers could actually meet! That is just the sweetest thing ever!

  11. such sweet memories for you and Tara and now your little girls who quickly became friends!!!

  12. This is so cool and just warms the heart! Love that you gals made that happen and had such a beautiful visit!! Truly awesome. Blessings to you All. Xo

  13. What a blessing your friendship is to each other!
    And your sweet daughters!

    Maybe someday you can come visit me and Deb in AZ? Maybe Christine will fly out too...it can be a blogger weekend!! :) (I can dream, right?)

  14. The little pool, running to jump in, the kitchen magic, love around the dinner table, icecream with everyone on the couch... I wanna come baaaaack!!!


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