June 1, 2015

Happy 15th Birthday Peyton

My Peyton Rose turned 15 yesterday! 15. Wow. She is my other half, you know. She is always right there, asking if I need help with anything. She loves to plan meals and cook dinner. She is an AMAZING baker, and my Flynn's second mother. Seriously. She loves to be home. She loves Japanese culture and food. A lot. She enjoys reading and watching Anime.  I say Peyton is my behind the scenes girl. She is best friend to Madison, Rhett, and Flynn. And we all love her so. I have no idea what the future holds for my studious, Fox News addict girl, but I know it will be amazing. Here is how we celebrated her on her special day. : )

We started the day with homemade cinnamon rolls...made by me! Without her help!

Then we took some pictures...

before I headed in to make dinner. Without her help. Not used to that!
We had her choice...Pasta with Tomatoes and garlic toast.
Then it was present time! She is always so thankful for each present!

My mom gifted her an entire set of the most beautiful Japanese dishes that belonged to her grandmother. : )

Cake time!!! Madison and Nicolas made the cake...and Peyton approved.

And then more pictures...

Happy Birthday my Peyton Rose!!!!


  1. Beautiful! Happy, Happy Birthday Peyton! Wishes for many more. Have a beautiful week, Billie Jo. Blessings

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I like how she's the best friend to all 3 of your other kids. That speaks volumes!
    And the fact she's a Fox fan, makes her my BFF, too.

  3. What a wonderful family you have. Each of your kids brings such a wonderful element to your family. Peyton clearly has a gift in the kitchen and I adore she is best friends with her siblings. How neat that Nicholas is visiting again. Happy belated birthday to Peyton! Heck you're probably in for birthday part two now that she's allowed back into the kitchen. :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Peyton! I wish she could come help me in the kitchen :)

  5. Peyton is a beautiful young lady and sounds as if she is very much like her Mother. She has the most beautiful hair, smile and love just radiates from her. So glad she had a good birthday.

  6. Such a beautiful day, with lots of wonderful memories in the making.

  7. What a wonderful and loving young Lady! Good job on those beautiful kiddos "Mama" (& your hubby too - Lol).
    Happy bday to Peyton and hope all her wishes come true for this next beautiful year ahead!! xo

  8. Happy birthday to Peyton!! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!

  9. Happy birthday to Peyton!! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!

  10. Your Peyton sounds like such a sweetheart! What a special gift those dishes are!

  11. She is beautiful. I love her long long hair. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter.

  12. Happy birthday sweet sweet girl!! God bless you Honey! She reminds me of my 2nd oldest daughter...always helping and always THERE. I love it and am treasuring it!

    I have a daughter that turned 9 today! I'll have to post later about it!

    Those dishes look very special, what a treasure for her.
    Her hair is amazing!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!!! She is obviously a very lovely young lady! xx

  14. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.
    Kitchen help and and extra motherly influence in the house is so special.
    You have a beautiful family Billie Jo!

  15. Peyton is 15!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL young lady! Wishing her abundant birthday blessings!!

  16. Oh, this girl is really a blessing. I can’t imagine that a 15 year old can be such a good baker. Well, my niece is 18 and she had organized a huge party on my birthday at the garden venues in DC. Now I want to do something special on her birthday. Could you suggest something exciting?


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