May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...graduations. And birthdays. And how much I love this time of year. Flynn "graduates" from Preschool this year...and Madison from High School! Rhett had a birthday and Sunday is my Peyton's special day. She turns 15 this year. Somehow, she seems older to me than that. So it isn't that bad, right? These special times are exciting and fun and sentimental and busy. And I love them all. : ) Here is a peek at the past week in our country home.

We broke out the red, white, and blue clothing...and baby looks taller. And older. What's up with that?!

We did some baking. Or no baking. These Scotcheroos were amazing!

We prepared for our small town Memorial Day Parade the same way we have for gathering flags and decorating candy bags!

We posed for Mom's annual Memorial Day group shot...Oh, the memories these four will have..."Remember how Mom always made us get a picture before the parade? And it was always so stinkin' hot and sunny?!?" : )

We met Grandma at our usual spot...

and took another great photo with her. : )

And then we sat on the curb to watch the parade...

Then we went home and spent some time here...

before having a yummy meal of BBQ Ham Sandwiches and fresh corn on the cob. : )

And there was dessert. My Peyton never disappoints. She made Patty's amazing blueberry pie and a chocolate cream pie as well. : )

Happy Weekend, my friends!
And happy summer!!!!!


  1. Hi Billie Jo!

    What a perfect way to usher in Summer! Darling photos!


  2. I love it! These are things memories are made of!!

  3. I just love this post, Billie Jo!! Thank you for sharing and yes Flynn has gotten taller (wow!). Blessings

  4. Ok...what is the scotcheroos recipe, lol...they look delicious! Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love your porch swing, I finally have a porch, now just have to get the swing and have Jerry hang it up for me :-) Have a great day!


  5. I want to come spend a day in Billie Jo world! Such a beautiful family, wonderful food, a lovely home, and so much fun!!

    Blessings to you my dear Friend. xoxo

  6. Me too! Me too! I want to celebrate life with make it all so easy! Looks sorta exhausting getting everything together!

    That corn on the cob makes me hungry!

  7. Peyton could open her own bakery today, she is so good at it, and she must enjoy it to be so good. A parade is always fun and your family is always ready for a holiday or just a day at home with one another.

  8. BBQ Ham? Me? I'm all about your recipes. You should write a cookbook. Named after your blog. Or your country home.

    No parades up here yet...not til June. My girls are unicyclists in the parades and their first parade is not until like the 16th...or is it the 26th? (June)

    Love the red/white and blue clothes and everything!

  9. BIllie Jo... I love the first one of Flynn. Yes, she does look a teeny bit older, but in a good, cute, adorable way! I love your Memorial day! I love taking a peek!

  10. What a great Memorial Day! I love small town parades. I love how every holiday, with you, is all about family! Your kids are growing up and they are all beautiful and very talented. So glad that grandma gets to be part of everything your family does. I know she loves that. Have a great Thursday!

  11. Sounds wonderful! Love the picture of your kids and your mom. ❤️

  12. Wonderful times you have been having! I hope you have many more! xx

  13. What fun! I love the way you make every activity an event. Just love it. Oh my goodness, the kiddo are growing up!


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