June 6, 2015

Preschool Graduate

Yep. It's true. My littlest one completed Preschool. And what better reason to celebrate?!

Her final Preschool craft...

And a sweet little shirt for her to wear on her special day. Clearly I forgot to iron it first. : )

The party table all set up after she went to bed the night before...

with double chocolate cupcakes made by Peyton. : )
(Yay Etsy for all these cute decorations!)

Pictures with Grandma...

Uncle Chris and Aunt Margie...

Madison and Nicolas...Yes...he returned for a summer visit! : )

her Peyton...

 her Rhett...

and with Daddy and Mommy. : )

Making it official...

Kindergarten...here she comes!!!!


  1. I love this! What a great family celebration and special memory! Congratulations to Flynn! The sign with all of her sweet and colorful hand prints is just priceless. That's a keeper. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Congratulations, Flynn! What a lovely party!

  3. What a wonderful family celebration, congratulations. Love the handprints, I cut some of my grandchildrens handprints out and glued them to a cone to make a Christmas tree. We had such making it and I have their handprints as a reminder when they were little.

  4. Miss Flynn is going to 'big school' and I know she will do just fine and dandy....she has the best teacher, after all. Such cute pictures of everybody.

  5. HI Billie Jo!

    Congratulations, Flynn! Don't you just love making memories with your family?! These truly are the wonderful memories that, Flynn will always remember - precious!!

    Have a great week-end!


  6. Awww - she is so adorable! I'm sure she will love kindergarten! Great decorations and party for your littlest grad!

  7. Congratulations Flynn!!!! Oh why are they growing up so fast :(

  8. Yay for Flynn! Congratulations. So nice to see everyone celebrating her achievements. You guys do it up right.

  9. So fun! How can she be in kindergarten next year?

  10. AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....Thank you for sharing...unbelievable she is in kindergarten next year. Blessings

  11. Ahhh...so cute! :) Congratulations Flynn on this great achievement!

  12. Congratulations to Flynn! May your summer be filled with lots of books and adventures!


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